Wish to travel to small towns and villages across India

Sairam friends,

One of the reason I often write articles focussed on Women is because in the past 13 years, only girls from several places across India and abroad had wrote to me. Guys mail me too but the percentage is very less. Guys mail me especially when they don’t have a job or when they face problem in their career. Having said that, most of my Sai friends will be in touch with me for maximum of 2-3 years. Gradually, their life will change and they will disappear. So Sai friends are not permanent. They keep coming and going. Its like a journey for me. I have never met and will never meet most of my Sai friends for lifetime. Irrespective of that, Sai has blessed me with several wonderful girls who perceive me as a Brother.

Recently, one of my Sai friend Hema spoke to me from Bhopal. I wanted to see how Bhopal is, how her home is etc but never asked her about it. The next day, I went on Google Maps and looked at Bhopal.

I have a Sai friend Preeti from Dehradun in Uttarkhand. Surprisingly, She mailed me when I was curiously looking at beautiful Himalayas on Google Maps. Recently, I asked her to send me photos of places from Dehradun and also her home. She asked me if there’s a specific reason. I told her that Coimbatore is too far from these places and I have never travelled India beyond Mumbai. So I wish to atleast see pictures.

Many devotees write to me but I have never seen them, I can never travel to such far away places and hence I feel like looking at photos of these towns. 

I have another friend called Apurva from Jabalpur who doesn’t have time to talk to me these days as She’s in Night shift. She often used to send me photos of River Narmada and the temples near by back in 2014-15. Later, She got busy with her life for more than 2 years and we completely lost contact. Now a days, She messages me once every few weeks.

I wrote an article about the way She stitched a dress for Saibaba – How to stitch dress for Shirdi Saibaba?

I have some more friends whom I don’t wish to name due to privacy reasons. To be honest, I must thank every one of my Sai friends because when ever I go through a painful situation, I used to divert my mind focussing on their problem. When people write to me about their problem, I feel that they trust me so much and hence I try to be more responsible.

These days, I almost stopped sharing my number to Sai friends and limit with emails. I don’t even have time to reply all mails since I get too tired when I reach home at night. Even when I write articles, my eyes used to close. I force myself to be awake to write what ever you read.

Feeling sleepy is an universal problem

At times, I used to feel sleepy after lunch in office. I try to be awake by reading something that motivates me or walking to my friend’s place and have a small chat with them. Since I sleep only by 1 or 2 A.M every night, I easily feel sleepy at work which I hate. Many days, I used to think that only I am like this and others are active.

Today, I had to give a presentation to a Client. Instead of going through a Power point presentation, I usually do story telling. Since I told like a story, he was active and even told that its a good way to present. But eventually, the moment I started showing the powerpoint, his eyes started closing. I turned away making sure he doesn’t feel embarrassed. Somehow, this made me happy because it confirms I am not alone. Many people feel sleepy after lunch.

In 2014, I wrote this article –  What the world is doing when my eyes are closing after lunch?

One of the reason, I might feel sleepy is because I am doing a very ordinary job. Some people are lucky enough to do a job that solves a greater problem in the society. I always imagine what would happen if Pilots flying Commercial flights across continents feel sleepy?

Today, I did not feel like going to Saibaba temple and remained in office until 9.45. I was speaking to a friend who told me about the Dasavatar’s of Maha Vishnu and some other spiritual stuff. He asked me about my Project for India and gave some ideas. I told him that as of now, I have kept it secretly and waiting for right time.

I reached home and found my Dad had already slept. I was really upset and kept asking him why he’s not watching a Movie? My Mom said he’s tired now a days. I saw him for a while and spoke to my Mom for few minutes. I came to my room and writing this. Actually, my room don’t have an A.C and hence I sleep in parents room during Summer. There’s this corner in the room with only 2 feet width where I like to sleep. I tell my Mom that I like such small spaces. Even in office, I like my place as its a corner. I will miss my place if they change the building.

I am really depressed these days at work since I am just doing what they ask for. I am not able to take my own intiatives and contribute better. For everything I desire to do, they have an approval process which hinders me. Today, something happened which hurt me a lot. I hope Sai understands what I feel and will help me soon.

Sai slept with discipline

When Sai had a wooden plank to sleep, he used to light 4 lamps in the four Corner of the plank and sleep on the wooden plank which was hanging.  So when Baba slept, he remembered God deeply and did not even move his hand or legs. Sai was so diciplined even while he slept. Later, when Baba slept on the floor of Dwarkamai too, he kept chanting Gods name in his mind.

One of my desire is to travel to small towns and villages of India. I wish to see rivers, lakes and ordinary Indians. I wish to do something good all through my journey.  I have a feeling that I don’t know India at all. One must travel to understand his country and his people.

Now a days, all I can do is look at Google Maps and imagine how several towns, villages and rivers of India would be.

Join me on a pilgrimage to temples situated in small towns and villages of India

My left eye is hurting now. I feel sleepy also.

Sai blessings


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