Respect Women – A Shirdi Saibaba dream that inspired me to show devotion on Shri Krishna and Draupadi

Aum Ganeshaya Namah

Sairam friends,

It’s Navratri time and we have kept Gollu ( idols of God and Goddess arranged in 7 steps) in our house for 9 days. Though i am too much devoted to Shirdi Saibaba and all Goddess, My devotion to Krishna emerges once in a while as i love Radhe Krishna. Since i was going through a relationship issue, i was thinking about the Love Radha had on Krishna.

I started doing parayan of Durga Saptashati and wanted to continue the next day. I remembered Shirdi Saibaba whole heartedly while sleeping and prayed Sai to guide me. I was blessed with a beautiful dream.

Shirdi Saibaba’s gift of Diamond in a Saree Shop:

I saw myself in a narrow lane with few shops. I go inside a Saree Shop and surprised to see Saibaba himself dressed in Saree and gave darshan in the form of old saintly women. I wondered how Sai looks like a women Saint. Then i see Sai and myself speaking something. Sai in the form of Women Saint wearing saree places a round Diamond in my palm. I was so happy for the gift and leave the shop remembering how beautiful it was to see Sai in dream in a Saree Shop.

Then i see myself  searching for Sai in house of one of my friend who’s ancestors were from Rajasthan. I again see a very old women but she’s not Sai. This women places her palm over my head and tells

” Karpaga Vinayakar will dwell in you forever”‘

Wonder what this blessing means. I took it as Lord Ganesha’s blessing as a week back i completed parayan of “Ganesh Puran – Vinayakar Puranam in Tamil”

My father opened my room to give me coffee and with that i woke up. I was happy for the dream friend’s. At the same time, i felt that i forgot what Sai actually conveyed to me in dream. I know Sai kept in my palm a precious Gift like Diamond but i was looking for a deeper meaning.

A Photograph of Panchali – Draupati drama in Tirupati

I usually don’t read much but like to see photos in News paper and today there was a picture of a Drama/dance in Tirupati Venkateswara Temple portraying Draupadi ( Panchali) . I was surprised to see the women devotees were playing the scene of Draupadi’s saree being unrobed by Dushasan on the command of Duryodhanan and Lord Krishna blessing her with Saree and protecting the women kind.

I could relate my dream with this Krishna Leela and realized it’s Sai’s own way of inspiring me to Show devotion on Lord Krishna and Draupadi – His humble devotee.

draupadi krishna
Draupadi being blessed by Shri Krishna with Saree emerging continuously as she calls “Krishna…Krishna”

Krishna Leela – Draupadi saved by Krishna when her Saree was unrobed by Dushashan:

In Mahabharata, Yudhisthara and other pandavas looses their own wife (Draupadi) in the Game of Dice to Duryodhana. The Kauravas try to insult her by removing her Saree ( A traditional long cloth worn by Indian Women).

Duryodhana commands his brother Dushashan to drag Draupadi by hair, bring her to court yard and unrobe her infront of the entire audience.

Draupadi – The one who’s body is untouched by Wind and who is so pure that even Surya (Sun God) has not seen her is now humiliated in the Royal Courtyard ad-mist huge crowd of Noble men and women including the King.

Sakuni encourages Dushashan to pull the Draupadi’s Saree as she is in tears. Draupadi holds her Saree to protect herself but she could not for long. Finally,

Draupadi remembered her Krishna and called out his name Krishnaaa…Krishnaaa…Krishnaa…

To the surprise of everyone, Lord Krishna appeared and blessed Draupadi with a never ending saree. No matter how many times Dushashan pulled away her saree, the saree kept unfolding longer and longer infinitely.

Dushashan finally falls down tired not able to unrobe Holy Draupadi. Thus when Draupadi was about to get insulted infront of the whole Royal Court Yard, Lord Krishna himself came to protect her.

I was moved by this Krishna Leela and wanted to express this to all Sai and Shri Krishna devotees as this incident teaches us to Respect a Women.

Never keep your wife for stake no matter what happens. It’s Adharma to have kept Draupadi in the Game of Dice. We must understand the Game of dice as one’s worldly life. No matter what problem happens in your life, a man must take utmost care of his Wife.

Secondly, It teaches us that God Protects Women in his own way even when her Husband or others are not in a situation to help her. The only thing God expects in a women is to be pure and remember him in the time of need.

There are many good messages in this beautiful Krishna Leela and i thank Shirdi Saibaba to make my day reading about Draupadi’s devotion on Lord Krishna.

Draupadi’s devotion on Krishna – Wrapping a piece of her Sari over Krishna’s finger which was cut:

God always gives us back for what we offer him but we never know how and when. The following story explains how Draupadi was blessed with a never ending long saree at the worst situation in her life.

Draupadi is very much devoted to Shri Krishna and he considered her as his Sakhi – Friend and Sister. Once when Shri Krishna cut his finger, Draupadi with devotion emerging from bottom of her heart, tore off a piece of her sari, took Krishna’s finger and circled it as a bandage over the cut. Thus Shri Krishna became indebted to Draupadi and he assured to repay each “thread” when the time comes.

Thus when Draupadi needed Shri Krishna’s protection when she was insulted in the Royal court, when none was there to help a women, Shri Krishna himself blessed her with a never – ending sari. This is one of the stories of the origin of the Raksha Bandhan festival.

I was very much influenced by this Sai and Krishna Leela today friend’s. Hence i was chanting the holy name of Sai, Draupadi and Shri Krishna. Infact, Draupadi is one amoung  the PanchaKanya.

Panch Kanya – Five Good Wives of Ancient India

According to our ancient scriptures there are five women who are considered as Ideal and Good wives. Hence even uttering their names will wash away greatest of sins.

Ahalya Draupadi Sita,Tara Mandodari tatha, l
Pancha kanya smarenityam, maha pataka nashanam ll

“Mediating on the merits of the five great ladies, namely Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, Tara and Mandodari, helps destroy even the greatest of sins ”

Read more in the article – Panchakanya – Ahalya,Draupadi,Kunti,Tara, Mandodari – Chanting names of Five Virgins can wash away sins

Respect Women in your life:

I am happy to write this article at a time i was going through a relationship issue and keep praying Sai that i be blessed with a good wife. Probably i believe it’s a way sai want’s to wash away the sin i might have done in my past several births. By encouraging Sai and Shri Krishna devotees to Respect Women in their life – Be it their Mother, Sister, Wife or Girl friend , i hope men and women will live in peace and harmony.

There are few women who doesn’t respect men in their life . I hope they too learn to respect their Father, Brother, Friend and Husband.

I am writing this article from morning friends. In between my parents asked me to go to flower market and get flowers to offer for Saraswathi Pooja and Vijayadasami. Then i slept for sometime remembering Draupadi’s devotion on Shri Krishna. Woke up and read second chapter of Durga Saptashati.Now i am completing it listening to Sri Sukta, Saraswati Suktam and Kanakadhara Stotram praising Goddess Mahalakshmi.

I now understood the real diamond Shirdi Saibaba blessed me with and felt happy about it.

Sai, your leela’s has always inspired me to realize someone beautiful that makes me a better person.

(Mahabharat – BR. Chopra’s TV serial in 1988 – Episode 47 portrays the scene of how Shri Krishna Protected Draupadi.)

May Sai inspire all who read this Shri Krishna Leela and May all women be devoted to the almighty like Draupadi. When there are so many issues in India where women are abused, i hope this article creates in us love and respect for Women.

Aum Sri Sainathaya namaha


Always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba


Note – Draupadi is pronounced as Draupathi in Tamil

Few years back we did a Pooja in Shiva Temple which made me realize the one must be good to women in his/her life and women too must be good to men in their life. Read more in below article…

Sumangali pooja which taught me the greatness of Respecting women in your life

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  1. Venkat

    After long time, im going through this excellent site today. Its really looking so good, after modifications. Am happy to go through this article.

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  2. It is always humbling to read articles here that inspire us and motivate us to become better human beings. May Sai bless us all.

  3. sai ram, I always read one article from your site befre i sit for study. Onnum 10 naala exam :-(. But end up only reading n relishing sai sai sai…….paysama neengaley exam yeazhudinga sai…..naan ungala padikiran neenga yen book aa painga sainath…….aum sai ram bhayama irruku sai katayama pass pannanam pls hold me tight

  4. When dushashsn was unrobing draupadi s Sarre she was holding her Sarre from one hand as she was having fear in her mind n raised her other hand upward praying krishna for help bt no help came then she surrendered herself to krishna n raised her hand she was holding the Sarre earlier then the help of d Lord came .krishna blessed her with never ending Sarre. So we should surrender ourself to d Lord without having any fear in our mind .He will never let us down.

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