Sai is taking me to Singapore for 5 days

Sairam friends,

I will be in Singapore from August 21st to 25th. Its official trip and hence I may not be able to escape from people around me and spare time for Sai devotees. But I still wish to give a try. Write to me if you wish to meet me.

Having said that, I certainly feel that only Saibaba decides whom we could meet in our life. So I will leave it to Sai.

Am I happy or Sad? Well, I never leave my parents for more than a night. So I asked Saibaba to take care of my Mom and Dad and going to Singapore.

This evening, I had been to Saibaba temple from office. I came around Dhuni for few minutes and also sat in main hall for Aarti. I always love the corner in the main hall.

Even at home, I like to sleep in corner of bedroom .. he he.. My Mom often tells me to sleep in the cart but I like to sleep on the floor in the corner.

I noticed something today in temple which hurt me a lot. Something deeply disturbed me. Couple of guys were looking at a girl which made me feel pity for this girl. She was just showing devotion on Sai.

I don’t know to laugh or cry looking at these guys because I have been to this temple for decades and I know every devotee comes there with a pain in them. You can only pray for their well being.

Well. I can’t call myself so good too because I have mailed a girl who was my colleague 3 years back like a dumbo saying Sai showed her in dream. Unless, I can prove that my dreams are true, I can’t prove my innocence. So may be, I am not so good too.

I thought of coming out but decided to sing aarti looking at my mobile. I should practice singing aarti because after more than 25 years of Sai devotion, I still don’t know aarti.

In the recent past I realized some of my Sai friends suddenly ask me if we should get married. I mean, they just ask if I am interested. To be honest, I get scared whenever any girl asks this to me.

As I get old, I wish to get married as it makes my Amma and Appa happy but I am totally dependent on Sai for whatever decision I should take in my life.

Saibaba should tell me whom I should marry. Only then, I can speak about it.

Please don’t tell me that my Sai dreams are my own imagination.

I love Sai for he has guided me so much through dreams. So I know Saibaba will only do good to me and my family.

Anyway, After Aarti, I distributed prasad in Dwarakamai. There was lots of prasad left over today. I should have taken some to home as our maid will happily have it.

Couple of weeks back, I saw the security dropping the left over prasad in the dustbin. It shocked me a lot. Atleast, I can take it home and keep it for birds to eat the next morning.

I am going to sleep now. My parents are coming to Airport to sendoff. And yeah, whenever I travel to other countries, I worry a lot about India as I don’t like the politicians here.

OK Guys, Please mail me when you find time.

Saibaba bless you and your family.

Om Sai Ram


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