Saibaba cares for well being of all in your family

Sairam friends,

In the past several years, I have experienced several ways Saibaba helps someone in my family when they are not feeling well. Its really something Saibaba does on his own without you asking for. Many people judge Sai’s care and love on them based on the success and failure in their life. Remember that Saibaba’s love for you is invisible to your eyes most of the time. Only during critical situations, Sai shows his presence with great vibrancy. I have experienced this several times in my life.


Saibaba has cured people initially by giving them natural medicines.He was a very good healer of the village. Gradually, Sai stopped doing giving treatments and simply gave UDI.

So what’s so special about this UDI? Is it available only in Saibaba temples or in Shirdi?

Udi from temples are auspicious but devotees living abroad or who don’t have easy access to UDI can simply mix rice as powder, store it in a box and use it as UDI. Sai has proved in Sai Satcharitra that even mud can become Udi if you have faith. You can’t eat mud. Hence, I give this suggestion to use rice powder.

The greatest thing about Shirdi Saibaba is that he knows some danger is ahead and he warns us. To tell you the trust, When my Sister came to India in 2010, Sai made me realize something and I was shocked. I was really upset about this but kept praying Saibaba to make sure my sister has a healthy, long life. It took all these 5 years. Today, Saibaba blessed me with a dream and I understood that my Sister will live peacefully and bring up her child with good health.

I cannot explain every little thing in detail. I have no words to write you how Saibaba cares for your family. You just have to accept other failures in life and continue to believe in Sai. This is the most difficult part on Earth. You think Saibaba is not helping you in various aspects of your life but trust him beyond what he is doing to you now. His ways are unique and you must have immense patience to actually realize what he is.

So here’s Shirdi Saibaba Nature collection for the day.

saibaba cares
Shirdi Saibaba cares for your family

Saibaba keeps his no matter what happens. Trust him whole heartedly.

Keep chanting Sai’s holy name.

Saibaba will bless you and your family with peace, good health and happiness.

Aum Sai Ram


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  1. Today nly i did parayana on udi chapter..really amazing leela of sairam..sai bless u..

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