You get in touch with good people only when you have done good karma

Sairam friends,

I always wonder why I had been meeting wrong people in my life. The people who eventually show their real face. When I worship Sai with heart and soul, why do I end up with people who are mean?

The reason is simple. We are get friends and acquaintances based on our past karma. If our planetary position or time isn’t good, we end up with friends who are really not true to us. We might end up meeting the wrong girl or guy in our life. Eventually, when they hurt us, you might wonder why did Sai let you meet them.

Sometimes, Saibaba cannot control the whole drama of life. Saints cannot alter the fate completely because you are supposed to face the consequences of your past bad karma.

Though Sai cannot control the whole drama of life, Sai certainly can pull you out of the show when it gets worse.

Sai can rescue you if you remember him deeply.

All the bad happenings in your life is necessary to make you a better person. This wisdom comes only through experiencing the pain. So Sai lets you go through the difficulties but he’s always by your side and watching you carefully.

Lets say, you are in relationship with a girl or a guy. Eventually, you realize they are not right for you. Sai helps you get our of such wrong relationship. The pain is yours but Sai is always there for you.

Sometimes, its better to be alone rather than being with someone who might harm you with bad habits and unnecessary talks.

Pray Sai to bless you to get in touch with good people. Always try to do little good karma so that you are blessed with good friends and good people around you.

When you end up realizing you have been hurt by wrong people in your life, accept it as an experience and move on.

Saibaba is protecting you.

I have to pay fee for 3-4 websites in StarSai network this week. Hope Sai shows me a way.

Sai blessings


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