108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba in a Medical College

Sairam friends,

Its been atleast a year since I wrote about 108 lamps pooja done by Sai devotees. I love lighting lamps and have been spreading the value of lighting lamps for over 13 years now. There are days when I used to light lamp infront of Shirdi Saibaba statue in my room, switch off all light and keep looking at Sai speaking to him in my mind.

Firstly lets speak about the problems faced by Medical Students and Physicians across India

Several girls write me when they have completed their MBBS and trying to get admission for P.G course. Some would have tried to get admission on P.G Medical course for over 3-5 years and get depressed when things don’t work out. I am not sure but I wish something can be fixed about it. Getting admission to do Medical studies is difficult and once you complete your MBBS, they again have to struggle to get a P.G admission. I am not sure how Saibaba can help these kids but all I request Baba is this

  1. Help these children to get admission in P.G Course. Else, show them the right alternative.
  2. If they can’t get what they desire, show them the right way to lead their life and be happy and productive with the education they have
  3. Do not let them go into depression. Some families are understanding but some give pressure to these kids unnecessarily.
  4. A good example of “Alternative” is my own Sister. She did not got admission in MBBS. So she did her Bsc in Bio Chemistry in a very ordinary college. She continued to do her M.S and then her Phd in Germany and now she’s a Post Doc research scholar. She became someone she wants to me irrespective of the hurdles she faced.
  5. So living in a country where opportunities goes either to students who are too smart or too wealthy, its better to be happy with “Plan B”.
  6. Plan B can also have hurdles to face – You must know how to handle it
  7. Sai will be there. God will be there to support you. But above all, you must learn to “Survive” with your own will and love to face difficulties.

Note – Wrote about how my Mom helped my Sister here – Education is the Greatest Blessing

The past 2 weeks, I was thinking that I am only posting articles on what’s happening in my life and my own set of sad stories. Why should I bother Sai children with my stories? I wanted people to get inspired to worship Sai and do good deeds. I was worried that I never posted any positive message or even pooja done by Sai children.

I created StarSai in 2004 December. In these 13 years, I had inspired devotees to do Naam smaran – Sai Sai Sai in mind.

Some have done StarSai Shradha Saburi Pooja for 50 days and told me how it has changed their life. Honestly, there’s nothing in the pooja I spread. Its between you and your Sai. You show devotion and Sai answers you. I just wonder why he can’t answer me for all the devotion I show birth after birth! he he…

One of my wonderful Sai friend Sangeeta is doing her medicine in a Medical College somewhere in North India. Let’s not reveal the place! She too gets dreams the way I do from Sai and writes me as if I have done Phd in interpreting dreams from Saibaba. Excuse me! Sai dreams has helped me so much but some dreams can’t be understood. Sai alone knows what he means.

108 lamps pooja in a Medical College in India for Shirdi Sai Baba

Sangeeta has lit these earthen lamps in her hostel and has also invited her friends to have a look at her beautiful Sai pooja.

Shirdi Saibaba pooja
Sai Baba in front of beautiful Lamps Sangeeta lit

And Lord Ganesha too enjoyed the pooja

Lord Ganesha Pooja
Lord Ganesha Pooja

I like the way Sangeeta has written “JAI SAINATH” in the wall behind! he he…

3 saibaba statues
3 Sai Statues – 108 earthern lamps

Here’s the mail from Sangeeta

Om Sairam Venkat

Yesterday I and my friends did the 108 deep Pooja in my room (in the hostel). Quite exhausting without an elder but it turned out to be good. Girls came to my room to see it and all went with happy faces and Prasad.

Then we went to the Sai temple and distributed fruits among people out there. Now, I am sending you some pictures of Sai Baba.


More Sai photos!

Love this Sai Pooja
Love this Sai Pooja

Finally, here’s the aerial photography of Shirdi Saibaba pooja! he he

Saint Shirdi Saibaba pooja
Aerial view of 108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Sai Baba

Did you like this pooja?

Try to do it in nearby temple or any place you like. I request don’t do in the hostel because not all people around you will be like-minded. So do it when you find the time. Kindly keep kids carefully when you light lamps. And don’t leave home when lamps are still lit. Be safe and feel blessed

You can play Aarti of Saibaba when you light lamps and also chant in mind.

Here are the earlier articles on 108 lamps pooja

Beautiful 108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba with mother-in-law

SriRama Navami in Karaikudi

Auspicious 108 lamps pooja for Sai Baba

I am really happy to post this divine 108 lamps pooja for Sai Baba after over a year.

Sai! I love you,


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  1. Jai Sairam! How beautiful that she lit these lamps in the hostel which may not be big but her heart is big. She showed love and dedication to Baba within that space, instead of making excuses like she didn’t have a big hall etc. May Baba bless her to do well in life and help others with her medical degree. Jai Sairam!

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