Its 2010 and sai devotees need a Baby Boy when they are expecting a baby

sairam friends,

The past few days i received mails from sai devotees that they are pregnant and wish to have a baby boy since their husband and in laws wish to have a Baby Boy. Similarly some devotees might pray saibaba that they wish to have only a baby girl.

Let me take you to the past when saibaba was little known back in 1880’s. In Ahmadnagar district of maharastra, saibaba became very popular because of the need of that century. In those days , a male child is considered to be a heir for the family . A women who is expecting a baby used to pray a lot to her God to bless her with a male child.

People were starting to spread the news that , theres a Fakir in shirdi who’s blessed coconuts has the ability to bless a women with male child. Thus many women came to saibaba with a coconut offering and requested him to bless only with a male child.

In sai satcharitra , theres this incident of Sapatnekar who asks for the same with a coconut offering to sai baba. Sai, laughs to his devotee kshama and says “How foolish are people to think a coconut can bring blessings to have a male child ? ”

Kshama responds saibaba that “Sai, its not the coconut but your words , Your assurance which comes true .”

Yes a saints words can never be untrue. If sai says it happens but do we people have enough shradha and saburi – complete Faith on Saibaba ?

Sai waits untill all our past karma is washed away and when we become deserving to accept his blessing.

Don’t ask saibaba , i need male child or female child , Say saibaba let the baby be girl or a boy,all i need is safe pregnancy and birth of healthy baby .

I can’t believe even in 2010 we are demanding to have baby as we wish. Its totally Gods Gift or we can say which ever baby is born , we have to happily accept it. Please do not discriminate.

Lets say you expect a baby boy and a baby girl is born. You will be certainly happy that you have become a mother and father. But trust me, the fact that  you wished for a baby Boy will surely effect the child .

Mother , father and grandparents must accept what ever child is born and only pray for a healthy baby. Don’t express which baby you want and confuse or hurt sentiments of saints.

Ofcourse saibaba understood the need of the world in 1880’s and blessed devotees with male child. But world has changed now and we are still bothering saibaba. Its ok to pray but please surrender your desires in his holy feet and say

“Saibaba its your child ,you take care of the child be it a baby boy or baby girl , i will be happy and take it as your prasad ( holy gift ) .”

Om sri sainathaya namaha

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5 thoughts on “Its 2010 and sai devotees need a Baby Boy when they are expecting a baby”

  1. sai i need a baby, i have been married for 5 years but i do not have a baby yet. please bless me as every body is insulting me a lot. please shower your blessings

  2. saibaba ji i need a boy child. i ve a 6yr old daughter. i had already one abortion. but now plz bless me that i ll be pregent and getting only a male child. plz baba ji give me ur blessings.

  3. Baba,

    I am pleading you baba ,please bless me a boy .I already have 3 years old beautiful daughter.I had already one abortion .Please bless with boy this time.I want to name him with your name SAI.

    Pls baba Pls.Hope you definitely will listen to my pleading and bless me boy.

  4. Sai baba pls blessing husband tel 1child
    is enough.pls change my husband mind baba pls.I hve
    already one girl child. i need boy child.baba pls gve me and spin
    blessing me.

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