Come , Have Tea of Sai Leela in our house

I am hungry. Sai , i am in pain

Sitting in our own house , having tasty food , tea and all comforts and starting to write a Holy book might look like an easy task. I have tried to write a book for devotees of Shirdi Sai baba for a long time but i was haunted by laziness and a feeling that what am i going to write because i got all that i need.


Now. I am hungry.

I am able to start this holy work the greatest Saint of Saints Sai gave me because i am hungry. I purposely delayed to have my lunch though my mother has made tasty food. When you get what you want, your devotion to God is full but when you are hungry even for a second if you feel that you are doing fasting for God, then it has a slight ego associated with this devotion. Further our body which is like a temple must be taken care so that we can show devotion to god.

So please have food , be relaxed, offer your worries and depression in the holy feets of sadguru saibaba and then start to read this book.

The reason i want to write the first page of this book when i am hungry is because Hunger is the first pain every life gets.

This Holy book of Sai is for sai devotees in pain.

For a mother who is worried about her children,
For a father whos worried about his family and work
For a student worried about his studies and career.
For someone in to relationship pains that it hurts like a insect in fire.
For a sai devotee suffering in mental and physical issues.
For every atman which is in search of the truth,struggling and searching the truth where it doesn’t exist because the truth is not out.

Its inside. Its called Sai.

a sweet truth called Sai.

This holy book is like having a tea when you are hungry, the writer is also one among you . He can’t give solution to your various sufferings in life. When you are hungry ( meaning various sufferings in life ) this book will be like a Tea to ease your hunger untill you get tasty Food.( Gift of Sai )

Join with many children of Shirdi Sai baba and have this tea made by Sai.
When your time comes,Sai will bless you with tasty Food meaning solutions to your problems blessing you whole heartedly.

In hunger i feel Sai.
In pain i write this book.

Let the reading of this book be a blessing to you , your family and friends.
With tears in eyes, i thank Sai for choosing me and destroying myself in me in his sacred fire ( dhuni ) to make me realize the truth.

Theres only one truth .There is Sai Atma. Every life is Sai Atma, every river , ocean, mountain,trees,plants and crores and crores of universe put togather is Sai Atma. I write this when drops of tears emerges from my right eye and flows down on my face. I feel the light of Sai. The light of sai is Love.
His intense deep pure motherly and fatherly love on every devotee who clings to his holy feets make me cry.

If there is a love which can make you shed tears, its love of a saint towards his devotee.Forgive me if you find it as a book containing more of my stories than sai stories. Imagine that you have come to our house in pain. As a ordinary sai devotee , i am trying to console you telling few incidents in my life and how God helped us so that your faith in God becomes strong.

This book is Tea made of Faith and love. Tea made by Mother Sai.

Come ! Have some tea , in our house…

C.Venkat Raman

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    “The Golden words of Shri Sai Baba”
    “I shall draw out My devotees from the jaws of death. If My stories are listened to,all the diseases will be got rid of.So, hear My stories with respect, and think and meditate on them, assimilate them.”

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