Prayers for your better Career

Sairam friends,

Though I had to leave my previous company in Feb 2019, on March 16th 2019, Sai blessed me with a strange dream.

It was as if I am in the 5th floor of the building in previous company. One of my friend Soma was happy to see me and asks me how come I am there. I reply saying the CEO called up and I had to come.

Later I got job and honestly OK with the current company. Just that I don’t like their culture. Couple of people are ruining the culture and I felt its better to move on.

I honestly wish Sai’s dream comes true and I go back to my previous company. Sometimes, Sai says one thing in dream but something else happens. I hope in this case, Sai’s dream comes true.

I felt that I had freedom to do what I wish to do in previous company. Ofcourse, they too never agreed to some of my plans but eventually they should if I go back.

I will maintain some patience as of now. Let me see what Sai plans for me.

I am writing this post for all Sai children who are looking for a better job and way to earn their living.

Prayers for your Career.

Om Sai Ram


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