Its sometime before 1918 and you are now in shirdi with Sai Baba

Sairam friends

As i was working on other commercial sites which i do just because i have to but really i don’t like to do all this..I am more happy working for sai..many times i ask what do you really plan for me sai ?

Today while sitting in nagasai mandhir my friend vengadesh also said the same that we have food to eat,place to live and saibaba is keeping us happy..only to earn money and more money we are struggling and even in such issues sai does help us…At times when we get busy with life our seva for sai ..i mean the time we allot for sai gets affected.

then i digged dhuni..dropped a huge neem tree branch in dhuni with help of 2 sai friends and then came home.

I started watching few songs of sai maharaj and felt how he beautifully lived during his life time in shirdi friends.

I felt we must do this as regular activity..All are welcome to comment on this. This will make you feel shirdi sai baba’s presense in your life

shirdi saibaba samadhi 1918
shirdi saibaba

Imagine that its before 1918 and we see saibaba as he was …a torn kafni, beard…his beautiful way of dealing with devotees…his anger at times..his guidance etc

I shall write you a example how u can imagine

“It was 1905 …me ,my amma,appa ,my sister indra ,brother in law kamesh and their baby katya reached kopergoan by train…it was already too late 10 P.M in the night…we were worried as there was no tonga…suddenly we saw a man calling shouting ” who came from coimbatore”

We went and enquired the tonga wala, he said saibaba told that his children has come all the way from coimbatore and i must receive them …we got in the tonga already excited with this wonderful leela of sai…he cares for us when we least expected it.

The night was cold ..the tonga wala was sacred of possible thiefs on the way we all sang saibaba’s bhajan …as we started singing another tonga joined us and we felt secured…

As the tonga crossed Godavari river we were shivering with cold …finally we reached shirdi. It was too dark, no street lights and there was slight drizzle as its rainy season.

It was already 11 p.m .So we thought sai must be sleeping and asked the tonga wala how much to pay. He said saibaba has already given him money. We were moved by the care of sai.

We were wondering whom to approach in this late night to stay and its too late to disturb sai who might be sleeping. While we were thinking like this a the tonga wala said saibaba has asked him to bring us to dwarakamai first.

We were surprised and moved towards the masjid…since it was raining we all were shivering too much. As we had our first glance at the holy dwarakamai , we felt a glory , a sun light in it.

My mother was the first to step in the holy dwarakamai followed by my father and we all went inside. Sai was there with a smile on his face. So beautiful..His eyes were so powerful that we can’t continue to see his eyes more than few seconds and one has to bow down.

My mother was shivering with cold , bowed and touched saibaba’s holy feet. sai touched her head with his palm …indra took out the lotus garland we made for sai….saibaba happily accepted it though it was such late hours. sai was like goddess Mahalakshmi herself with the pink lotus garland around his neck.

The tonga wala was still standing outside dwarakamai ..Sai asked him to pick few wooden logs arranged in corner and drop in dhuni….I joined the tonga wala in dropping the woods in holy dhuni.

Then i went near saibaba and touched his hands..i have been waiting years to touch these sacred hands….how many lives sai has changed by blessing them with these holy palm…

I fell in the holy feet of saibaba and my father lit the lamps…..

By now the fire in dhuni has increased. sai asked us to sit around his holy dhuni as we were shivering with cold. We all sat around the dhuni and it was so warm as if a child is in mothers lap.

we all togather holded a earthern lamp in our palm and sang a small sai bhajan composed by savithribai tendulkar…

The fire in dhuni reflected in the eyes of sai maharaj..Sai, how many births we would have done punya to see this sight…the pink lotus garland was marvalous…This is goddess Mahalakshmi and lord Lakshmi Narasimha himself giving darshan to us. Sai was majestic and energitic even in this late night. Its the time sai must be sleeping but he wants to make us happy as we travelled 2 days to have darshan of this sadhguru who knows we will be coming at this time.

Bapu saheb jog came running to dwarakamai since he got a dream as if he and his wife serves food to few people as instructed by saibaba .Sai immediately asked bapu saheb jog to take us to his house as guest and give us chapati and dal. Sai knows we were hungry.

Sai told him to give us hot tea because we all feel cold before preparing food. We were moved by this care of saibaba ..One by one touched his holy feet ..Saibaba twisted ears of my sisters baby katya and blessed her with palmful of udi…

we went to bapu sahab’s house , had hot tea which made us feel the love of sai maharaj. The chappati and dal was tasty…we were not able to sleep all night and talking about many leelas of saibaba all the night…

How wonderful was that day…We stayed in shirdi for 17 days and served sainath and sai also showered us with love and care.

om sri sainathaya namaha

friends, hope you can realize how i try to imagine that we all really met saibaba …same way you can also imagine…you go into this simply dhyana….many sai devotees write me saying that , they did shradha saburi pooja as i said but sai dint helped them, sai dint work for them etc…well sai cares for you friends…

feel him…see him as a poor fakir…a loving mother who cares for her children…he is really with you..

Imagine as much as you can on day to day basis

sai ki jai

Always in the holy feets of shirdi sai baba

13 :06 :2010

you are most welcome to mail me or post as comment how you can imagine your day with sai, how you served him …sai is really with us friends..we only have to open our heart to sai baba

5 thoughts on “Its sometime before 1918 and you are now in shirdi with Sai Baba”

  1. sairam:)
    imagnination is more important than knowledge:):):)

    baba bless u & ur family sairamji:)

    on22nd june i got dream
    on baba i put my head in baba’s feet, baba blessed and
    told like this nowadays people forget their own language, like that within 2 moths or 2 years(i didnt get)
    here lot of changes will coming,,, that time i was told to baba baba pls bless me i dont like to forget my
    language (this day22nd june i did holy bath to gangamatha at temple)that night i got this dream
    i got baba’s blessings bt baba y told like that ?????if psbl pls answer me venkat sir?????

    wn i read 3 times gurucharithra at baba temple i got 3 rudrakcha’s from shiva temple so i decided to
    read 4th time at shiva temple gurucharithra and
    i read 12th june gurucharithra at one sitting by baba’s grace and srisaipadhalingam grace


  2. OmSaiRam….thanx 4 ur short stories…….it was really wonderfull……..feeling relaxed frm deep of my mind………………OmSaiRam 🙂

  3. Hi,

    OM SAI RAM !!! JAI BPD !!!

    i loved your the way you narrate or interpret ate about Sai. I really can imagine and feel him . more power to you ans Sai. what do you want write me. i will ask him for you.

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