For Majority of Shirdi Saibaba devotees theres only one Sun and one SAI

This article does not pinpoint any false guru in particular. I never know how many false gurus will emerge in the next 100 – 1000 years and let this article serve Shirdi Saibaba devotees to believe in Shirdi saibaba alone as their only Guru and not get confused by cheats who act as a messenger of baba etc.

I am forced to write this article because it hurts me whenever our Shirdi Saibaba is compared with other saints who claim to be his incarnation or whatever.

The worst part is when it comes to few such false gurus, VIPS from around the country nod their head to this false claim which hurts many millions of Shirdi Saibaba devotees like me. It’s a sin to speak and believe what’s untruth when it comes to spirituality. The command of Sainath makes me express my innermost feelings today.

I really don’t want to carry this article on but to me its a duty to be truthful to my Sainath as his humble servant and devotee, I have to do it

I am in a democratic nation where freedom of information gives me all rights to represent and express the feelings of my sweet Shirdi sai devotees.

For Millions of Shirdi Saibaba devotees “SAI” Means Saibaba of Shirdi :

For Millions and Millions of Shirdi Saibaba devotees around the world “Sai” means only Saibaba of Shirdi and there can never be any other saint or man who can match his sacredness, his simplicity, his care for devotees, and his unconditional love for each and every one of his devotees.

Fourth Incarnation of Lord Dattatreya – Sai Baba of Shirdi

Guru of all Gurus as he is called “Lord Dattatreya” incarnated on earth for the welfare of mankind to take them on the spiritual path and also satisfy their materialistic needs.

His first incarnation was in 13 th century in Andhra state near Vishakapatnam in a village called Pithapur

sri pada sri vallabha dattatreya incarnation
Sri Pada Sri Vallabha first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in 13th century

1. Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha

lived for 30 years in the 13th century – Pithapur – AP

He chose a small island called Kuruvapur to meditate and did many divine leelas . This incarnation sowed the seed for other Datta incarnations in future. He has mentioned about Sri Ragavendra Swamy, Gajanan Maharaj, Sainath , Swami Samartha, Narasimha Saraswati, etc

The sacred book Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha Charitramrutam has many spiritual secrets about all Datta incarnation.

narasimha saraswati
Narasimha Saraswati born in Narasobwadi and came to Ganagapur

2. Narasimha Saraswathi

13th-century incarnation – 2nd avatar of Dattatreya born as a child who could not speak for brahmin parents. Uttered sacred mantra on his 11th birthday and took sanyas. Born in Narasobwadi – Maharastra state, India and had his samadhi in Ganagapur. Even today you can have darshan of his Paadhukas and if you read Guru Charitra with devotion , surely you will be blessed with his grace. The book Guru Charitra with 53 chapters is the wonderful life story of Saint Narasimha Saraswati.

akkalkot swami samarth maharaj
swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot 18th century- 3rd avatar of Dattatreya

3. Manik Prabhu Maharaj

Manikya Prabhu Maharaj is a very divine soul who was born on 22  December 1817, Ladwanti, Basavakalyan, and had his samadhi on 29 November 1865. I don’t have much idea about Manik Prabhu. Will include any article in StarSai when I learn more about him.

4.Swami Samartha

4th avatar of Lord Dattatreya lived between 1856 to 1878 in Akkalkot near Solapur. Known to be more than 300 years old but was seen in Akkalkot only for 22 years. One of the most powerful incarnations of Dattatreya with numerous leelas. I am speaking about True leelas and not like those done by modern gurus of today.

shirdi sai baba
Sai Baba of Shirdi – 5th avatar of Dattatreya – Original photo 1916 – See his simplicity. That’s real sainthood

5. Sai Baba of Shirdi

5th and the final avatar of lord Dattatreya . The most popular saint of all Datta incarnation. Came as a young lad of 16 years to shirdi village, disappeared and again came to shirdi with a marriage party and stayed in a old masjid for over 60 years untill his samadhi in 1918.

Please do not play with Lord Dattatreya and is incarnation with your false claims. We shirdi saibaba devotees know whats truth and we never bother some crazy stories. Shirdi Saibaba is the final incarnation of Dattatreya and is a great “Samardha Sadguru incarnation”. As the river’s origin can’t be traced, a true saint’s past life before they started their work of the incarnation cant be traced.

The imaginative stories said by other saints about the childhood of Shirdi Saibaba is completely false and the only noted and true record of Shirdi Saibaba is Hamadpants Sri Sai Satcharitra. Other books by Narasimha Swamiji can also be used to learn about the life of Shirdi Saibaba.

This article is the answer to VIPS, Media including newspapers, magazines and TV news mentioning that our Shirdi Saibaba had another incarnation etc. Please do what ever you want but leave us Shirdi Saibaba devotees alone. We don’t want to be part of any of your incarnation saga.

The real true Sadguru – The saint – the poor fakir who lived as simple as an ordinary man in the village of Shirdi. The old man with a turban on head wearing torn clothes. The Shirdi Saibaba who ran to keep his hand inside the fire to safeguard a blacksmiths child being burnt in a fire can never be compared to any other false modern saints ever to come on earth.

I also have never said bad about anyone here or mentioned their name but its responsibility of every Shirdi Saibaba devotees to safeguard our Gurus name from being misused or misinterpreted. In future Shirdi Saibaba devotees must unite to make sure no such false gurus are encouraged. At least not using the sacred name “SAI”.  The name affectionaly kept by Mahalsapathi to our sweet fakir when he reached shirdi infront of Kandoba mandhir in shirdi Village approximately in 1856.

We all know the beautiful assurance of shirdi saibaba friends…


” I am ever living and guiding all who come to me , surrender to me and seek refuge in me”

Another assurance which is 110 % true

” I will be active from my samadhi (in Shirdi ) , My bones will be speaking and discussing about my devotee’s welfare “

Sai is alive. He is antaryami . Then how can he reincarnate? Simply somewhere these people found the words I will reincarnate as 8-year-old boy and using that to build crazy stories. Every single shirdi saibaba devotee has a sai living in them as antaryami – The one who lives in ourself and every life has sai in it as conciousness.  And the best part is there is enough proof that only people who surrender to Datta knew that Dattatreya incarnation ends with Shirdi Saibaba.

I never took this topic until this 7 years but the past 2 days am getting few mails from Shirdi Saibaba devotees that they are concerned that Shirdi Saibaba is connected to others by media and if he really had another incarnation.NO is the answer. Do not believe in stories.

Please show your support by spreading the message to SHIRDI SAIBABA DEVOTEES ALONE !!!. I don’t want to hurt other innocent devotees feeling but it’s also our duty to safeguard purity of the name “Sai”. To me and to millions of Shirdi Saibaba devotees …

Sai means Saibaba of “Shirdi”


little servant of Shirdi Saibaba

26th April 2011

I request not to mention any false Guru’s name as a Comment to this article

As I don’t wish to mention any names in this holy StarSai Temple. Even Shirdi sai devotees were requested to comment generally and not specify names of false gurus.  This article is only to help true Shirdi Saibaba devotees go on right path but never to create any controversy. Our duty is to say the truth and really don’t have interest in the argument.

The reason is there is not one but many cheating innocent shirdi saibaba devotees. Some build temples for baba and sit there as Guru, they do some programs from town to town for Shirdi sai , they have a leader or lets say a guru who acts as if he can help Shirdi sai devotees . Soon they claim to have millions of followers.

It really irritates me and many sai devotees that such false organization are only misleading sai devotees through their speeches, books and programmes. anyway, Shirdi Saibaba is watching. I am after all a onlooker and cant do much but express my feelings through starsai.

Please read another beautiful article i wrote in the link below

Its sometime before 1918 and you are now in Shirdi with Sai Baba

40 thoughts on “For Majority of Shirdi Saibaba devotees theres only one Sun and one SAI”

  1. Omsairam

    SAI means only my SHIRDI SAI !!!!

    BABA please give sadbudhi to all the people and shower your blessings.
    There are so many incidents in Sacharitra of his divine miracles .

    This is possible only in India.Citizens and sweet devotees of SHRI SAI wake up .
    I am not here to comment on anything about others but SAI to me is only
    BABA forgive all the people and give them sadbudhi .


  2. OmSaiRam

    God Bless All. I agree that Shirdi Baba has not incarnated again as some devotees
    around the world seem to believe and claim.
    I am fully confident that all who approach Shirdi Baba will never be deserted by him, they
    Just need to do their best in life, try to read Sai SatCharitra and try to develop firm Faith and practice
    Many in the world today are claiming certain self-proclaimed God’s to be incarnation of
    Our Beloved Shirdi Baba, this is simply not true.

    Sadguru’s such as the Most Respectful Loving Shirdi Baba, benefit ALL who look to them,
    whilst many self-proclaimed God’s of modern era ,although perhaps doing a lot of good
    ,fail to ensure that ALL who look to them are indeed taken care of by means of receive the Grace.
    (Grace of the kind that confirms to the devotee that the Saint is indeed with them and is hearing their prayers
    and dialogue.This Grace gives enormous boost to a devotee and it is a loving SadGuru that ensures this happens.)

    They may indeed have many followers and staunch devotees , however they will equally also
    most likely have a lot of disillusioned ex-devotees in the world too.

    I can honestly say that not one person in this world who looks to Shirdi Baba or becomes closer to Him will ever regret it,that is because sooner or later they themselves will realise the love of this kind beautiful
    Shirdi Baba in their own lives and will get first hand experience of his love and care for their
    Wellbeing.. This is in stark contrast to what can be said about
    Modern day self-proclaimed God’s & Guru’s.

    I end with confirming my total Love & Faith to Our Most Magnificient Loving
    Master Friend WellIWisher GrandFather , Beautiful Loving Shirdi Sai Baba.

    May ALL of humanity come to know of You, Sweet Shirdi Baba, and thus be guided to make their lives
    Successful and also work towards Spiritual Advancement and Enlightenment.

    I Bow down and offer my Pranams at Your Lotus Feet.

  3. I heard from one very old devotee in Shirdi when I visited 2 yrs back when there was a debate amongst 10 devotees present about Sri Shirdi Sai Babaji and ———-, the old man said that – there can be no avatars of the samee avatars there is only one avatar i.e Lord Krishna cannot have subsequent birth as Lord Krishna again. And Lord Rama cannot have another avatar of Himself in next birth. There has never been repetitions of the same avatar in any births. There is only one avatar , one birth of that avatar. So Sri Shirdi Babaji is one avatar, there can never be another avatar of the same avatar.


  4. Om Sairam,

    I am not sure what this is about, but I believe a lot in SAI BABA and always pray that my family and I always have his blessings.

  5. Our dearest Baba has said that the ego is the reason we have discussions and disputations. I donot think any of us here are qualified to make a judegement and even give a verdict on who is a saint and who is a con man. I advise us all to read the story of chapter 2 “Hot Discussion” of the Sai satcharita.

    Let each one believe what they want to. Why put our spiritually illiterate opinions forward. As a devotee of Baba I cannot speak ill of another because I am not aware of the truth. So instead of taking a chance , I have chosen to keep QUIET and will request you all to do so as well.

    Note: I am a staunch devotee of Shirdi Sai ( NO OTHER) and try to live by his teachings. I see all the world in him.

  6. sairam friends,

    I never wanted this article to focus on purticular false guru…So made it look a overall opinion to avoid cheats in the hundreds of years to come . Let this serve shirdi saibaba devotees to focus on him leaving aside confusion if there exists another guru whos messenger of shirdi saibaba or lets say if sai now lives in him etc. Shirdi saibabas picture and his naam smaran ( chanting sai sai sai remembering shirdi saibaba ) is enough for our life to be good.

  7. Sai is incarnation of Sri Guru Datta

    he leaved normal personal life he never propoganda himself asa god

    pls try to feel real god ourself only

  8. REPLY TO Natasha
    April 27, 2011 • 10:58 pm :

    With all due respect Natasha, you have not remained QUIET, as you have chosen to deliver your opinion and get involved in this Hot Discussion via this electronic medium.

    In my understanding , the Chapter in Sai SatCharitra about the Hot Discussion did not mean one can never have dicussions, the motive for the dicussion is important and one’s own conscience will know whether it is spoken out of EGO or out of Self-less Service.

    We Human’s have the gift of the power of language and I personally think we should be able to use it, to serve with humility.

    No one can know why someone chooses to act in a certain way, or start up a discussion of this type, but Shirdi Baba is Antaryami , in the hearts of ALL and he will know the reality of it all.

    People will believe what they want anyways, so you saying to the readers of this site “Let people believe who they want to” is not really necessary.
    I personally spoke on here to highlight to the reader’s to please be mindful and just be cautious of not being misdirected in the most important aspect of your lives, Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment.

    I ask you Natasha: Is it Service if we turn a blind eye and let others be mis-directed, while we enjoy the Light of a SadGuru who really cares?

    You say you are not aware of the Truth, maybe so, but please bear in mind that some of us expressing ourselves here ,such as myself, speak from personal experience aswell as informed Voluntary Channel’s of Healing Energies ( normally referred to as Healer’s) who have come across and spoken to people who have suffered at the hands of so called Self-proclaimed God’s. So in effect we are a little informed of the truth.

    Ultimately, we are no one’s judge , but we all use our human faculty of judgement everyday to make decisions on every aspect of our lives, all I am personally suggesting to all readers is, for your own benefit use the faculty of discrimination and judge wisely who will take you on to Enlightenment and make your path very very smooth indeed and who will personally give you the experience of HIS presence in your own lives, first hand confirmation of HIS Love for you?.

    This in my own humble, “judgemental” experience is and always will be Our Beloved Shirdi Baba – he is for Everyone, just call to HIM.


    With Love- Kalyani

  9. Our Shirdi Baba pointed out the importance of speaking the truth. The biggest thing I cannot stand with the *new* gurus proclaiming themselves to be Datta-Avataras is telling LIES. Some of their false promises and lies are so blatant and obvious … It pains to hear them …

    Quote from a book: Shirdi Baba said, “Hey Bhau I am none other than Goddess Laxmi and while sitting in this Dwarkamai I would never utter a lie.” In his entire life span he called upon himself as messenger of God and never God himself”

    Please read the book “Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutham”, which is about Sri Dattatreya’s first human incarnation. It was originally written in 1350, but came to light only in 2001 as ordered by Sripada Swami. One of the chapters describe how Hanumaan ji was asked to take the form of Shirdi Sai. Please read the book for more understanding as I don’t know how to translate the complete transformation into a Datta Avaatar. Also, Sripada Swami mentioned that after SaiBaba, HIS final avatar would be that of Kalki and will be born in Nepal. There was NO MENTION of anyone else !!!

    Sachidanand Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai

  10. sairam MG,

    Thanks a million. This is the kind of awareness and response i need for this article so that we can help shirdi saibaba devotees believe in him alone strongly and not get doubt if there exists someone better than our shirdi sainath.
    Yes they have gained big wealth and a fraction of the wealth is spent for public welfare. i agree but a true saint like shirdi saibaba has silently helped each and everyone of his crores of devotees. Thanks for mention about Sri Pada Sri Vallabha Charitramrutam too. The sacred book has information about most of the true incarnations like Sri Ragavendra swamy, Gajanan maharaj, Gadge maharaj, even about bade baba who has lived in close proximity with our shirdi saibaba.

    In india we have treasures of good saints …example Ramana Maharishi of Tiruvennamalai . Thousands of americans like his speech and go to his temple in california but innocent indians are blindly misguided by false gurus teaching yoga, yaga and gaga ( ya ofcouse some false gurus makes you dance too and say you will attain spiritual ectasy ).

    Please please please shirdi saibaba devotees . The holy padhukas of shirdi saibaba is enough for us. Keep chanting his name sairam sairam sairam, light lamps, do good deeds as much as you can. Your life will be good.

  11. Sairam Venkat,

    I completed reading Sai Satcharitha for once just 2 days back. And one thing i cant understand why Sai Baba had the habit of smoking. Is smoking a good habit? I was expecting somewhere in any of the chapter the reason for smoking would be mentioned but i did not find any reason for the same.

    Whatever i read in Sai Satcharitha, if i convey this to our freinds or relatives, nobody is able to understand but in turn they yell at me.

    All think God only for their own benefits. I had never met anybody in daily life who follow God’s instructions.

    SaiBaba says the goal of human life is to attain God but nobody support us if we go in that path. World is also full of unjustice and it is very hard to go on.

    Sai Sai Sai…………..

  12. Sairam friends,
    Finding a right guru needs lot of past life punya. This is Kaliyug. People doesnt trust each other. So let us not be judgemental. If a person is following some modern guru and he is taking only the good things (satvik)from the guru (yoga, dhyana etc) it is good for him. By fooling people if the modern guru is making money or other earthly things, god would take care of him. But the innocent follower would never be punished by god as the follower saw god in that “modern” guru and actually he was praying god in the guru. This is the beauty of Kaliyug. You never know whether you are doing right or wrong. Even if “real god” comes in front of us, we might not believe him… because we are covered by a veil of maya (interms of distrust, disbelief, ego etc). So if our inner mind is clean and if you are doing good deeds then you are fine.

    I would like to mention abour our sweet shiradi sai. Initially few people in Shiradi treated Sainath as a mad fakhir.. But ultimately they realized about him and became devotees. We never know when and what form god would take. The ultimate realization is to see “GOD” in every one. God is present in all the creatures… even in “false guru”, thief etc… Seeing god in each of them means, see and impart only the good things in him and reject the bad things. It is difficult for us to correct or cleanse the world as it requires great Sadguru like Dattatreya and his incarnations. But we can always try to walk in dharma maarga and do good deeds. If you lead a clean life, real Sadguru will release you from the clutches of the bad people (“false guru”, bad company etc) and surely pull you toward him (like our sweet sainath has told). So let us do our duty and leave everything else to god.

    Jai Gurudeva Datta
    Om shree Sairam

  13. sairam pradeep

    You are right ..this is the reason even when devotees go behind false gurus , God is blessing them because of the power of their devotion . Bhakti shown towards a stone also has its power. Now the reason for this article is help shirdi saibaba devotees never get out of their roots. Their true love on shirdi saibaba must not be distracted by media, the hype and the show case that some one else is messenger, reincarnation or a BIG sevak etc.


  14. sairam Minu

    Shirdi saibaba did smoke with ancient instrument called chillium and pappi etc and one of his first siddhi in sai satcharitra itself was how he helped chadbai patil to find his lost horse and then to make the ancient smoking pipe using pot, sai created water and fire by stroke of his satka. Later in dwarakamai i think he used smoking pipe once a day or rarely in weeks. Saints like Gajanan maharaj also had hooka. Honestly i shall try to find the right answer . If we can get reply from Gajanan maharaj devotees about his reason for smoking am sure we can apply the same to Saibaba of shirdi.

    Trust me it was really not as his bad habit at all. He took 2-3 puff and distributed to his other elderly devotees. They considered it as prasad.

    My concern is the modern gurus do many bad deeds and connect it to siddhi ( miracles ), the way of passing power or washing away karma etc. it pains me that people believe in these modern gurus worst possible deeds and go behind them.

    Coming back to shirdi saibaba smoking, lets try to find answer from Gajanan maharaj devotees as that saint always was found with a smoking pipe. The motive of this article is to bring shirdi saibabas greatness to limelight so i believe the answer could be this

    “Though sai had the smoking pipe regularly, he was not addicted to it. Each and everyone of us like few things, some like sweets, some smoke, some drink etc. I believe what ever bad habits we have , we must have limits and control on it. May be sai knew there wont be devotees without a liking for some thing thats not good for his health but one must never get addicted to it. ”

    Earliar i wrote the below article how shirdi saibaba helps devotees to give up bad habit

    hope it helps


    ( forgive me if i have mis interpreted, the goal of this article is just to make sure shirdi saibaba devotees only trust shirdi saibaba and other good saints and not mislead. anyway i tried to answer a genuine question )

  15. REPLY To Pradeep

    April 29, 2011 • 5:48 am:

    OmSaiRam Pradeep,

    Well put and I totally agree with you.
    Wishing you and all the readers on here a wonderful long happy life of spiritual
    and material success.May Shirdi Baba always shower His Loving Grace & Blessings on
    us all, so that we remain ever close to Him and in His service,which in turn is Manav Seva
    by implementing His teachings with pure dedication and committtment.
    May we all be graced to realise His beauty and thus surrender to Him,He will
    carry us upwards and onwards to our destination safely.

    Minu Vardhini

    April 29, 2011 • 4:39 am:
    Regarding question of Shirdi Baba smoking, I feel this act of smoking did not control him.
    Ie He was not addicted to smoking. Baba was impartial to it, it is something he just did.
    He was in total control of his senses and whatever he did in this world, internally
    He was always detached and Pure Awareness – SatChitAnanda.

    Dear Friend, one came alone into this world and one will return from the world alone.
    The world has injustices from time immemorial,thus we must aim to be our own best
    Friends first and make it a priority to develop love for our inner self and try to develop
    Spiritually, cultivate awareness of who we really our and try to be in this world, carry out our
    Duties but remain firmly focussed to our spiritual selves.

    This is the best you can do for yourself, to realise your own divinity.
    Our great Scriptures help much to do this and ofcourse Sai SatCharitra does much
    to help us.Kali Yug – majority will be swayed by materialism and pomp, show and
    ‘Keeping up with the Joneses'” attitude, however it’s best you do not let the world
    stop you from your Spiritual development and interests in Spirituality.

    According to ancient Vedic Scriptures, Chanting of The Names of God is best for Kali Yug.

  16. Sairam Firends,

    My humble prayers to Shirdi Saibaba my father my God and my Guru. Baba cannot be compared with any other Guru. Saibaba never said that he will born again and he had never said anything about his avtars and incarnations. Saibaba had no family but whole world was his family. Baba never did propaganda of his powers. He had shown his leelas when he was in human form and after his maha Samadhi people are still experiencing his leelas. Saibaba did not had any property. Devotees offered expensive gifts and money to Saibaba when their wishes were fulfilled by Baba But Sai did not care of the things and money offered to him. What ever money he gets he used to distribute to his devotees. At the last moment before taking Maha Samadhi baba had only 9 coins in his pocket with few match sticks and those 9 coins were also given to Laxmibai by Saibaba . Whole life baba lived like a fakir and he took samadhi as a fakir. Now Saibaba Sansthan claims to be having crores of property. Lot of devotees are offering Gold, Silver and donations to Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan Trust. Baba never wanted anything from his devotees. He only asked 2 paisa coins from his devotees – Shardha & Saburi. Baba said he will be happy in any way his devotees keep him whether in silk cloth or in torn cloth and what he wants from his devotes is complete faith in Baba….

    Now days so many Gurus have come up and claims to have a huge property and they are living with pomp and show…. Some Gurus claim to be an incarnation of Shirdi Saibaba and also many gurus claim to be having some supernatural powers which are gifted by Saibaba to them. My humble request to the devotees of Shirdi Saibaba that please please please do not believe and involve yourself in such Gurus… Baba has never given his powers to any one and Baba never said that he will have a re-birth and there will be any reincarnation of Saibaba… If u have faith in any Guru then please continue to do so but please don’t treat them as Sai Baba of Shirdi…. Baba will never come in any human form. He is with us and he will be with us in future but only in our heart . Baba himself said that he will do welfare of his devotees from his Samadhi… Baba Said that his bones from his Samadhi will speak to his devotees and show his leelas who so ever call him from pure heart. Baba is the air , Baba is in his devotees heart, Baba is everywhere only a devotee should call him from his pure heart and keep him always in his/her prayers mentally…. Baba does not want anything from his children he only wants shardha and saburi from us… Don’t go behind the false gurus…. If u want to find Saibaba pls start finding from inside u…. Baba will surely respond….

    I do not mean that you stop believing and praying to any other Guru, saint or a religious personality… Its all matter of faith…. Pls continue to pray any Guru but don’t treat them as equal to Shirdi Sai Baba .. Baba never said that don’t pray to any other Guru or any saint… Guru is prayed as equal to God…. . Don’t say negative to any Guru or Saint but do not involve blindly . Bow your head to any saint or Guru and show respect to them. Keep silent instead of commenting anyone on their powers….Dont pray to them as Saibaba ‘s incarnation or re-birth of Baba… U may pray to any Guru or saint but keeping them an individual personality. Don’t compare any Guru or saint with Saibaba…. Saibaba is watching everything…. Baba knows the heart of his children… He will guide u and show u the right path….

    Now days many people are exploiting in the name of Shirdi Saibaba. I just request to all my Sai friends that please be cautious and be aware about what you do. Keep Saibaba in your thoughts always and he will guide u the right path….


  17. About smoking habbits of Bhagawan Sai baba or Shree Gajanana maharaj or Akkalkot Maharaj or drinking habbits of Shree Shankar Maharaj (etc etc etc) or their harsh/rude behavior. These great saints are all avataras of lord Dattatreya or lord Shiva. They are most seen in the form of ‘Unmattha’ (always excited or mad like behavior) ‘bala’ (childish) or ‘pishacha’ (ghostly behavior). All these external behavior or habbit are to wardoff or filter the majority of the people who usually go by the external appearance but fail to understand the inner wisdom in others. Akkalkot maharaj used to schold people with bad and harsh words and used to urinate on the sacred idols etc. Shree Gajanan maharaj used to eat food that are thrown in garbages etc. For common person like me, I might consider them mad or begger etc. But most of the time we fail to understand the very meaning or purpose of their mystic actions. Similarly our beloved saibaba similar to these great saints (godly souls) had mystic behaviors/habbits which we dullards can not interpret so easily. Only way to ‘atleast attempt’ to understand the meaning of the actions of these (and many other) great saints are to look at them with “PUREST BHAKTI” and “DEEP DEVOTION and TOTAL SURRENDER”. Writer of Sai Satcharitre Shree. Hemadpath had this “DIVYACHAKSHU” using which he could interpret many actions of Shree Saibaba. May all these great saints, Datta bhagavan and Saibaba bless us with divyachakshu and lead us always in the right path.

    Om Shree Sairam
    Jai Gurudeva Datta






  19. Om Sai Ram,

    Thank u for your valuable information regarding Lord Dattatreya’s Avatar. I am allowed to have darshan of Lord Shripada Srivallabha, Pitapuram, Gangapur and Akkalakot. And also Maniknagar Manikprabhu


    This is Kaliyug, inspite of knowing, reading Vedas, etc., still human is human and cannot leave his three gunas, only when he becomes without desires and nil attachments human. Every time Lord Shiridi Saibaba stated ‘SAB KA MALIK EK’ and his avatar lakshay to unite all with no different feelings among Religions. His Avatar is Sanyasi & Fakir appearance at a time to give us real message of Spirituality and love towards all living beings. God always give us knowledge of not to have desires which affects our spirituality and at the same time given us so much freedom. Our deeds will decide our living & future births. God asks his devotees to give Body, Soul and the wealth to return to God for obtaining Moksham, which should be goal of human kind.

    rest if i get answer to my this post.



  20. Greetings of the morning,afternoon,evening and night to my Almighty,
    It is very nice to read and recall the lord had its incarceration on mother earth to protect and to destroy the evils.
    it is truly said that


  21. yes what you told is 100% correct he is the lord god almighty he is the only real guru in this world the way he live is the path to many of his devoties


    “I pray to Lord Dattatreya, great divine spirit, who confers boons and protects the devotees, who removes afflictions immediately
    of those who remember Him with faith”.

    ” I pray to Lord Dattatreya, who is a friend of the poor, a sea of compassion, cause of all causes and the protector of all those who remember Him sincerely”.

    ” I pray to Lord Dattatreya, who is a shelter for the poor and afflicted and grants deliverance immediately to those having firm devotion in
    him and remember him sincerely.”


    ” I pray to Lord Dattatreya, who is the destroyer of all useless and harmful things and giver of all auspicious objects, the remover of all
    afflictions of those who remember Him sincerely.”


    ” I pray to Lord Dattatreya, well versed in the vedas, knower of the essence of religion, who causes to increase the fame of His devotees
    who is giver of whatever is needed by the devotees who remember Him sincerely.”


    ” I pray to Lord Dattatreya who removes the quagmire of sins, lights up the flame of wisdom, calms down distress and torment of those who
    remember Him sincerely.”

    ” I pray to Lord Dattatreya who cures all diseases, heals all pain and removes all calamities of those who remember Him sincerely.”

    ” I pray to Lord Dattatreya who is most excellent and liberates from the cycle of birth and death in this world and who is the giver of bliss
    to those who remember Him sincerely.”


    ” Those who recite this eulogy of Lord Dattatreya regularly and with faith, become wise and attain victory, fame, fulfillment of all worldly desires and achievements and finally get liberation from the bondage of life.”

    “DATTA STAVA”. The stotra contains only 9 slokas and one has to chant 9times everyday without fail. Whoever chant 9 times everyday
    for 40days, their desires will be definitely fulfilled with the blessings of Lord Dattatreya.


  23. “SAI”

    He is all pervading and anything that has life and understands that everything around us is “MAYA” and strive to attain peace for all will surely find a place in the form of a flower at his ever holy feet. That soul is indeed blessed.

    om sairam -sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu

  24. om sai ram

    i accept to this..there can only be one sai thats our shirdi sai baba…none can reach his place in the hearts of his devotees…here is an link to clearify the doubts of the devotees..

    link this below link

  25. I have followed Baba since I have been a small child, yet today when I found out Baba smoked I am heart broken and in disbelieve. Anyone have a reason for this habit of Baba as he strongly opposed drinking. Sai Ram

  26. Thank you for this article. It is a sad thing that such articles are needed, but it is an even sadder thing that when I talk with people and mention my Sai Baba they think I mean someone else. I try always to say SHIRDI Sai Baba. Even then they think I’m talking about some other person. There are many sincere seekers and the confusion brought about by this makes things hard for them. There is only ONE Sadguru. There is only ONE Shirdi Sai Baba.

    To know Him and serve Him read the Satcharita, repeat the Holy Name ~ Sai Baba ~ , light lamps and candles offering them to Him, feed the hungry, pray to Him and try to lead a good life as best you can. Then you will know the one, real, true Baba. Look to him and He will look to you. Sai Ram.

  27. OM SAI…..SHREE SAI……

    First of all I would like to thankful to venkatraman Sir for Clarifying about the false concepts of Shiridi Sai baba and guiding the Baba devotees in a right way. As I feel It really irritates when any one false claim about Sai baba published/ broadcast in media.But by reading these article to all sai devotees it will help to over come from the false concepts of Baba so i request in all millions of devotees of Sai baba don’t concentrate on false concepts of sai baba……Do prayer of baba and serve the baba for happy and successful life…..BABA IS LIVING WITH US……GUIDING US….AUM SAI RAM…..SAINATH MAHARAJKI JAI……..

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