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Shirdi Saibaba is not an instant giver. It takes years to understand how Sai works on your life

Sairam friends,

This morning, I woke up at 6.30 A.M and simply laid down again remembering Sai. I got a dream but could not remember it. I started analysing my life for the past 10 – 15 years. I even tried to remember what I had been doing every year. There are many people who ask me this question

“Why is your life like this though you are devoted to Sai?”

People expect one’s life to be normal and smooth.

  • I had set backs in my Career
  • I walked rough path in every step I took
  • I never got the opportunity I desired
  • I wanted to be a Filmmaker which I quit long ago.
  • I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur but things never worked for me.
  • I finally learned to be happy with a small Job I have.

On the personal side,

  • I am blessed with wonderful parents and Sister
  • But I have never made them feel good about what I have achieved as a person.
  • I have been into few relationships in the past.
  • Every time I trust someone, I trusted this is going to be the end of it but after few month, I realize this girl too isn’t true and I thank Sai for saving me from a disastrous life.
  • I am not sure where I went wrong or whom I sinned?

All these experiences would have easily made me hate Sai because there are thousands of Sai devotees who complain Sai has not blessed them with a good life.

Let me clarify this…

Externally, it looks like I am don’t have a good life as the world expects.

I personally believe that Saibaba has done a lot to me and taken care of me.

I would have been spoilt if I had been a successful filmmaker or an Entrepreneur. I would have never got a heart which cares for everyone as I am today. I write a lot about being good to a girl and being good to your own parents.

By making me go through ups and downs in life, Sai has moulded me to have a heart that opens up for any good cause and mind that keeps thinking about what good I can do for others.

I don’t agree with the common assumption that a Man or a Women must have a shining career, they must be married on time and they must have everything going smooth. It is not necessary at all.

Why should everything go smooth with our life? There must be some disappointments and obstacles so that it will make us stronger. It will give us wisdom to become a better human being.

In the beginning, I started asking Saibaba to bless me with anything I desire within a time frame. Gradually, I understood that’s not how Saibaba works. He gets into your life very deeply. Sai is a very unique saint.

Sai won’t give you what you desire most. He will give you wisdom to understand what you desire may not be good or right for you

I am happy for all the set backs in my career.

I am happy for all the girls who hurt me.

I am happy for all the failures that I had gone through.

If Sai has given me what I desire, I would have been another ordinary Indian who wants to run his family.

My thought process is not narrow towards – My life – My family.

I have a bigger dream and I am pretty sure Sai will make me live a meaningful life that creates value to other’s life.

Here’s the biggest truth about Sai devotion. Saibaba never, ever gives instantly. You might think its weeks or months. Based on my experience, your growth depends on how hard you work and how pure you think. Sai will not do any magic. He will be with you for sure but his ways are unique.

Saibaba certainly needs some time to show you what works best for you.

It takes years of patience for you to realize that Saibaba has actually taken care of you.

Hold on. Keep believing in Sai.

Do not worry about past and keep asking Sai to fulfill your desire.

Be sincere and dedicated to your work. Never ask for only one thing that you have choosen. Be flexible and let Sai decide what’s good for your future.

Be happy.

As long as you are with Sai, he’s going to make sure you win this game of life.


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