The one who speaks harsh is considered to be untouchable

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Yesterday, I read about Purandaradasa‘s life and learned his divine contribution to Lord Sri Vishnu. He has composed over 4.75 lakh songs in praise of Sri Vishnu but only 700 are available today. He wanted to sing 5 lakh songs in praise of Vishnu. During his last few days, He requested his son to compose the rest 25,000 songs. His song told him that he will be blessed with another birth to sing in praise of Lord Vishnu and he did.

He was a diamond merchant in 14th century and a miser. Once, he cheated by Man by giving him nothing while he asked for help. The Man went to Purandaradasa’s wife and told her about her husband’s rude behavior. She felt bad about it but did not have any ways to help the poor man. He told her “You may not own anything to give me but you can give what your parents had given you as it belongs to you.”

So she took her Nose ring and gave it to the poor man.

The poor man went to Purandara dasa and gave the Nose ring to take Money for it. Purandara dasa could easily find its his wife’s Nose ring but the poor man did not reveal it. Purandara Dasa got angry. Locked the Nose ring in his place and went to his home.

His wife was really pained and fearing what will she do if her husband asks about missing Nose Ring. She eventually fell in his feet and told the story. She decided to consume poison. When she was about to sip, she found her Nose Ring inside the cup. She showed it to her Husband. He was shocked as he had already kept the same Nose ring in the locker. He ran to his shop and found the Nose ring was missing there.

Thus, Purandara Dasa understood that Lord Vishnu has played with him to make him realize that Materialistic life is not everything.

He was such a rich man by that time that he was called Navakodi Narayana.

He decided to give away all his wealth and serve the Lord by singing in praise of him. This is the story of how Sri Vishnu pulled Purandara Das to his service.

Purandara Dasa was completely against Caste system and untouchability. He argued that the real Untouchables are one who take the wrong path in life, one who poisons his enemy in hatred and also the one who don’t know to speak soft.

I was moved when I read this because I also speak harshly to my parents and friends once in a while.

Basically, I never know to speak soft as far as I know because I have seen people who speaks very kindly. It never comes to me.

I just wish that I must avoid speaking harsh when I get angry.

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Sai, I have small problem today. Please save me this time too.

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