Third dream that I must do Ph.D and I did not take any initiatives yet

Sairam friends,

I hugged Sai book and slept off.

Saibaba blessed me with few dreams.

In the first dream, I am in a first floor of a building. I see a girl riding her Two wheeler and about to fall down. I thought she will improve. Again, She seems to be reckless. So I run down, stop her and tell her – “Be careful when you ride”. She says “That was kind of you” and smiles. She adds “Why did you intrude?”

Meaning, I am a stranger and hence what bothers you even if I fall?

Why are you intruding me as if I asked for your advice or help?

I tell her “I care for everyone” and ask for her name. She says “Sudha”..I forgot the last name.

I ask her where did you do your graduation – She says – “Delaware”.

She’s proud that she has studied abroad and walks away.

The funny part of the dream is that Sai is telling me how people take it when I care for them. Not all will take it positively. A year back, I had even told this girl not to ride so fast. I think, she din’t like it. I basically care too much even for strangers which is why Saibaba is trying to tell me that I must not be too expressive.

The dream continues. Its like the second dream.

I see myself in an college environment. We are in the corner class of the first floor. There’s  a Professor who’s from Canada and he’s taking class for MBA students. I see many people at my work in this class. Infact, I was hiding the projector screen and someone asks me to move away. I even see this girl in the same class but she’s just there amoung others.

Suddenly, I realize “Why am I sitting in the MBA class?” I have already completed this and hence its better if I go to this Professor and ask him to guide me to to Phd in Management.

That’s it.

I woke up long after the dream came. I was trying to recollect if I got any dreams and remembered both these dreams.

How to do Ph.D?

Irrespective of so many friends across India, I don’t know anyone who can guide me on how to do Ph.D.

When I  wrote the previous article Your life will be good, if you do Phd

One of this girl wrote me saying, it inspired her to do PhD. That’s the only benefit in writing these dreams. People who read this take it as a message for them from Saibaba.

I also don’t like all these Entrance exams..he he..

I din’t even enquire anyone. I don’t know where to start. I can’t ask Sai for not showing me such dreams as soon as I completed my MBA. I feel its too late now.

Saibaba will tell something for my own welfare. It’s up to me to either go by it or ignore it.

I ignored the first dream. The second dream was also ignored. This time, I feel Saibaba is serious about asking me to do Ph.D and if I ignore this time, I will only suffer during later part of my life. I already feel that its all over in my life. Seems, there’s more to my life and Sai wants me to work on it productively.



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