Who protects good people?

Sairam friends, Its 12.41 at night and the past few hours, I watched few things and realized the world we live in has so many different kinds of people. There are good and there are bad. We live in a society where we might have to face these bad fellows occasionally. Everyone Good certainly comes … Read more

I am tested

Sairam friends, I had some work at office. So reached home only at 10 at night.Then, I thought of launching the new greeting card site. Everything was ready but I realized my hosting account was not as it was before several years. It frequently shows error though my sister payed more and upgraded my account. … Read more

Sai, Thanks for healing Amma

Sairam friends, Now a days, I am always making fun of my friends at work and sometimes I feel if I am not supposed to do it though they don’t mind it. I don’t like going to Shirdi Saibaba temple on Thursday’s because the temple is too crowded and I don’t know what to do … Read more

Rain as i wished

Sairam friends                                                              I am really bored here in Chennai especially because i cant go any temple. All this day am truly speaking to relatives and did nothing good. I told ma that am going Mylapore saibaba temple tomorow as for guru its ok to go temple after 3 days. In the evening there was a … Read more