Whenever I travel abroad, I feel sad for India

Sairam friends,

My Singapore trip was hectic and also gave me wonderful experience. I was surprised by how a land which was nothing more than a Swamp, Jungle and fishing village transformed into a beautiful destination.

I don’t want to complain. India offers so much freedom but our own people have misused the freedom they have to the maximum.

Something that deeply hurts me is that our politicians have only focused on themselves and not in Nation building.

There’s no use writing about this because I am action-less. I simply write that I am worried about this country and I do nothing about it.

Secondly, in India, there’s no complete public co-operation when it comes to keeping their own surroundings clean. So its not the politicians its we the people who also should be blamed.

One of this guy I met in Airport told me, you can’t be in Singapore if you want freedom.

Meaning what? Freedom to drink wherever they want?

Wish Saibaba gives me an opportunity to do something atleast to the city I belong. I felt ashamed of having a very ordinary regional Airport in Coimbatore. It looks too tiny to me.

Someday, I wish we could fly direct to Europe and U.S direct from Coimbatore.

May be, my focus goes on these stuff because I am not married. Guys who are married are busy with their family.

I am going to work now.

I will go to my best place in Coimbatore today – Nagasai Mandir.


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