Value of Lighting Lamps and Saibaba Blessings for Happy married life

Sairam friends,

Sai to me and crores of his Devotees mean ‘Saibaba of Shirdi” a Saint, Guru and incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.Since Sai Baba lived in village of “Shirdi”, Maharastra,India, devotees affectionately call him as

Sai , Saayee, Sai baba, Baba or as whole “Shirdi Saibaba”.

shirdi saibaba
Shirdi Saibaba – Offer Lamps to Shirdi Sai Baba and any Gods, Goddess you love

StarSai was inspired by Sai leela which happened in 2004 and after that my life became coming around holy Dhuni (sacred Fire) in Nagasai Mandhir and offering my prayers to Goddess Nature. Every day i used to come around Dhuni and give shirdi saibaba photos to few devotees, request them to light lamps regularly etc

Those were the days when my parents encouraged me and supported me a lot though i was not earning a Penny. All i did was going to Sai mandhir in my hometown every evening *all through 2005 and coming around Dhuni.

In this article, i am requesting Sai children to get the habit of Lighting Sacred Lamp regularly all their life.

If you are living in a place where its not comfortable or safe to light lamps , fine , thats ok. Don’t worry about it. You can light lamp in your heart …in your prayers to sai.

If you do have a safe place to light lamps, a pooja place, a near by Temple , kindly light lamps regularly.

May all the Good Saints, Godddess Parvathi,Mahalakshmi and Saraswathi Bless you and your family in the form of ‘Lamp”.

Gradually lets also learn to see and feel shirdi saibaba in the form of “Lamp”.

Sai is in “Lamp”

For many years, me and my friends used to clean the Lamps tray in Dwarakamai .We drop the earthern lamps which is put off as ghee is over and make space for devotees to Light a New earthern Lamps. Theres a Big portrait of Shirdi Saibaba in Dwarakamai. I have seen devotees lighting their little lamp, going near the big portrait and showing to him like aarti.

I used to think in my mind , when we light a Holy lamp, Sai himself is in it. Why should we think sai is only in the portrait or his statue or painting. Remember, When ever you light lamps its ok to show aarti to Gods but greatness of Lamp is that all the Saints and Jyothi Lakshmi resides in it.

Lamp itself becomes Sai

Lamp itself is Sai ma

Shirdi Sai Baba blessings for Happy Married life:

From year 2005, i used to get mails from Shirdi Saibaba devotees about their love and married life.

Some girls write me about the guy they wish to marry but its not happening as parents don’t agree for marriage due to caste or status issue.sometimes the Guys will move away from relationship and sometimes the Girl also behaves rudely.

I never say any positive reply that don’t worry, you will Marry this Guy or Girl as you wish. I simply say accept what ever happens as saibabas gift and wait with patience. May be sai will show you a way. I am going through a painful situation myself and praying saibaba to unite the girls family with mine. I really feel painful how saibaba shows me a girl who truly loves me but her parents see me as someone very bad or probably am disturbing the girl. Finally, just because parents don’t like me, the girl leaves me alone.

Murugan’s blessing through Jasmine flowers my Amma offered:

Today i went to Maari Amman temple in Pollachi with parents All through the journey, i kept reading sacred Sai Satcharitra by Hamadpant. I kept remembering the father of the girl who truly loved me. I don’t know it’s respect or some previous birth sin i did to him that his situation makes him see me as a bad guy or probably a disturbance for his daughter and her education.  I went to  Perumal Temple, worshiped Hanuman and then also to Subramania temple. I got jasmine flowers for Lord Murugan and asked Amma to offer it. While having darshan of Murugan, i was praying

” I can’t speak to the girl’s father myself. It will be nice if you do a leela to make the girl’s father himself speak to me and my parents and come our house”

By now my Mom gave the Jasmine flowers to the priest. The priest offered it to Murugan and Valli – Dhaivanai.  As soon as i prayed as above, the flower’s fell down from Murugan. I really had tears in my eyes and realized Shirdi Sai baba and Murugan will surely do leela to unite our families.

When i reached home, my uncle called up and asked me if i can see the girl my parents have chosen for me. I said, please give me some time. I can’t love someone and marry another girl. I pleaded him and Amma also told him it’s his wish. We are not going to force him. I feel pity of my old parents who have health issues and they are really crying inside them friends. My father who’s 70 is really worried about my future. Last week, we had a big fight in which both Amma and me cried a lot. At the same time, since i believe in Sai Leela, i believe saibaba will soon unite the girl i love with me with her parents blessings.

Since Maari Amman is form of Durga and also the girl’s family deity is a Goddess in Kerala , i kept chanting the holy name of my girl’s family goddess. I  prayed her please go in her parents dream and speak to them. You know how much affection i have on her and all i need is to marry her after her education gets over. So please do leela so that her parents will once come our house and my parents will  allow me to wait for a year.  I also prayed Lord Ayyappa who came in my dream in August 2012 just before i went to her house on August 19th. If Ayyappa blessed me to take me her home with a Guru who came all the way from Shirdi and made us close, i believe Ayyappa can also bring our families together.

I have chest pain once in a while due to worries. From evening am not able to bear this pain and sometimes not even able to have food.

All i expect is a sai leela by the time i complete reciting Sai Satcharitra.

shirdi sai baba
One of my friend Neelam lit 27 lemon Lamps to Shirdi Saibaba praying for Good married life

About answering devotees in relationship issues, i always take neutral stand. Neither positive or negative. Though many won’t be happy with my answer, i have realized in relationship issues alone, we can’t be certain about whats going to happen. I have spent years in my life imagining some girl likes me and in the end realized, i only have pained myself to wash away my karmic bond with her. I used to think, may be i did lots of sins to women in my previous birth. That’s why in this birth , am suffering so much.

I thought, i must help Shirdi Saibaba devotees in relationship and marriage issues at-least by consoling them that Sai is there for them and they must live “Strong”. So from 2004, as a part of Holy Feet Network, i made – Shirdi saibaba marriage and relationship site

and articles like this

Sumangali Pooja – Greatness of womens blessings

Offer Saree, Kumkum,flowers to Poor women or any women welwisher :

When ever any devotee writes me about problems in their married life or relationship problems, i used to request them like this.

Get 2-3 affordable sarees, kumkum, flowers, beetle nuts and offer to poor women – like servant maid or any women cleaning temple or selling flowers outside temple or when you get chance to go through a village, you can give. If not you can surely give this as gift to any women welwisher you know amoung family and friends. Make sure they take it positively only. Sometimes people think such gifts will bring them your sins…It won’t anyway as karma is not transferable. You have to suffer consequenses of what you did.

Above is possible if you live in India but if you live abroad or studying or working there, then better to get any dress for women as gift and give to your women welwishers. If you cant find anyone, then ask your parents in india to do it. If not, better don’t worry about it. You can simply chant Saibaba’s name in heart and involve in any good deeds.

Why i request to give such gifts to women welwishers:

I honestly believe that any thing wrong or bad done to any women in any birth or even a curse from a pure women will continue to haunt a family for several generations to come. By praying shirdi saibaba, your family Gods and offering such gifts to women welwishers and gettting their Ashirwad ( blessing) you are doing “Preethi” – Which means doing good for the bad you did in past.

Your karmic deed is not going to leave you by doing all this but if you have patience , someday your life will be good.

I am not a astro or marriage counseller or a spiritual Guru. I am a ordinary sai devotee and all i have is a motivation from Sai himself to write some words innocently based on my past experiences which might help sai devotees to come out of their problem

Prayers for your Happy Married life:

May Shirdi Saibaba bless you with peaceful relationship and Happy married life. All i request is, please focus on Sai and Sai alone. Sometimes to come out of a painful relationship, use your Sai devotion (sai bhakti ) to come out of it.

Start listening to Shirdi Saibaba Aarti, Read holy Book Sai Satcharitra and chant

Sairam Sairam Sairam or any chantings you like in mind.

Naam smaran is powerful

Hope someday your life will be good.

Ofcourse this is a site to spread the greatness of Lighting lamps.

I always request Sai children to light lamps regularly in home and in temple when ever they get opportunity. Kindly light lamps. It will bring you out of darkness in relationship and marriage issues.

The below article is to spread the Value of Lighting lamps…

Light lamps regularly to Shirdi Saibaba and any Gods,Goddess you love

I personally consider Sai himself is Light. The Sai whom we love and adore is a beautiful, glorious Lamp who has walked on earth in the village of Shirdi to bring light in the minds and life of his devotees.

shirdi saibaba
Shirdi Saibaba with all his glory – Lit many lamps to Saibaba Statue in my house

Shirdi Saibaba has clearly the greatness and value of Lighting lamps regularly at home and in Temple by the leela in the holy Book Sri Sai Satcharitra by Hamadpant. We all know how Sai lit lamps just by pouring water in the lamps when the grocers denied to give oil to him.

Later they realized their mistake and started giving Oil and Ghee for saibaba. Many of us see this incident only as a Miracle – a Sai leela and Stop there.

Greatness of Lighting Lamps :

Hinding behind the darkness of this Miracle is a Light. A meaningful Light. By doing this Leela (miracle) Saibaba has conveyed the greatness of Lighting lamps reguarly in home and temple.  I honestly wish each and every Shirdi Saibaba devotee who reads this will try to light lamps when they have safe and comfortable place to light lamps.

I have more to write about greatness of lighting lamps. As of now its Pournami – Full moon day and am more interested in Lighting a Lamp ( Launching this website) . I consider  it self as amp because by reading this sacred message, i wish young generations of today and elder people who din’t realize the greatness of lighting lamps so far, will start to light lamps.

You can Light Lamps to any Gods, Goddess you love:

Basically my intention is to spread the Greatness of Lighting lamps. So even if you are not a Sai devotee, kindly light lamps to any Good saints, Gods, Goddess you love.

Be Safe and Keep children safe:

Make sure you remain in home when lamps are glowing . You can use Gingelly oil ( Nal Ennai in tamil and Til oil in Hindi) or the best option is pure Ghee to light lamps. Use 2 cotton wicks to light lamps. Make sure the lamps are lit over a ever silver plate or bronze plate etc so that its safe. I wanna make sure the lamps are also in safe distance from kids.

May Sai fill your heart and home with Light

Share your experiences with Shirdi Saibaba and Lighting lamps from email id in



Always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts I am continuing to light lamps as suggested Jai Sai Om

  2. Hi Venkat,may sai baba bless u with a good hearted life partner very soon.may all ur wshs cme true.sai ram

  3. Thanku fa tis wondurful article..personally i also beleive tat lighting lamps will bring good..wash away the karmic..soon baba ill bless u with good life partner!! Om sairam venkat

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