Why is Shirdi so auspicious?

Sairam friends,

I am missing Shirdi these days and wish Saibaba takes me and my parents to Shirdi by his grace. I love the Shirdi Sand. I love Dwarakamai and also Nandadeep. The first time I went to Shirdi in 2006, I took a pinch of sand and kept it in my forehead. It was truly amazing experience and I also attended the morning Kakad Aarti. I am not sure if I can get such a opportunity these days to land in Shirdi at 3.30 A.M and attend Kakad Aarti the same day. Anyway, I am not very strict about having darshan etc. I will consider it as a gift even if I stand some where near Dwarakamai. I will be lucky if I get some place to sit and relax remembering Saibaba in Shirdi.

Many times when I had been to Shirdi, the most auspicious moment would be the time I step inside holy Dwarakamai where Saibaba lived. I feel so happy. Later, When the crowd of devotees increased, Dwarakamai was blocked to step in.

Sai wants each and every one of his devotee to perceive him beyond Shirdi. Sai wants us to see him inside oneself. Sai is omnipresent and hence he tried to lift some of his devotees to a state where one can realize his presence beyond his human form.

Irrespective of this, going to Shirdi and remembering Sai Baba is very auspicious. I now remember Naveskar who used to clean every street that Saibaba walks. Even when you walk in Shirdi remembering Sai, your life changes for good. Many devotees travel to Shirdi but they hardly can remember Sai or chant SAI,SAI,SAI in their mind. I also have realized that if your mind is carrying loads of desires and if you are always thinking about your need, then too Saibaba won’t bother you. Unload all your desires, ego, greediness in the holy feet of Sai as dakshina.

Saibaba will certainly bless you with peace and happiness.

You can also share your memories about your Shirdi visit and why you consider it to be auspicious?


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