1890 – A Women wants to be a Mother. This wish will continue to unfold for thousands of years to come

Sairam friends,

I often take my readers on a time machine back to the days when Sai lived. If I say this., I will get mails from few Sai devotees saying “Baba is still alive”.

Who knows that better than me on Planet Earth?

Every breath I take, every step I take, Every thought that emerges in my heart happens since Sai is still alive.

Yes. He is still alive as Saints go on a Samadhi. They are always with us. Near us and inside us. What I mean is – The days Sai was alive as an avtar. As an incarnation in Shirdi with flesh and blood.

So here’s the story.

It was 1890. Those days, a Women is supposed to have a child. If She can’t give birth to a child, her Husband might marry another girl. If the second wife too can’t give birth to a baby, he will again get married. The best part is, a Male child is expected. If not, chances are that Husbands could re-marry.

So women those days desperately wanted to be a Mother.

They wanted a Male baby.

Sometime during 1890’s, there was a popular notion in the villages and towns around Shirdi. Women would come all the way from Ahmed Nagar to a poor fakir living in Shirdi.

Nobody cares what his name was.

Nobody knew that he is an incarnation.

None even knew this saint will have millions of devotees in the years to come.

These innocent Women just know one big fact.

“If this poor fakir sitting in the masjid (Dwarakamai) blesses me with a Coconut, I will give birth to a male baby”

Sai himself din’t knew that such a rumour was spread across the villages and towns near Shirdi. This is why we have the story in Sai Satcharita in which Shama asks Saibaba to give
“Coconut” to the Women who had come to see him praying for a Baby .

Baba immediately asked Shama “How can a Coconut bless her with a Baby”

Shama who had understood Sai and his powers replied immediately

“Baba its there’s nothing much in the coconut but its the greatness of your words which will come true”.

When Sai blesses the women that she will have a baby and gives the Coconut, its the “Words” of this powerful but humble, poor fakir which will come true. The Coconut is just a proof for his words like anyone else who heard it.

True to Sai’s words, the Women did gave birth to a baby. A male baby. And her husband would have never married another Women.

And Sai had saved hundreds of Women from being hurt by their Husband and in-laws by blessing them with a Male Baby.

Infact, this is one of the first reason for this poor fair to actually become popular.

That there lives in Shirdi, a Fakir in the masjid. If you go to him and get his blessings, your wish to have a baby will be fulfilled.

Fast forward to today.

I have replied to hundreds of couples who writes to me if there’s a pooja for being blessed with a Child.

Only when I get such mails I wonder – Should there be a Pooja – A ritual for being blessed with a baby?

There are some pooja. There are some temples where you can visit to be blessed with a baby. They might also be some mantra to be blessed with a baby.

But no one understands one basic truth of all.


You must have immense patience.

Most of these women tell me – It’s been 3 years since I got married and I don’t have a child yet.

It’s been 8 years since I got married, I don’t have a child yet. My in-laws are not happy with me.

Are Baba- Babies can’t come as a package.

There’s no assurance that as soon as you want a baby, Babies can come into your life.

You must have patience.

Meanwhile, you must learn to adopt yourself to this society.

The society made up of – In-laws, Cousins,Relatives, Friends and even strangers.

Its easy said than done. I know its painful to handle people who keep bothering you if you had not have a child yet.

As I always say –

In India, you must be married within a purticular age. And once you are married, you must have a child. Else, there are chances people might seize your Citizenship.

In 1890 requesting Sai to bless them with a Male baby is fine because culturally everyone were in the same thought process. But some families and couples have a “Strange desire”.

To to my Shock and Surprise, even today, I receive mails from “Some” Women saying, they previously had a baby girl and wish their second child be a Boy. I don’t mind receiving a mail saying a couple needs a baby. My prayers are always with you. But it frustrates me when you tell me that you need a ‘Baby Boy” when you already have a baby girl. Don’t you think its too much to ask when there are so many couples who don’t even have a single child?

Better be thankful to God than being too narrow minded.

I get really furious by such cunning desires that I wrote this article back in 2010 – Its 2010 and sai devotees need a Baby Boy when they are expecting a baby.

I started writing this article after I saw a documentary on Pregnancy issues. Secondly, recently, I received a mail from a girl saying “I want to be a Mother”. Usually, people say, I wish to get pregnant, I wish to have a baby etc but when someone says “I want to be a Mother”, its made me realize the depth of why Women yearns to be a Mom.

There must be some pooja to be blessed with a baby. Its called “Faith and Patience”.

There are numerous ways to show faith on Gods you love and Sai.

Choose the one convinient for you. It could be listening to Aarti, reading Sai Satcharita or simply chanting Sai’s holy name in mind.

Believe that Sai will bless you with a child.

All that I write is for Sai children seeking his guidance even after thousand years. There are few issues which will complicate human life no matter how sophisticated our life gets. I touch all these issues in StarSai.

Happy Pregnancy!


(I started writing this article last night. I could not sleep all night properly as I have severe pain in my right shoulder. I think someone punched me the other day playfully or it could be simply that I have become too weak. I felt my words will help some women out there and wrote this article. You can also see SaiMother.com – Hope it helps you someway.)

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