Women’s day message from Shirdi Sai Baba and Story of my Sister

Sairam friends,

A spiritual website for Shirdi Sai baba can have greetings and articles for auspicious days like Guru Purnima, Ram Navami, Sai Maha Samadhi day and other religious festivals. What makes me write a article for Women’s day? Its because i have to associate Sai with the worldly happenings.  Women’s day is just a excuse for me to write few words.

Once when Sai baba had fever, a devotee was really worried to see Sai in such a condition. He cried looking at Sai.

Baba told him ” Why do you cry? This fever will get cured in four days time. Some days are good and some days are bad. We have to bear the pains during our bad time. Soon i will be alright”

So sai devotees must face everyday boldly with faith and confidence irrespective of ups and downs of day to day life.  It’s easy for me to write this but even i shed tears when am in pain. Every time i cry, my father shout’s at me and ask

” Why do you cry? Are you a girl? Be like a Man.”

Honestly, what my father said in anger comes out of his worries. He really worries how i am going to lead a life in this world if am not bold enough to face difficulties.  Last week, when i was really in pain due to a relationship issue at home, there was a argument at home and i felt it’s better to die and cried a lot to parents. My mother cried too looking at me in such situation. My father says he don’t like men who cry and probably that’s why he shout’s at me when ever i have tears in eyes.

I don’t really understand why Crying is associated with women:

That makes me smile but deeply thinking, i know women are more inclined to express their pains to others or  majority of women face sufferings compared to men. Women do cry when they are in deep pain. Agreed. These day’s we must also accept the truth that some women are stronger from inside. They are able to bear any pains they face and continue to lead life with confidence.

If all the women out there have only been crying, we won’t see the world we are in today. My mother named my Sister Indra as she was inspired my Indira Gandhi. My father named me Venkatraman as he wanted me to be scientist as Sir. C.V.Raman.  Right from childhood, my only interest has been in escaping homework by chanting Gods name…he..he.. (My chanting continues till date and will for lifetime ) and hence God made my Sister to satisfy both the wishes of my parents.

She’s Courageous and also became a Scientist.

sivamma thaye
Sivamma Thaaye – Loved Shirdi Sai baba so much that she herself became a saint

Story of my Sister:

The story of my Sister is worth writing.Indra had health issues right from her childhood and my parents struggled to raise her which i wrote in my Book in the chapter Sai Mother.  Indra completed her M.S, in Sankara Nethralaya, chennai. After her M.S , She worked couple of month in a Laboratory of repute. The Manager there asked her to do Tests which the patient really don’t require. She questioned the Doctor and the Lab Guys. She was told “It’s Business”.  Indra decided to quit.

A poor man’s money must not be stolen. Be it a doctor or anyone else on earth.

With in a month in August 2001, She got a mail from a professor in Germany to do her Phd.  It was September 2001 when i remember standing from the watch tower in Chennai Airport staring at a British airways hoping my sister will be safe and study well. My Dad had just got retired and we were anxious about my sisters welfare. These days going abroad for studies/work has become common. Trust me. Not all can find peace abroad.

God had a twist in the story. Her guide turned out to be psychic always irritating her and hurting her saying “We ourselves don’t have enough job. You people came from India?  My sister could not bear her abuses any longer. My parents told her better to come back to India.  I remember a day when my sister decided to move from that university to better university. I was sitting in Mylapore Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Chennai for hours and reciting 108 holy names of Sai for Indra’s welfare.

Probably my sister never knew her brother is praying for her  thousands of miles away. All that’s in her mind was “I came here for Phd and i will do it”

She told the professor that she’s going back to India and picked her train from East Germany to West Germany. She stayed in her friends room for a month and met professors seeking to do her Phd. Some of them were moved by her eagerness and helped her do her phd.  What you understand from this?

An average middle class family from India is too protective of their children. Especially girls. I know many parents who don’t allow their girl children to do what they wish. When my sister was caught into difficulties, My parents did asked her to come back to India as they were worried about her safety. Indra was stubborn in her ambition and she only took a train to Braunschweig University where will be her home for the next 4 years.

There are good and bad people every where. The problem is God makes us meet the bad first.

God showed Indra bad people initially and then she found good ones. She came to India only for her wedding in June 2004,  continued her studies in Germany and got her Phd in 2005. My mother had tears in her eyes when Indra called up home on the day she was awarded Phd.   Read Sai Mother and you might know how much my Mother did for us.

Today, Indra is Post doctorate Research Scientist in U.S. Her research will someday help millions of people with Alzheimer’s disease. I only wish it happens Soon by Sai grace.

Even now Indra struggles a lot to make the world accept her findings. She has a child to care for too. Though i am too soft and didn’t achieve any thing as my sister did, i thank Sai for blessing me with a wonderful sister full of positive energy.

The story of my sister has only one thing to teach every women who reads this.

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced.” – Swami Vivekananda

For Indra, It’s Science. It’s Indra’s dedication and her love for science and humanity that made her someone whom she is today.

There can be thousands of such Scientists out there but to me Indra is special for she’s my sister.The past 12 years, the only way i can experience my sister is through her phone calls and some photos of her family. Her world is completely different than mine. Her life style and attitude doesn’t match mine. Last week when my mother was talking to Indra over phone, My mom suddenly had breathing problem. I was scared and told mom “SaiRam sollu ma…Sai Ram Sollu” ( Mom…Say Sai Ram)

I took the phone to explain Indra Amma is suffering a lot and all i got was scoldings saying “It’s not time to say Sairam. You must take her to doctor” . Yes. The world is practical and Venkat is not. To me Sai is world and i only know him.

Anyway, Indra has immense will power. Bold. Colorful.

That’s Saibaba’s blessing for every women who reads this

“Be immensely strong, polite and pure”

I wish every women – Young and old who reads this realize that Giving up is not going to help at all. There are time’s when we feel Shirdi Sai baba is not helping us and give up our efforts. That isn’t fair. Sai does help us but he first gives us failure after failure to make us stronger to face this world.

Coming back to why Crying is associated with women, i believe women do face more pain’s in our society.

In the past 9 years, i have been writing to girl’s and women with so many problems.   Some girls write me for good education, some for a better career and some girls write me due to sufferings in relationship issues, some say that they are married for 1-2-3-4…..10 years and praying for Child and some women say that they need blessings of Sai for their husband’s and children’s welfare. At a point of time, i stopped replying mails from Sai devotees especially because i don’t want to be a stupid wall between a devotee and their Guru.

I sincerely believe all these women out there can become someone great if they learn to have patience during the worst phase of their life. Patience and patience alone can make your life better. Reduce your anger and be good to everyone. Be kind. Immensely lovable and strong at heart.

Shirdi Sai baba’s Love and Respect for Women:

Sai baba is very pure. A celibate as Lord Hanuman. He perceives all his women devotees as Mother or Sister. Once when Sai was asked why he ate the food of a particular women eagerly, Sai replied “She’s my sister for seven births. Where ever i go, She follows me”.

He calls women devotees as ” Ayi – Mother, Ma or Bhau”

My favorite women devotee of Shirdi Sai baba is Sivamma Thaye . When ever i think of Sivamma Thaaye, i feel exited because she has lived in Vella Kinar, a village just 1 kms from my house before 110 years. She was a very sweet devotee of saibaba. Even during early years of 1910 – 17 etc, she has traveled to Shirdi taking many trains all the way from coimbatore ( 1000 Kms ). She lived for 104 years and became a Saint herself . Her samadhi is in Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Ashram at Ropan Agrahara, Madiwala Bangalore.

One connection between Sivamma thaaye and me is that, the dhuni ( sacred fire) i have been serving in Nagasai mandhir for years is actually lit from the fire taken from Sivamma thaayees ashram before few decades.

One beautiful information she gave about Sai is that Saibaba’s eyes were not black in color. They were Blue and it used to glitter during night time as it does for cows eyes.

It’s going to be 1 at night. I wrote this article for Women’s day 2013 but hopefully, what i wrote makes sense for lifetime to every women Sai devotee who reads this. I am not a professional writer. I simply write what comes to my mind with the little English i know.  There are other articles i wrote this year that you might like.

Respect Women – A Shirdi Saibaba dream that inspired me to show devotion on Shri Krishna and Draupadi

Be true to your Love:

I have a humble request to women as i get few many mails from men also. Be true to your love.If you start a relationship make sure you stick to it for lifetime and don’t give up to please the world. As long as the Guy is good, As long as your husband is good, try all possible ways to be true to him and expect the same from him. There are men who care so much for the women they love and at last feel painful as the girl lets him down.

Sometimes situation makes you take a decision but make sure you don’t hurt a man who has been true to you. I am writing this after reading few stories from sacred book Siva Purana and also my own experience.

Happy Women’s Day friends…

Shirdi Sai baba bless all Men and women to live in peace and harmony.

Sai ki jai

Jai Durga Mata ki


Servant of Shirdi Sai Baba


( Personal Note – On Women’s day, i am traveling to Pollachi Maari Amman temple with my parents we go there every year. The past few month, i have been devoted to Goddess Durga, Bhadrakali . I am going through a painful situation now. I wish to pray the Goddess to do leela to make the parents of the girl to speak to my parents and come our house.  My parents have health issues and i am not able to marry another girl they choose for me especially since i believe in Sai Leela.  I suddenly feel tears in my eyes while chanting and praying Sai to do leela. Hope Sai brings happiness to all of us.)


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