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Sumangali Pooja in ancient Lord Shiva and Pachai Naayagi - Goddess Parvathi temple ..... The Power and Greatness of a Good Womens blessing
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The above Photography was done in 2007 with a statue of Shiv Ling and Madurai Meenakshi Amman beautifully blessing us with a Five wicks lamp.

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi blessings

Sumangali pooja which taught me the greatness of Respecting women in your life

sairam friends

It is truly a wonderful Pooja..

as soon as we went i saw the beautiful elephant taking bath...

Then we went to Goddess Pachai Naayagi ( green queen ) sannidhi...Priest did Milk abishekam for her. Then we went to Pateeswaran sannidhi and did prayers.

My mothers 2 sister came their kids...
My moms one of brother came from tirunelveli with his son
and my cousin ram and lakshman and Arun were there along with chitapa.

My mom and her sisters offered Saree to Goddess saree with orange border...a very beautiful green like a light parrot green.Then we went to all gods ...starting with Lord Ganesha.

Lord shiva here is known as Pateeswaran. Somehow during my kumbakonam journey i learnt patee is name of a celestial cow.The cow has given milk to a ant hill and it was discovered that Shiv ling was in it.

Though am in coimbatore for over 30 years, i really felt happy for having darshan standing close to Shiv ling...The priest Shivachariyar ( son of Mani iyer ) sung very beautiful mantra in praise of Lord Shiva.Then we were offered a Garland of bhel leaves over our neck. Then we did prayers of Lord Gnana bairavar, Lord chandran and Lord Suryan. We then came around the temple

The Lord Murugan is called "Baala murugan". in 1983 , my mother was seriously ill. During such time she was not able to have solid food for over 8 month. Finally Mani iyer kept lemons in holy feets of this Murugan and asked her to do a ritual . After 8 days she finally had half idly and gradually got cured.

So when ever i see this Lord Murugan i get a feeling of Gratitude for he blessed me and indra with Mother. The priest sung a very very beautiful mantra in praise of Lord Murugan in tamil. How powerful were the words and how great the meaning which makes us realize beauty of Lord Murugan.

Then we came around temple worshiping lord Murugan ...prayed Hanuman..then reached in side sannidhi of Goddess Pachai naayagi.

Goddess Pachai Naayagi with her graceful eyes :

The saree we offered were given to Lord Pachai Naayagi..How beautiful is our Goddess with the parot green saree, a silver paadhuka for her leg, the orange border reminding me the presence of Shirdi Saibaba and beautiful flowers.

The priest did pooja and asked to light 5 lamps...I saw the lamps were lit with out kumkum kept over them. So i looked for kumkum. There was a small triangular carving in the stony walls of temple inside where some kumkum was kept. I took it and kept over the lamps.

Then we went infront of Pachai naayagi sannidhi...3 girls of age 7 to 12 was asked to sit facing east. My mom, her 2 sisters and sister in law arranged the offerings in a plastic basket...

Jasmine flowers, Tumeric ,Kumkum is kept inside a kumkuma chimil, Bannana fruit, a small powder box,comb, mirror, beetle nuts along with a cloth to stich chudi was kept in a big plate - thaambalam and offered to the girls.

Each girl is offered the same sacred offerings seperatly. Then Shivachariyar asked me , amma and appa and all others to come around them 3 times . We are supposed to get blessings from them as if they are ambal ...the goddess herself.

Gift of Lalitha Sahasranamam books :

I had already got 14 books of Lalitha sahasranaamam to give as gift to the sumagali and girls. So i requested the priest if i can offer them. I was allowed to offer them.He happily agreed. The priest of Pachai naayagi asked for some copy of Pachai naayagi..When i told i shall get it n give, he said its ok.

I still felt i must give him and gave a small pocket sized lalitha sahasranaamam which i got in Nagasai mandhir. Then i went to entrance of temple where the Temple elephant was giving blessings to devotees with his wealthy long trunk.

I wanted to give more copy of Lalitha sahasranamam to the pachai naayagi got it from temple book shop and ran inside the goddess sannidhi to give it to him. He angrily said " i told you its ok, you are taking strain and getting it "

All the 5 Lalitha sahasranamam books we kept in the beautiful holy sacred feet of Goddess Pachai Naayagi. Then he asked me to wait. Offered a garland of flowers to me along with Kumkum prasad. Another priest gave prasad of goddess to me immediately. i felt Goddess made me go to her again and again to bless me to hearts content.

Here is link for you to read and recite Lalitha Sahasranamam

Link to Lalitha Sahasranamam

Sumangali pooja in Mani iyers house :

Then i thanked the priest and came back to van...We all went to Mani iyer's house. We arranged 9 sets of sacred items in a plastic basket

Saree, kumkum in kumkuma chimil, Tumeric , Beetle nuts, Jasmine , Marikolundhu ( a fragrant leaves ), Shenbhaga , Ponds powder, comb, bannana fruit and other sacred items.Nine Maami were invited to accept our gifts ( brahmin ladies who are married -sumangali )

Showing respect to Good women by offering gifts and accepting their blessing :

The Shivachariyars son joined him to do the pooja beautifully.All the 9 women were requested to sit on a mat. Then my Amma , her 2 sisters, sister in law and one of her sisters little daughter holded a plate of flowers and akshadha ( rice in yellow color as its mixed with tumeric powder ).

The priest sung a Song and asked them to offer the akshadha rice and flowers in feet of all the good women. He song a very nice sloka and all the ladies were asked to repeat it.Then each one of them were asked to offer Jasmine garland around all nine womens neck.Again a sacred mantra was chanted very beautifully by priests son and we were asked to repeat.

Then the gift of saree and other sacred items were given to each women . We all were asked to come around them. At this time in a warm divine voice 3 priests chanted a holy mantra... beautiful was this moment.

Bowing to the good women and coming around them with very sacred Mantra recitation by 3 priest : :

India is a sacred country were women were respected like Goddess Herself. I really felt blessed for this moment when the good women took their time to come to Mani iyers house , accept our offerings as if Goddess herself is blessing us.

As the pradhikshina ( coming around of women ) got over , the akshadha was given to the women in their palm and we all were asked to bow our head to accept their ashirwad. Their blessing with pure happiness.

Then we thanked the Shivachariyar for his wonderful favour in blessing us with opportunity to do Pooja for Pachai naayagi - Goddess Parvathi, Pateeswarn - LORD SHIVA and also Our family god Lord Murugan.

Satisfied and felt Blissful :

The priest said he also got immense satisfaction that it happened in his house. Mani iyer is very very sacred soul whom we know from 1984 and he had is samadhi in 2006. I call his passing away as samadhi because he has served Lord Murugan with heart and soul. He has helped many people through his spiritual ways.

Now today we were blessed to do this Sacred Sumangali Pooja by his son and Grand Son. My mom woke up early in the morning at 4 A.M with her 2 sisters and made tasty Idly..We requested if we can have idly in their house itself and they happily asked us to have it. How blessed are we to get such hospitality from Mani iyers son, grandson and daughter in law.

I feel only Sai is making me write this article as it will help every Indian man and women to understand the greatness of our culture and tradition and to lead a life of purity and simplicity.

Message to the world through this Sumangali pooja :

My sai always takes me in to experiences so that i can spread its core sacredness and divinity to all sai children.

1 . When we get ashirwad blessing from a Women from the bottom of her heart, The sins done by our ancestors and by us for several births is being washed away.

2. Don't make a women and a girl shed tears. Never. Ever feel the greatness of Goddess in a women . How beautiful is Sanatana Dharma. In kaliyug people are leading a life attracted to sensory pleasures. Their need for pleasures and happiness at any cause, leads them to be blind for the sins they commit knowingly and unknowingly.

3. Ever respect Women - Be pure . Be true to your mother, sister and wife

Respect women as Goddess herself . Gradually gain knowledge about leading a Divine life . You can lead life as ahouse holder, earn money, have children. At the same time respect each and ever women whom you come across.

4. You can also do such pooja if you have like minded people around you. If you are not able to arrange priests who do such seva and if you live abroad. Do this. Give such gifts to any women doing seva in temple , any poor women or your welwishers and friends. Their blessing will keep you happy. Its not necessary that you have all items mentioned... Basically the common sense is making a good women satisfied with offerings and getting her ashirwad itself is great blessing for you.

5. From today please understand the greatness of our country - India. Our ancestors has dedicated their life for welfare of community through great mantra, sloka, rituals , pooja and respect for women .

Note : The article was written to awaken good thoughts in you. Not as a ritual or pooja. So please don't write me for matters relating to Pooja, where to do it etc. Ofcourse you can write to me to share your other feelings after reading this article. May be you can give such gifts to needy women and or welwishers in your friends and family. Before you offer something, ask for permission if they will accept and do it.

Its a blessing for both your family and their family.

With love and Respect for my Mother

C.Venkat Raman

7 : 8: 2009

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