How a baby with high fever, on the verge of death was brought back to life by Saibaba?

Om Sai Ram friends,

I am going through a tough time in office but by Sai grace, I am managing. I am wondering what I would do if I lost this job.

When I was really worried, I received this email from a Sai devotee which made me feel Sai is watching everything and he will eventually do good to all of us.

Koumari shares her experience about how Sai baba healder her when she was can kid to bring her back to life.

Sairam friends,

I was a small baby of 11 months back then. My parents were traveling from Howrah to Nagpur via train, my maternal uncle and aunty were also with them. I was having a high fever at that time. So my mother gave me the medicine and put me to sleep in the upper berth.

Suddenly my mama woke up to go to the bathroom and meanwhile thought of checking on me as I was sick. When he reached to me he saw that my body became stiff and my eyes rolled up and I was in a bad condition.

He immediately put me down on my mother’s lap and everybody gathered around as my mother started crying.

My father searched for a doctor on the train from one compartment to another compartment.

Everybody in that coach started whispering “the baby died in her mother’s lap” and so on. A lady doctor was, fortunately, traveling on the same train. She approached and checked on the heartbeat and declared me dead.

My mother started crying. My uncle was wearing a locket with the picture of Sai Baba. He immediately put the locket over my neck.

My mother prayed to Baba and asked him to return my life. She vowed that if Baba returns my life she will visit Shirdi and lay me down on Baba’s charan. Suddenly I started crying and everyone was stunned.

This was clearly baba’s miracle. It was Baba who returned me my life.
I am great full to Baba for giving me my life.

Thank you Baba


Hope you like this Sai leela friends. I will try to make videos of these leela when my life is better. Parents are weak and I have issues at work. Let’s see how Sai shows me a way.


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