Join me on a pilgrimage to temples situated in small towns and villages of India

Sun Temple
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Sairam friends,

Today, I was at home and thinking what I must to if I should help ordinary Indians. To be honest, to work in gross root level, I must do it as a full time job. Probably, I will do it in future. Usually, I have this habit of looking at places in Google Maps, go to Street view and see Cities, Rivers, Scenic places in various countries.

I go to a random location in the US, Europe, Russia etc and see how these countries look like. I also do stupid talk with my friend who’s a designer that we have planned to drop him in Russia where the temperature will be as low as -60 C. Contradictory to other countries, Russia’s population is decreasing and that’s not good too. Russia has leased thousands of hectars of land in the Eastern part to Chinese workers to cultivate and make use of the land.

Recently, I started looking at small towns and villages of India. Surprisingly, I see some people have tagged their photo to location and I enjoy looking at these temples in small towns and villages of India.

As many regular readers of StarSai knows, I like imagining as if I am in 18th -19th century Shirdi .

Here are some articles

Imagining as if I sleep on Shirdi Saibaba’s lap in Dwarakamai and its 1907

I am going to sleep imagining that I am in Dwarakamai with Saibaba

Similarly, these days, I often have a desire to go to small towns and villages of India and visit beautiful little temples.

I wish to show you few temples I came across on Google Maps. All photos are courtesy of respective people who had visited these places and tagged their photos.

1. Charbhuja Temple

717, Sadar Baazar, Teerath, Bundi, Rajasthan 323001

I like this old man sitting outside the closed grill near the temple.

Charbuja temple

Charbuja temple

2.Shivji Ka Mandir, Rajasthan

Sorti bawadi Mangrol, Mangrol, Rajasthan 325215

A very small temple. I included this since I like the tree shade falling over Shivji ka Mandir.

Shivji mandir Rajasthan

Shivji mandir Rajasthan

While searching for small temples, I spotted a border between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Parbati river flows through MP and RJ.

Parbati River

Parbati river

Parbati river

I was searching for long to spot a good Shivji temple in Madhya Pradesh. I wanted it to be a scenic location. I liked Tapkeshwar temple.

3.Tapkeshwar Mahadev

Pahard Muhar, Madhya Pradesh 473670

Tapkeshwar Mahadev

Tapkeshwar Mahadev

4. Shiv Mandir – Bihar

I love temples which has water body near by. Here’s one in Bihar.

Shiv Mandir, SH 6, Dhanwe, Bihar 811307

Shiv mandir Bihar

Shiv mandir Bihar

5. Ajgaibinath Mahadev Temple

Sultanganj, Bihar 813213

The water you see near this temple is river Ganges. I tracked few temples situated all through the place Ganga flows!

Ajgaibinath Mahadev Temple

Ajgaibinath Mahadev Temple

6. Jai Sem Nagraja Temple

Mukhem Renge, Uttarakhand 249165

After covering Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, I caught the Ganges in the map and went to Uttarkhand.

It’s a temple of Lord Krishna over Nag. Look at these people. I love them!

Sem Nagraja Temple

Sem Nagraja Temple

7. Koti Kanasar Shiv Temple

SH1, Masak, Uttarakhand 248123

Finally, I reached a temple outside which I wanna relax and sleep few minutes under the tree. he he.

Koti Kanasar Shiv Temple

Koti Kanasar Shiv Temple

8. Bramhoti Temple

Una, Himachal Pradesh 177031

We are now in Una. Sutlej river shows her beauty. You can see the river behind this small mandir.

Bramhoti Temple

Bramhoti Temple

9. Mandir shri kauri mata hinglaj ji

Oh my God! I crossed Amritsar in Punjab and even reached India – Pakisthan border.

I found this little temple dedicated to Ma Kauri Mata just few miles before the border.

mandir shri kauri mata hinglaj ji

Mandir shri kauri mata hinglaj ji 

10. Piri Nag Tample Sapni

Sapni Khas, Himachal Pradesh 172105

I kept watching how the India – Pakisthan border goes from Punjab to Jammu. I wonder how life will be in the villages near border. We must go there once in our lifetime and experience it.

I moved towards East and reached Himachal Pradesh. There are so many temples in Hills of HP.

I liked this one!

Piri Nag Tample Sapni

Piri Nag Tample Sapni

11. Jio Pota Sun Temple

I have a huge respect for Surya Dev. Every morning, I bow looking at Lord Surya and hence wish to end this virtual trip with this Jio Pota Sun temple in Jammu and Kashmir.

The featued photo is also taken near this temple. It shows a man sitting in his boat in the Chaneb River, J and K.

Jio Pota Sun Temple

Jio Pota Sun Temple

12. Adbhut Sai Dham

Adbhut Sai Dham which means “Miracle Sai Temple” makes me feel happy for lots of trees in its campus. This seems to be a big temple. Look at the kids playing happily.

Adbhut Sai Dham

Adbhut Sai Dham

Shirdi saibaba

Shirdi saibaba in Adbhut Sai temple

Why I did this?

The past few days, I am feeling bored. I had a desire to go to such small temples some where and sleep under a tree. Even if I find a tree with shadow any where I go, I like to be there and spend some time all alone.

Here’s an article I wrote in 2015 – Experiencing Shirdi Saibaba under a Neem tree

I live in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu but strangely some people assume I live in Shirdi. he he…I love Shirdi but I myself travel to Shirdi very rarely. Even when I go to Shirdi, I like to spent time outside Dwakamai and roaming in the streets. I like to see people. I enjoy watching kids. I love to have snacks and food under trees. I like Datta Par Mandir 10-15 kms from Shirdi near Godavari river. Its near Kopergoan on way to Shirdi.

Further, the intention in spending all this Saturday morning looking at India Map is not to trace the temples. I wanted to see how big is this Nation.

We are leading a very small life and limiting ourselves within our locality.

We must experience India and see what we can do for our beautiful Country. 

Most of us are focussed only on metro cities across India. We must do something that will create an impact in life of ordinary Indian’s living in this small towns and villages of India.

I hope Saibaba guides me to do something productive.

Sai blessings


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