Sai, Am I living the way you expect me to?

Sairam friends,

Today was auspicious Ram Navami – 28th March 2015.

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I was doing lots of work today. I started working on my project and I only hope, this time Sai has approved it. I am yet to get message from Sai Baba. I was in tears this morning due to some reason but later did lots of work. Honestly, some thing creative after many days. I am not able to write in StarSai regularly as I am doing some work which I really love to do. I hope Sai is happy with it. I just did not get any message from Saibaba that I am living the way he expects me to. There are times when I decided and do things based on my own decision but later I will fail in that. This time, I hope Saibaba has really blessed me.

Being Ram Navami, I requested my Father to celebrate it in the colony temple. He said, the priest has kept Rama and Sita photo near Hanuman Statue and some devotees has given for pooja. I kept telling my Father that Ram Navami has to be celebrated if you have Hanuman in the temple.

Anyway, My Mom is not feeling well these days. I went to clinic and then to Ganesha temple. Then, I went to Photo studio and was walking near Ram Temple. Since its auspicious day, the Rama temple was crowded. I went in and stood trying to have darshan of Hanuman. The priest gave all devotees consecrated rice – Akshadha, which I also got. I felt happy, had darshan of Sri Ram, Sita and then, went to Nagasai Mandir.

Later, I reached home. I am really worried about something Baba.

You know what I am going through. I am just diverting my mind doing some work.

Please show me a way.

Make my parents realize your presence.




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