Take care of your guests the way you would take care of Sai if he comes to your home

Sairam friends,

Couple of week back, I had a dream as if one of my friend has come from the U.S and she’s travelling by bus. I am waiting to meet her in the bus stop. I go near, stop the bus and chat with her for few minutes. The bus starts to move while she was out. I run and somehow stop the bus. I tell her ‘Look, I made your you travel peacefully by the same bus.”

Some dreams I get will be really strange and I did not understand what Sai meant by this. That evening, I had been to Nagasai mandir and got 3 lamps to light from the flower shop. I usually take a small piece of paper to keep the lamp over my palm. I found the paper I took had the following print ad.

It was as if 2-3 foreign tourists are waiting outside the bus to Mahabalipuram, a tourist spot in South India. All other people had taken the bus as it was crowded and these foreigners were left to stand outside in the bus stop as they did know hot to get in with the crowd.

It was an ad by Tamilnadu tourism board explaining how important is it for us to take care of people who visit our country.

Similarly, scriptures speaks a lot about taking care of guests who come to your home. Sometimes, guests will be annoying you and irritating to core. One of my experience is that a girl who had come to Shirdi for 10 days went through some issues while at Shirdi. So an elderly friend of mine recommonded that she comes to Coimbatore and stays with us for a week and get back to Malaysia. I was really annoyed with her as I asked her to visit just for 2 days and go back directly from Mumbai.

Further, I don’t like it when a girl comes alone and faces problems. She must have taken her brother or atleast a friend with her. Anyway, I requested my parents that she really needs help. So this girl stayed with us for a week. We took her to places near by..Later, She went to Malaysia directly from Coimbatore-Chennai.

After this experience, I stopped guiding Sai devotees to travel to Shirdi. It happened in 2009 and I wonder why and how I found it irritating. Its not easy for me to accomodate a single girl at my home. My parents understood the situation. Some guy had followed her where ever she went in Shirdi. Hence, I had no other go but to help her out.

Irrespective of all the frustration she caused me, my parents took care of this girl during her stay in our home. My Mom shouted at me for letting a girl travel alone to Shirdi and asked me to stop my so called “Seva”..he he…

Take care of your guests the way you would take care of Sai if he comes to your home

On Sunday, I went with friends to Coonoor and did some Photography.

Loved the Monkey with her Baby


You must understand how Sai guides me to write articles in dream. When I saw the dream, I did not had any idea. Later, the same evening, I saw the Print ad of tourism board. Sai connects very beautifully.

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  1. Baba reminds us to keep our Faith in one place.As He said about Kaka’s master in SSS. We are prone to get diverted easily and change focus ,such incidents bring us back into His Grace.Great is His work.God bless.Praise be unto Him.

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