I am thankful for this job Sai

Sairam friends,

My Mom has prayed in few temples for me to be blessed with a good job. Yesterday, I took Mom and Dad to few temples and thanked the Gods there for blessing me with a job.

The best part was I was stubborn that I should only work in Coimbatore. Being a tier two city, I found opportunities were too less especially for my profile. This made me realize that its important to do bring economic growth to small towns in India. This way, people don’t have to migrate from their native place in search of a job.

I like Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai just to go on a visit. I would have certainly not liked to live there forever. Atleast not when my parents are too old and will be happy if I am near them.

Last evening, we first went to Ranganathar Swami temple, Vilveeswarar temple and Lakshmi Narasimhar perumal temple. I liked these temples for it was peaceful there. No crowd as it wasn’t any special day for pooja.

In the Ranganatha swami temple, I liked the Thulasi plant they kept infront of Goddess Andal.

I kept telling my Mom that I like the previous office probably since I felt secured and I know the people there.

Last night while I was complaining my Mom asked me be satisfied with what I got.

My Mom told me “Everyone you meet are supposed to come in your life and they are good. If you have this perception, your life will be good”

I too felt that I should not keep thinking about past and be happy for the current job. Well, one reason I get this thought is because of Sai’s dream that I will work again for them.

Even in that case, I won’t go back unless they give me what I ask for. Secondly, they don’t have any products which I would enjoy marketing.

I believe Saibaba is the one who should decide what ever I do. Lets see what’s going to happen in the days to come.

I really loved the Lakshmi Narasimhar temple last night. I felt blissful there. My parents also felt peaceful. We lit lamps and came back home.

I will be happy if I can help others learn better and find a better job. Hope Sai helps me to do it.

Please send devotees experiences.

I am getting late for work now.



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