I am coming to Mumbai. The city Sai Baba rules!

Mumbai Shirdi trip

Sairam friends, Sai Baba rules Mumbai and I know this will be true even after 1000 years. Only people in near by villages and Ahmad nagar district came to see Baba before 1900. Gradually, Sai’s fame started spreading in Mumbai presidency and few devotees were benefited by Sai’s grace. Due to Das Ganu’s work and … Read more

Why is Shirdi so auspicious?

Sairam friends, I am missing Shirdi these days and wish Saibaba takes me and my parents to Shirdi by his grace. I love the Shirdi Sand. I love Dwarakamai and also Nandadeep. The first time I went to Shirdi in 2006, I took a pinch of sand and kept it in my forehead. It was … Read more

Roads are not made for racing

Sairam friends, Yesterday, I was having lots of fun at work. At times, I get tensed a lot but that’s part of who I am. In the evening, one of my friend who met with an accident couple of month back called up and requested if I can get him some documents. I went to … Read more

An Ordinary Indian’s dream and my friends Shirdi Visit

Sairam friends, This weekend has been really productive as I implemented some of my projects finally. From now on, Its not just blabbering in StarSai that I wanted to do something for Indian Education system but I have taken first step to practically reach out to students and professionals. Today, Schools and colleges have become … Read more