Shirdi Saibaba blessings for people suffering from incurable health issues

Sairam friends,

There are health problems which can be cured and has got a treatment and there are some health issues which are incurable. When you know it is incurable, it is not your disease which you must try to cure. It is your mind which you must put to work.

There’s a beautiful saying by Saint Aurobindo-

“In the end, its the faith which cures”.

So have faith on Sai.

At the same time, come to terms with reality. If you are going through incurable diseases, learn to live with it but carry a better thought process. Believe that you can make your life meaningful irrespective of the health problem you face. I have guided 2-3 girls and guys who wrote me about their health issues being incurable. I told them, keep getting treated but focus on other aspects of life. Leave your worries and be positive about what you can do irrespective of the inconviniences you have.

If the sick one is too old, you must make them feel strong internally and not worry much that they might leave you forever. Its better you pray that they don’t face too much pain and suffer more.

I don’t even know what to say when a Mother writes me that she’s taking care of a child with Autism because they must take care of the child for lifetime.

Recently, I learnt that Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has a Son with special needs. The most painful part is his second Daughter also has some learning disabilities.

According to MomsPresso

“Their first child, Zain, now 21, was born after a complicated pregnancy during which Satya’s career as an engineer was taking off and Anu was building hers as an architect. During her 36th week of pregnancy, Anu noticed her baby’s movements had reduced and they rushed to the ER of a local hospital. Baby Zain, suffering from in-utero asphyxiation was born via emergency C-Section a few hours later, weighing 3 pounds” Zain had severe cerebral palsy, and would be confined to a wheelchair.

Several Mother’s write me about their kids needing special care. I believe, they all reflect the below thought process of Satya in his Good House Keeping interview

“At its core, it’s about humans and the unique quality we call empathy, which will become ever more valuable in a world where the torrent of technology will disrupt the status quo like never before,”

he says. In other words, technology is nothing without the soft touch of humanity.

If your dear one’s – Mom/Dad, Kids,Husband/Wife are sick, show them empathy and unconditional love. This will make them forget their pain.

For people who have incurable health issues, I wish they learn to live with it and focus on what they can do better with their life.

If they are too old, I want them to be strong internally.

You can chant Sai’s holy name in mind. Keep remembering Sai and imagine as if Sai’s always near you.

Sometimes, I feel upset that we might be moved to a new building in office is because I will loose few good opportunities.

I have this small box near my place where they have kept Tablets for employees who get sick. When ever someone comes to take medicines, I found, they did not get what they need.So the past few month, I started buying tablets for employees when ever I go to pharmacy to get meds for my Mom.

I get lots of happiness by doing this. I got some tablets for cold and fever until last month. Since summer is approaching, i guessed people might get head ache and its already fast moving tablet..he he..

At times, I make fun that no body came asking for tablets today and I don’t have any patients. I ask people walking on my way if their health is good, else, they can take two-three tablets from me. Having said that, I get upset when someone is sick and they don’t get purticular medicine they need.

Wish I have tablet for all the health problems people who write me are going through. I believe,Sai takes care of you and your dear one’s

Keep remembering Sai with faith.

Do not worry about health problems and divert your mind. Atleast, if you are young, that’s my humble request.

You still can do a lot with your life.

Sai blessings,


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Featured photo used with courtesy – Satya Nadella with his wife Anu Nadella and his son Zion

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