Take care of your children when you are going out

Sairam friends,

On Feb 14th morning, I had few divine dreams.

In the first dream I saw an uncle in his home. There are few kids playing around in the home. I go near him and he applies Kumkum on my forehead. When he touches me with his thumb fingure, I could feel its like electric energy on my forehead. This uncle is the one who took me to Nagasai Mandir in Coimbatore for the first time when I was still in school. So I felt Sai is blessing me through him.

In the second dream, I see as if I am walking in a steel bridge. A women carrying a baby was very negligent and the baby almost fell down. I grab the baby in my palm. You know what? This baby was so tiny and cute. It was like a doll but its a real baby. I am carrying the baby safely to the corner and giving it back to her mother.

That’s it.

When I woke up, I could remember the steel bridge in the dream was like they show in the Tamil film ‘Dum Dum Dum’. I love this song for the guitar piece in the beginning – Un perai sonnale.

I will never forget the charm R.Madhavan had when I met him years back in the Editing room.

Anyway, now lets interpret the dream.

When I was in school, I have seen parents holding their kids palm where ever they take them. In recent years, I used to wonder why parents at times don’t hold their kids palm at all. The kid will be running or walking ahead of them and they will walk behind. Nothing wrong. It doesn’t mean that parents have become less protective.

Couples have become more confident these days as they let their kids be on their own while going out.

Probably, Sai wants me to tell young couples to be bit more careful when they are going out taking their kids. Even in Saibaba temple, I have seen kids playing happily, running around in the parking space. There are some idiots who drive fast even in temple parking space as it its racing track. The same applies to any place you let your kids free. I am not asking you to always hold your kids tight but be a little more watchful.

You must also keep your eyes on your kids often since now a days, kids are being kidnapped too. It’s certainly not going to happen to your kid but why should you give any chance?

This afternoon, my friends wanted me to take them to a hotel which was moved to a new location. I told them that I will never come out for the next 3 month as I can’t bear this summer. Finally, I agreed and we all went there to have food. Seems, couple of my friends are analyzing how they do restaurant business. he he…

I drew the shop we go outside to have tea and kept asking them if they can identify the shop. My drawing was so bad that none could identify. I wanted to go to Nagasai Mandir and light lamps as its my Sister’s birthday. But in the last minute, I had some work and it was getting too late. I was blabbering to myself saying I have to go to Mandir -Its my Sister’s birthday and why these people are irritating me like this?

I started only at 8.30 and drove very fast because temple will be closed by 9 PM. Thankfully, I reached temple before Aarti, ran to the shop got 6 lamps.

I usually I light 3 lamps for my Sister’s birthday. This year, I lit 3 more lamps for this girl at work and prayed Sai for both of them.

I can’t bear if my Sister is sad or upset with anything. Years back, when She was doing her M.S, She stayed in our aunts home in Chennai. My aunt took good care of her for 3 years. Once, She came too late and my aunt scolded her. My Sister started weeping so much and did not had dinner. I could not bear my Sister weeping and myself fed food for her with my palm and kissed her on her forehead. I don’t think my Sister even remembers all this now as she’s busy with her life and her work.

I told Sai to protect my Sister and bless her do her research peacefully.

I also prayed for this girl because She’s like my very own child. That’s how Sai made me perceive her. I told Sai to keep her happily. Sometimes, I wish, I am really her Father because that would make me feel Sai showed all these dreams as he wants me to take care of her as if She’s my Daughter.

Coming back to the theme of the article, when you are traveling or when you are going out to any places with your kids, please be little more careful.

I am going to watch some documentaries now.


I slept off after I wrote this article. I had a very funny dream.

Actually, I admire a professor who works for Indian Institute of Management. I have never seen him. He’s my Linkedin connection. His posts will be very interesting.

In this dream, I see myself in a class room in the college I studied. Surprisingly, I also see this girl in the class room but She was simply speaking to another girl near her. After sometime, I see we both are attending a class by the professor from Indian Institute of Management. I am running out of class for going out.

I come after 2 hours and see that most of the students were not there. Even this girl is not there. The professor looks at me and I act as if I have always been inside the class. This professor was very keen in teaching. He was writing an equation on the board and finally the class gets over.

That’s it.

I am really scared why often Saibaba asks me to do Ph.d? Here’s my previous article – Third dream that I must do Ph.D 

Ph.d is a lonely journey and involves lots of hardwork. Ph.d’s abroad is too expensive. I feel that I am not listening to Saibaba. Only Sai has to show me a way.

Secondly, when I try to understand above dream, seems, I will certainly continue my education. I only don’t know if I have time for it as my weekends are spent at home doing some odd work. I also wish this girl continues her education because She’s good in academics. I can’t even say this to her.

While I write this article, I searched for this purticular IIM professor whom Sai showed in dream and remembered in yesturday’s post on Linkedin for Valentine’s day.

It was like this

“I wish you all a life full of love and laughter. Do share your love with those who have lost the ability to love themselves and your laughter with those who have forgotten to laugh.”

Isn’t that cute!

Will I even get people on my Linkedin connection in dream? he he…

Sai sends across a message to me in any ways possible. As long as people whom he shows in dream are good, I am happy about it. I started liking this girl only after someone told me she wanted to persue her education and I felt like writing to her.  Now a days, I stopped talking to all my friends about her as they hurt me a lot. One of them said, I misbehaved. Another said, I must visit a Psychiatrist. I ask Sai “Do I need to listen to all this for trusting your dreams?”. I would have shut my mouth and kept everything to myself.

Infact, I had her number before 18 month but never used it. Now a days, I stopped mailing her too. I have to tell her that Sai wants her to work on her academics and seems its impossible. I hope she doesn’t waste her time like me and takes steps to do her MBA or any course she likes.

In 2016, When I was in Shirdi, I met Nupur along with her Mom. She’s the one who took photo of Mahalakshmi temple in Shirdi – Ashtalakshmi of ancient Shirdi.

When I met her She was working in Mumbai. Later, she quit and joined MBA in Delhi.

I mailed Nupur this week and asked if she has another year to go for her MBA to get over. She just replied “MBA Finished. Job Started” he he..

So time will pass on quickly. If you have time, use it productively so that Sai can help you better.

I tell this to every one whom I come across these days – That they must continue their education even after they began their Career.  There’s another funny part to the dream which I did not reveal as I can’t write everything I see.

Sharmila again messaged this week too she will come to Saibaba temple near my office as its Thursday. If she keeps her word, I might get her wedding invite today!

Our maid did not turn up today. So I am going to sweep the whole home today. Its like a huge task for me Baba.

Om Sai Ram



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