Saibaba says respect your work as the holy Mount Kailash

Sairam friends,

I had some issues at work and was worried for the past 2-3 days about it. I honestly wish to be on my own. Sometimes, I miss my previous company for I felt at home there. It was also only 6 Kms from my home. Having said that, they also have lots of bureaucracy which makes me wonder if its right to go back?

Everyday, I take my Camera and Laptop in the left seat in front. This morning, I had a dream as if I am in my Sister’s home in Sioux falls.

I see a car in which in the place of front side’s left seat, they have made a miniature of mount Kailash. It was so divine and it also had a Shiv ling there.

I woke up and thought about it.

I felt Saibaba means to say work is worship and I should respect my work as Mount Kailash.

Everyone has problems and obstacles in their workplace but we should handle it with love and respect on the work we do.

I am little upset these days but such dreams makes me feel Sai is helping me to go through the obstacles.

OK Tata


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