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Sai blessed with Pooja room key and accepted a humble devotees’ offering

Om Sai Ram friends,

For millions of Shirdi Sai Baba devotee’s, Sai miracle means, blessing them with some materialistic benefits. I agree, you have all rights to expect such a miracle from your Guru but Saibaba likes it when we expect Sai to help us in our spiritual endeavor.

Here’s such a simple Sai leela from a devotee Lakshmi.


I am doing 9 var Saibaba vrat. Today was my 3rd var vrat.  I was preparing myself for the evening Arti for Baba. The prasad got ready for Baba. When I went to the puja room. It was locked and we couldn’t find the key for the puja room.

I was very upset and was worried that I would not be able to offer the prasad to baba.

I was searching for the key. I was speaking with Baba saying that do not you like me doing arti. I prepared prasad for you,but now I cannot enter the puja room to offer the arti and prasad. I told Baba why don’t you do miracles as you dId for other devotees. I was looking for the key every place. My husband was trying other keys.

He found the key for the puja room and I was immensely happy and thanked baba for his miracle and I wanted to share the miracle.

It looks to be a simple problem, but it is not. when you call for help,Baba comes running to help you.

Thank you Baba for your Love and Blessing!

Jai Sai Ram!


I have some problems in office and I am trying to upgrade my skills. Did a simple work today by Sai grace.

Hope you like this simple Sai leela friends.

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