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Shirdi Saibaba really lives in every statue. Please don’t throw him away

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

This morning, after my Father got well, I slept for couple of hours when I had a dream about a Shiva temple situated 2 kms from our house. It was like I could clearly hear the name of this Shiva temple and also something like – theif is going to come to our house if I don’t go there.

I had a dream of the same Shiva temple on September 2nd as if they are doing Kumbakishekam for this temple and my parents are really happy offering lotus to Lord Shiva. I was wondering why Sai keeps on telling me about this ancient Shiva temple. My Father used to go there regularly but in the recent years he is more occupied with the temple in our Colony.

When I forget to worship any God as years pass on, Sai shows them in dream and makes me go to the temple or worship the God or Goddess.

My Mom is OK!

We had appointment with the Doctor at 10.30 and hence started for checkup for my Mom. Thankfully, the Doctor said my Mom doesn’t have any serious issue and her heart is functioning well. I like this Cardiologist in Coimbatore very much as he’s charming.

You feel good when you come across people who have a charm in their face. 

There’s another Doctor who treated my Dad well couple of month back for issues related to lungs – Pulmonologist. But he behaves very rude to all his patients. People come even from far off places to see this Doctor but he shows frawny face to them. Even if we thank him, he will show a frowny face. So me and my Mom named him “Musudu”. I asked my Mom why should he be like that? He’s a successful Doctor. He seems to have travelled several countries and sounds to be an expert in what he does. My Mom said, some people become like that due to problems in their family or if there are any issues which gives mental stress to them.

I asked my Mom if she wants to visit that Musudu Doctor yesturday evening itself but she said that she never wanted to visit him as he won’t even listen to patients.

I really wanted to do a checkup for my Dad also but he hates Hospitals. He will get irritated even if we are supposed to wait in the clinic for few minutes. I used to tell him, we came here for our sake and we have to wait. Further, he had enough suffering during the minor procedure he went through in 2016. Hence, he keeps telling that he would never go to that Hospital again as they will simply say something. I can’t force my Dad unless its emergency and I can only pray Saibaba to take care of him.

We reached home at 2-2.30

I slept off since I was too tired. I woke up, swept my room as the maid din’t turn up this morning and wanted to go somewhere. I told my parents that I wish to go to the Shiva temple 2 kms from our home and started.

As I reached the temple, I had good memories of visiting this temple until 2010. As I stood infront of Shiv Ling, I thanked him for calling me through dreams and prayed for my parents and this girl. I told him about the dreams I often get about this girl and prayed to give me a clarity. All I need is some clarity in life. I must know why all this happened?

Later, I walked around the temple and suddenly saw two beautiful Shirdi Saibaba statues kept under a tree behind the temple. Usually, People have this bad habit of keeping the old statues and photos of Gods in temples and running away. Once, a Guy came with a girl in his car to Nagasai Mandir with several framed Gods photos. His intention was not to come  to temple. He casually came near Dwarakamai to keep the old photos and run away. I stopped him and asked what he’s up to. He told that he wanted to get rid of the old Gods photo in his home. I told him, if you keep here what will we do with it? So better drive in the Highway – Find any good tree and keep under that.

This monkey noded his head as if I gave him a solution.

I din’t mean to give him a solution but to make him understand its a bad habit to get rid of Gods photos as they get old, keeping them in temples and running away

In 2010, I had a very beautiful experience in which Radhe Krishna appeared in my dream. I went to Saibaba temple during the same evening, found the statue of Radhe Krishna and took them home.

Radha krishna came by Sai Leela 

There’s a very common assuption that we must never bring such old statues kept in temple to home but Saibaba has always encouraged me to do so.  Saibaba has taught me that Gods and Saints once worshipped starts to really live in the statue. So the one who throws them away are certainly loosing something. The one who brings them back home are certainly blessed.

So today, when I saw two Saibaba statues kept under a tree in this Shiva temple, I was really feeling that Sai had kept on calling me to this temple as he wanted me to take him home and take care of him.

Shirdi Saibaba statue

Shirdi Saibaba statue kept under a tree in the temple

If you take something form Shiva temple, its considered as theft.  But I also can’t ignore Sai’s words in the dream – It was as if Sai wants to come to our home and protect us. Secondly, I felt pained as the statue was in good shape. Someone would have hated Sai so much and thrown him in the temple.

If Sai really lives in the statue won’t he feel the heat during the day and cold at night?

I actually got into the temple without my bag. I went out side temple, got my bag and dropped of the Saibaba statue inside the bag.

I told him, “Baba I am stealing you since you had been calling me to this temple for over 5 month”.

I directly went to Nagasai Mandir and took him to wash. The Anna in the temple shop gave me washing power to clean. Then, I took him to Dwarkamai, Kept under Dhuni Baba and asked the priest to keep Kumkum and chandan for him.

Later, I came around the Dhuni for a while. These days, I have completely reduced giving Sai photos as Baba’s pictures and statues have become very common. Secondly, I will make sure even if I give a tiny Sai photo to someone, they must really deserve it.

Few months back, I gave a Sai photo to one of this girl who comes to temple regularly. 1000 girls and guys can come to Saibaba temple on Thursday. That’s like fixing a day to remember your Guru.

I apprecite when you realize Sai must be experienced everyday. 

You don’t have to leave your work to see Sai but when ever time permits experience Sai in your heart. You need not visit temple but feel him deep in you every day, every moment. You will realize his presence.

Later, I had given Sai photo to 2-3 kids. Today, I saw one of this girl lighting lamp with immense devotion and gave the Sai photo to her saying she must continue to light lamps forever. I was happy as her name in sanskrit means “Cluster of Stars” or “Small Star”. I have spent over 3 hours every single day in 2005 coming around this holy Dhuni. I used to tell several people to light lamps regularly. Those days were really beautiful. I never thought that I will suffer so much until now.

I went into the main hall in Saibaba temple and was chanting Sai’s name in heart and also sang a chanting of Sai which only people close to me could hear. he he

As I walked outside the main hall the temple, I saw a girl smiling to me. I usually forget girls and guys at work if I see them outside office environment. I smiled to her and stood as if I couldn’t recogonize her. She asked me if my home is in Saibaba colony and that she had seen me in temple earlier.I told her, I love coming to this temple and hence visit when ever I can.

I asked for her name and in which floor she works. Later, I could guess that I had done induction for her. I apologized to her saying I usually can’t remember people by face that easily. I saw her properly so that I would remember to smile to her if I come across her at work.

It won’t be nice if I can’t recogonize her again..he he..

She spoke so well that I wanted to give a Sai photo to her but the only one’s I have are printed with “” on it.

When it comes to girls who work in the place I work, I have a principle to give Sai photo to them only when they resign. So I gave up the idea and walked away.

After the temple was closed, I spoke to my friends for a while. I told them that my Dad won’t come to hospital unless its emergency. Today, since he was alright after fainting, he don’t like me forcing him for a checkup and only Saibaba has saved him.

I reached home and spoke to my Mom for few minutes.

I lit lamp to the new Saibaba who has come to our home by showing me the temple in dream.

Shirdi Saibaba is a very strange saint. It’s hard to understand Sai’s ways. Sometimes, you might hate him so much that you wanna stop worshipping him. Some people go to the extent of throwing away Saibaba photos and statues.

Please for Gods sake understand this truth

Sai is a very simple Saint. He will try to do what ever good he can do for you but you never gain or loose anything by ignoring him or throwing him away.

You might feel Sai doesn’t change your life for good. Ask yourself the reason for your failures and disappiontments.

Give up desires that’s hurting you. Especially in relationship issues, you can’t ask Sai to give a solution you desire.

Be ready to accept the ups and downs in life.

Shirdi Saibaba lives in every statue. Take care of him for he needs your care.

I love Sai – truly, madly and deeply.

May Saibaba bless you and your family with peace


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