Its been long since I have come across Shirdi Saibaba devotees deeply into Sai

Sairam friends,

We cannot be extremely devoted to Shirdi Saibaba like few devotees did in past but we can certainly be little more than what’s expected in a normal Sai devotee today. Firstly, I honestly feel we don’t have lots of stories about ardent Sai devotees. They must have maintained a note book and wrote about little incidents which happened in their life. It must have helped us learn about Sai better. There is lack of Sai Stories. Very few authors like Vinny Chitluri have dedicated their lifetime to tell few stories about Saibaba which otherwise we would have never come to know.

After many month, I am once again trying my best to come around holy Dhuni in Nagasai mandir during week ends. I am not able to make it all days and sometimes even during weekends. When ever I do come around Sai, I keep chanting SAI, SAI, SAI in mind. ( Kindly do not read this and look for me when you go to this temple. It has happened in past. I am not able to make it always. You can mail me instead. Further, the temple is too busy now a days. Hence, I make sure, I don’t disturb others)

I love this remembrance and naam smaran of Saibaba and wish everyone realizes the greatness of chanting.

I wish to come across stories of people who are crazy about Sai. There were some like this. The way they sing Aarti, the way they perceive Saibaba is completely different from the way we do.

We always keep our desires in front of our eyes and see Sai.

I do behave in same way but I try to forget myself after a while and feel Sai deep inside me.

I know there are Sai devotees who are deeply into Sai. I just did not come across such people these days. At the same time, I have always requested devotees not to believe in every story people say. To be really devoted to Baba is beyond having few experiences and so called miracles.

Why do I expect to see such people?

It is because Sai likes it. Sai likes people who hungers after him. Who eats, sleeps and remembers him day and night. How can he who remember Sai ever have  bunch of desires?

When ever I am bored, I try to see if I can read stories of Sai devotees who are truly sweet but I don’t get enough materials. We must record our devotion on Saibaba because in future people will like to read such stories.

I am getting late now..



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