Sabka Maalik Ek – God is One

Chapter 4

Lost my job not my faith :

Mumbai – January 30 2009 . Evening 6.30 P.M.

I was sitting all alone in the film school where i taught video editing softwares to wonderful students. The newly joined staff opened the door and said “………………….. Sir is calling you “. Soon i found myself sitting in front of the man who appointed me in job months back ( oh ya, i don’t call any one as my Boss as Sai is my God,Guru,Boss and love ). He said ” We would like that you discontinue from service as of today, here’s your cheque”

Probably its my nature by sai grace to bless anyone even if they hurt me .As a reflex action the words that followed were “God Bless you” . The man gave a artificial smile .I regretted later for blessings must go only to the one who deserves it. I took the check with me , came back to the class where i used to teach editing and was getting ready to pack. Just then this man ( so called boss ) stoor neat the door of editing class and said ” Ashvin will check the lab if everything is in place and you can give the keys to him”. ( so make sure i don’t steal something and run. Ha Ha )

This was not a shock to me as i know this mans doubting nature. When Anuj came down to check with another editor , he said with a big laughter “We also have to go through the same if we are terminated ” .

( Irrespective of the pains i faced since i was thrown away from job , its important to respect people who give us work.Further the goal of this book is to spread love and sai devotion.Hence i don’t want to tell name of the Film school and the staff names are imaginary )

Pray to Allah, Jesus or Shiva. It goes to one God who is formless and nameless :

As i got ready to move out of the institute i wanted to tell to all the other staff who gave me a wonderful time with their friendship in the past few month. I went to meet john and deepak who were christain by religion and human by nature.

I told john ” I am leaving. Forever. They terminated me” . john can’t believe i got terminated irrespective of my hardwork etc etc. I said i took it positively. They wanted to do a prayer for me. He is truly good in such prayers keeping his palm on my head. Every time i heared the name “Oh lord Jesus”, i remembered my Saint Shirdi Saibaba. The fact that i Love all Hindu Gods and spread the greatness of hinduism deep in me made me feel are my Gods angry with me for the prayers i allowed these sweet christain friends to do ? ” .

I realized their love for me is pure and so where ever there is Love, there is God

The names of God vary, the form and methods of worship differ.So i accepted their prayers to Jesus humbly and inturn thanked Jesus and prayed to Saibaba to bless them with good life.

Many times in the last few month john used to say that its in Bible that only those who follow the path of jesus will get salvation. Personally i feel here Jesus has stressed “Guru devotion” to trust ones master with unity in mind as all Hindu saints has preached. I told john that i respect your God and any Guru and saint of this world .What i hated about these people is they make use of poverty , health issues, financial problems of many Hindus to convert them as Christians.

john asked you mean like Mahatma Gandhiji said

” I like your christ not your christians as they are so unlike your christ “.

I told him the universal truth that God is one . Who ever we pray with faith and follow them with love, we are going to get salvation. john answered smartly “But there can be only one truth and its in Bible “.

I was silent because shirdi saibaba has said

” If some one hurts you or speaks about something that is different from your opinion, give a word or two and humbly move away from that place”.

Why did i write about this incident in this book ? I myself have gone through this phase in 1999 when one of my uncle used to invite me for his Prayer gathering to jesus at his house. I innocently served the devotees who come there. Later i realized his intention has always been making people convert to chritianity rather than accepting that God is one and each has their own way of being spiritual.

Thank God the lover of Shiva and Vishnu ( venkat ) was resuced and thrown back back to the feet of his own God :

In such prayer meetings of my uncle , i had few prayers to fulfill by desires to get job as i just graduated from my college. Thank God none of my wishes came true and gradually i realized my mistake. A man has to accept and love his father.

There can respect others but religion is like ones own father. If you are born as a Hindu be a Hindu. If you are born as Christian or muslim or Zorastrian continue to follow your religion.Religion is just a path to reach God. To me my Shiva is my father , Vishnu is my father and Ganesha is my father. Can i ignore them and run to any others ?. How can you say you did good to yourself when you ignore your own father and accept others ? .

Sai Means “Saibaba of Shirdi”

Saibaba , How sweet is the name . Sai, why did i love you and why in this birth. Am i in love with you in several previous births or due to the good deeds of my parents you pulled me to your dwarakamai in this birth.

For reasons millions of Shirdi Saibaba knows this kaliyug made it essential to add the name of the village you lived for over 60 years silently serving humanity . When ever i write a article in , i always mentioned it clearly ” Shirdi” Saibaba. Oh friend, you see in kaliyug false gurus posing as enlighted souls are not rare.

Remember where ever i mentined “Sai” in this book and my entire life time , i mean the sweet old saint with eyes of compassion, smile that makes you feel blissfull and the turban on head that makes you feel your Sai is there to make you the King of your kingdom “.

The word Sai means “Saibaba of Shirdi ” and the Holy name Sai personally means to me as “Saints of all Saints, the unified name to generally show our respect and love to all good Saints ever born in this universe.” You can be a devotee of Ramakrishna in north india or Ramalinga in south india..This book is not only for spreading the greatness of Shirdi Saibaba but also to express the great qualities of all Saints.

Leela of Shirdi Saibaba i like to express :

Friend ( many places in the book the reader is affectionately called as “Friend by me ) . I wish to help children of God live in peace and let others live in peace. Even in serving shirdi saibaba , we have to be careful.

We must never ask any friend or family member by force to worship sai. We must never say anyone as ignorant when they speak low of Sainath. If some one asks what your God or Sai did for all your devotion , don’t try to start a arguement . Silently leave the place and live in peace.

Now listen to this Leela which happened during Saibaba’s Life time :

Once a Devotee heared about Fame of Saibaba. Sai being a Fakir was known to be a muslim saint . Though Sai never ever mentioned about his caste and creed sai was basically seen as a Mohamadein Fakir as he used to live in a old Masjid. Once being his mahasamadhi , Sai removed his kafni , throwed it in to his dhuni ( sacred fire ) and shouted at the village people ” Now see for yourself, which religion i belong to ? ” . The message is Sai is God incarnate and God has no form , name and ofcourse no Religion.

We all know the name “Sai” itself came as Mahalsapathi , the priest of kandoba temple invited the fakir “ayo saayee” ( welcome sai ) . The life of Saibaba of shirdi is so beautifully sculptured by unknown mystry than the known facts. Yes the beauty of this Great guru of ours is that he belongs to “Religion of Love’.

Where ever there is love, affection , harmony and humanity, Sai exists there.

This devotee wanted to impress Saibaba and converted himself to Islam. When he stepped inside Dwarakamai , Sai shouted at him and its said that Sai went to the extent of Slapping him back. The devotee was not able to understand the reason for Saibaba’s anger . Sai asked ” Are you not Ashamed to change your father ( religion ) ? .

Even if a Islam devotee has converted to Hinduism or any other religion , Sai would have reacted the same way. Friend, Lets us now think about the “Slap” the poor innocent devotee Got. Though Sai would have given him abundance of love later on , like a mother Sai tried to give us all a clear message. Sai never preached any thing ever. Not even once did sai did a mass preaching to his devotees. Sai lived his life so pure that the incidents in Saibabas life time are our lessongs.

The “Slap” is toall of us who ignored spiritual path in life.

The “Slap” is to all of us who went behind pride of being highly educated

The “Slap ” is to all us who went behind women and men with lust in the name of Love.

The “Slap” is to all of us who has become mechanically inhuman and selfish.

The Slap is to bring us back to the “Path of Light”.

Friend. Though the first leela of Sai itself is expressed through Saibaba’s anger, why not his Slap, be assured your parayan ( devoted reading ) of “Sai Aathma Jayam” will help you realize the core of Sai devotion and the fruit you can enjoy chanting Sai Sai Sai .This book is like a river of stories in my life, the incidents i come across and uniting it with the leelas which happened during Saibaba’s life time.

Coming back to the day i Lost my Job :

I came down stairs of the institute with my bag inside which i always carry some spiritual books of Datta parampara , especially Saint Shree paadha shree vallabha and Shirdi Saibaba. The watchman smiled at me but took my bag “Sorry, i was asked to check your bag “. I smiled to this old man who gave me his ashirwad. Leaving all ego , i touched his feet, the lesson i learnt in Maharastra. Theres so much Guru Bhakti here, I have few students, who bowed to me , at times even touched my feet, gave me Sai photo on the holy day of Guru purnima.” .

I din’t feel bad for working to a man who will doubt if i will steal something from his institute. I felt more happy for the wonderful students i got who call me even now with doubts and a small email ” Sir, Got your email from , we miss you ”

If a person as ordinary as me who after all taught some video editing softwares is respected by these students, then imagine the greatness of Saibaba. What should we all do for such a Guru who will think about our welfare day and night.

Be happy friend. You are with the right Guru :

Worried why you are not able to live the life you desired and upset with Saibaba for being silent ?. Fine. Its human nature to expect but please don’t ever do the mistake of forgetting sai devotion in hard times.It takes time or it might never happen as you wish. Sai is only a witness of what happens in your life .Only when you offer your mind , soul ( aathman ) itself in the holy feets of sainath and show pure devotion for years, you will be able to realize the power of this great shirdi saibaba.

So lets all as Sai devotees be very happy that no matter what happens in our life , atleast our good deeds in past birth and good heart of our parents took us to the feets of right Guru ” Shirdi Saibaba”.

Is there a Saint who will “Slap” his devotee to correct him ? In Sai you see love.So much love that it breaks the difference between the Guru and a devotee. I will be happy to be slapped by Sai rather than going to some false saint promising a great future. I have my Saibaba. The saint who pulls me to him birth after birth. The Saint who’s avatar itself has helped in getting independance to our Nation. Mother India.

Sabka Maalik Ek : Communal Harmony during British rule in india

The words “Allah Malik” was always in Saibaba’s Lips. Allah meaning God , Sai always stressed the importance of unity amoung religion. If you closely read history during in the middle of 18th century , the Britishers learnt the hatred between Hindus and Islam people and stired communal voilance and disharmony amoung themselves. When indians are fighting against themselves , the britishers enjoyed to strengthen their rule.

Though we all can never see the name of “Shirdi Saibaba” in the history of Indian Independance , subconciously Saibaba’s presence has really served to mentally wash the difference Hindus and Muslims had amounst themselves. There are few Muslim saints who came to Shirdi with a attitude that Hindus are their enemies. Gradually Sai made even such saadhus to accept Hindus as their friends .

Sai through his simple way of life has influenced thousands of Hindus and Muslims to live in harmony. Once when asked when India will get freedom Sai has said when a purticular number of king rules england,India will get freedom. Who can change the words of Saint ? . It happened as Sai assured.

Friend , Let us all remember that Mahatma Gandhiji also followed communal harmony, he has read all holy books of other religion and a great example for chanting Gods name. “Ram Ram Ram” was always in his lips. The man who changed the fate of this country did it with love on God . Lets us all realize the greatness of chanting Gods name. Which ever religion you belong to, keep chanting your favourite Guru , Gods name doing your day to day duty with honesty.

Mother , I am not Going away. Think of me and I am there :

Hope i din’t bored you with the this chapter friend. Just because i have a Hinduism touch to all my articles doesn’t mean i am away from saibaba’s important priciple of accepting all God and religion as One.I hope all sai children realize this fact and live in Unity. I want to help you realize the greatness in living with Love on each other and harmony.Further i tried to help many parents who are worried as their son or daughter has suddenly turned to different religion. Now listen to one fo Saibaba’s beautiful Assurances

Once when Mrs. R.A.Tarkad was worried about Saibab’s end ( Maha Samadhi ), Sai told her ” Mother , I am not Going away. Think of me and I am there. I shall be active even from my tomb ”

There’s One Master for All :

Sai has never taken credit to himself for what he did for his devotees. Sai has always termed himself as “Servant of God” and lived up to his words begging alms , wearing torn clothes and giving away all the dakshina (offering of money ) he got in a day to other devotees in need. Today millions of shirdi saibaba devotees around the world has a general respect for people from different faith. What a great saint we have got friend. I have tears in my eyes when i look at saibaba’s phtoo near me and say “Sabka Maalik Ek”

Oh Sai, when i have a Guru who revealed the great spiritual truth that “God is One” in a simple manner that everyone can understand , why should i worry that i lost my Job. I am human.I do worry and have the same pain that any one would have.Probably its the Sai in me who is pulling me to his seva. The “Venkat ” in me is worried, the “sai” in me is happy because , Sai knows i realy wish to use this time to help many of his children who are suffering with various problems in life. To make them realize “This is Sai, your Guru who is ever in need of your love, when ever you are facing failures in life, convert your depression and worries as “Devotion”. Show Love on Sai”

The Sai in you needs Love.

I had my last taste of sandwich in road side shop in shirdi. It was dark and i took the bus with memories of the beautiful days i had with my students. Sai show me some light …

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  1. I have gone through your book and your experiences in the devotion of our sai ma.These are very inspiring.I have also felt his presence whenever i am in need.He has always helped me.You are the blessed child of sai .You have written so much about sai and this is not possible without the blassings of sai ma.May the blessings of our sai ma always shower on you.

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