To the Mother’s who are worried about their Children’s education

Sairam friends,

Firstly, after a long time, I am featuring a Shirdi Saibaba photo. My Sai friend Varalakshmi sent this to me from Bangalore – Malleshwarem Saibaba temple.

Today, I was calm for couple of hours at work. Later, I spoke to my friends as I can’t be calm for long. I was angry on Sai for letting me down. However, I thanked Sai for this experience because if he gets me into a problem by himself, I trust, he certainly will have a solution. Today, after more than 2 month, I never saw this girl with an intention to see. Atleast, this satisfied me because I personally believe that I must not even look at a girl I don’t know as a friend. I wish to stay away from her completely by all means. What ever happened is confusing me though.

Someday, I am sure Sai will answer me why he showed her in dream. I trust Sai because he has done lots of favours to me.

This evening, I stayed back in office and never went to Saibaba temple. I reached home at around 10.20.

Every night, My Dad watches a Movie in Star Movies, HBO or Sony Pix. This is his habit for many years. He will be making garlands for Goddess in Temple while watching Hollywood movies. I find it contrasting but that’s his time to relax as he does some work or other all the day. I plead him not to see 4 people debating on Tamil News channels. If on any purticular day, my Dad is not watching Movie, I immiditely ask what happened to him? Only if he’s sick or tired, my Dad will skip watching movie. Tonight, when I reached home my Dad was already sleeping. So I asked my Mom if he’s alright? She said he’s just tired.

As parents get old, there are little things we must pay attention too. I am not really doing anything to take care of my parents but I think my words of care makes them feel good.  The other day, I parked my Car in Saibaba temple and took my parents to a Hotel near by to have dinner. While crossing the road, I held my Mom’s palm. Suddenly it stricked me what are Children who’s settled abroad doing to take care of their parents back in India? They can either take their parents to their home or they can send money. They can’t hold their Mom’s palm when they cross the road.

Being near your parents as they get old is a blessing and Sai has immensely blessed me in this aspect.

Shirdi Saibaba temple in Malleshwaram
Shirdi Saibaba in Malleshwaram temple

Once in a while, I receive mail from parents who are worried about their Children’s education.

These days, after CBSE 10th grade paper leakout, I received such mails from parents who worry so much about the performance of their kids during exam.

I am not sure if my attitude is right but don’t you think some parents give lots of pressure to their kids and expect them to score high marks always. Life isn’t about exams in Schools and Colleges. Today, Education has changed a lot and one is expected to learn for lifetime.

So instead of forcing a kind of educational pattern into your Kid’s brain, help them understand the greatness of learning.

Do not be worried when your kids doesn’t perform well in classes or exams. Speak positively to them and never let them down, when their marks doesn’t match your expecation.

Inspire your kids to read books and enable them to understand the value of learning at an early age. I see many kids in India do well in their studies but they constantly are forced to perform well. Instead, such performance must evolve naturally which happens only when they learn value of learning.

Worship Sai deeply remembering him with heart and soul.

Sai and Goddess Saraswathi bless your kids!

Om Sai Ram


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