The little bad karma you do will ruin your Children’s life

Sairam friends,

There’s no better way to scare people than this ” The little bad deeds you do will ruin your Children’s life”

So what are little bad Karma?

It could be anything.

1.The bad relationship you have out of lust is a bad karma. The worst kind is bothering a girl/guy without their consent. Even if you are mutually OK with whatever you do, unless you are married, it is a sin and it accounts to a bad karma.

Now a days, it has become something normal have a bad relationship with someone you like. Cloud messaging apps have given us freedom to communicate with anyone without others knowledge. You might assume that its OK to do it but spiritually, its a sin.

Few weeks back, I tried to touch this topic but eventually, I deleted those articles. You know what’s right for your life.

2. Some people ruin other’s career and living to secure theirs. This can lead to disastrous effect on their family. One should never intentionally ruin others livelihood.

3.Hurting someone, Making false to look like truth, humiliating others adds to bad karma.

I can keep writing list of bad karma but basically today’s message is simple.

Even the little bad karma you do will ruin your Children’s life.

So think before you enjoy life.

There’s a way to live life.

I am going out to get some medicines for my Mom.



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