One must obey Sai’s words irrespective of the hardship he faces

Sairam friends,

Last evening, I had been to Saibaba temple, lit 3 lamps and distributed prasad in Dwarakamai.

Over the years, I have seen how Saibaba gradually gave me various experiences. I honestly can’t remember when I started getting dreams regularly. I could remember being guided in dream since 2007. Those were very rare. I simply get dreams once in 3-4 month. Even until 2015, I only had dreams very rarely. Only from 2016, I started getting dreams regularly. I also ask Saibaba to bless me in dream. So almost everyday, I will be blessed with some dreams.

Some dreams are very clear and direct. I can immediately understand what Sai means and act accordingly.

Some dreams will happen to help me escape the fate.

Example – A month back, I had a dream someone at work is asking me “You are going to Singapore for filming. Why don’t you remain in Singapore office forever”.

I know for sure this was supposed to happen in reality. Instead, Saibaba showed in dream and saved me by making sure none asks me to leave Coimbatore as my parents need me here. Sai has this way of making us experience the fate in dream rather than in reality.

Saibaba has shown several dreams to me in which I had escaped fate.

Based on this dream, I also learnt that I must be careful with what I speak at work. Thankfully, a year back, I spoke to someone and told him, I can’t travel or move any where else permanently.

Beyond this, If I am forced to travel somewhere, I might have to because I am dependent on this job. This is making me insecure.

Anyway, Last night, I touched Sai’s padhuka in Dwarakamai and pleaded him to get clarity on why I got dreams about this girl. I really feel pity for her when ever I see her. She’s busy with her work…her life and her own world. I feel as if I am intruding her life though I do nothing.

I always ask this to Sai “Baba..Who is she?” I don’t even know her as a friend. Only thing that satisfies me in the whole episode is that irrespective of the harship I faced because of this issue, I obeyed Sai’s words.

I don’t know where Sai is taking me but Sai certainly likes me for being calm though there’s no relationship between dream and reality.

I often use the word “I am confused” when ever I write about this issue.

Confusion is just one aspect. Its really not easy to live my life especially since I am supposed to give respect to Sai’s words and also have a desire to be practical in life.

What’s the use of expressing this in StarSai?

I just have a simple learning process.

We must obey Sai’s words.

We might have to face several insults, pain and dejection because of obeying Sai’s words.

We must adjust everything and be calm.

I am silently trying to understand what Sai actually means.

Hope Sai answers me soon.

Om Sai Ram


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