Get rid of bad habits. Saibaba devotion to become better person

sairam friends,

Saibaba has said “I take a person one step ahead ” . If you love Vishnu, saibaba will create a incident in life which will motivate you to recite vishnu sahasranamam everyday.

If you desire to help any children in education , saibaba will sometime in your life give this opportunity for you to help others in education.

Tirupati Balaji Shirdi Saibaba
Tirupati Balaji with shirdi saibaba in my sai friends house

How to get rid of Bad habits through devotion on shirdi sai baba  :

Lets say you have  a bad habit which you are guilty about and desperately want to come out of it. Saibaba will give you a way to come out of it. Saibaba will never force you or always come in dream and tell you dont do it.

Sai remains silent providing all ways and situation to come out of your bad habit. You have to take efforts for self control and then saibaba will be happy about it.

Keep chanting sai sai sai sai

Take myself for instance

When my parents say something i get angry – evil venkat

When i go to temple and feel sorry for getting angry with parents – Good venkat

Both are me and both exists in me. Now i sincerely have to take steps to control my angry because it is sai who helped me realize my anger is not right.

Similarly in everyone of us sai devotees the good and bad exists togather. We have to take sai devotion,

Sing sai leela,

read sai satcharitra and always imagine the stories in saibabas life

Light lamps

and sit just 5 minutes remembering saibaba and saibaba alone

This way we can practice self control , realize our mistakes and become a better person

As saibaba said all he does is one Push ahead…a kind affectionate motherly motivation

Are you ready to go ahead ?

Om sri sainathaya namaha


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71 thoughts on “Get rid of bad habits. Saibaba devotion to become better person”

  1. I love your website sai is with us but we only lose our confidence he is with us and show us the good way good to us I have fear please remove fear saima

  2. Thanks to your work…i ve found a lot of solution to my existing situation… I felt Saibaba realy talking to me..whatever I asked him got an acurate answer to it ever…thanks again..I feel the eternity in my life after I believed sri saibaba.

  3. Thank you… your website dwarakamai is awesome…. I can feel my sai natha through this…. my baba answers me and it happens…. JAI SAI NATHA…. JAI SAI NATHA… JAI SAI NATHA…. THANK YOU SAI BABA for all your blessings…..

  4. Baba I need u to bring me out of all my problems .I need ur blessings to be free from all the fears and unnecessary worries which always bring me down.pls sai keep your boon bestowing hand on my head and pls helm me get rid of all my fears and pains.I give you these as dakshina and pray you to make sure I never take them back from you.

    pls give me the gift of self control and a peaceful mind baba.because I firmly trust in your words that not even a leaf moves without your pls grant my wishes,my dakshina your consent take away all my fears,sorrows and worries and let your child’s mind ,heart and soul rest in your holy feet.

    pls accept my dakshina baba and pls fulfill my wish.I badly need you saima esp at this point of time in my life and always because I m nothing without u n everything with u on my side.luv u n need u baba.I love y sai ma.

  5. Thank you mere sai aaj jo bhi kuchh achha hea sab apki kripa se hea isi trah hampe apni kripa rakhna OM sai

  6. Saibaba has given me everything I asked for & pray him always to be with me at all times. I am very much lucky that Star Sai helped me to speak with Saibaba ; I always feel with answers that Baba is sitting just in front of me.

  7. These are the words which are enlightening me to have a spiritual life.
    Feel like baba is advising me through his words to leave all the bad and yes i completely surrender my ego and worship on ur lotus feet baba..please give me a peaceful life where i can only think about spirituality even if it is heaven or hell u b on my side sai..
    I believe in your word

  8. Baba i need your help for my studies i know i can do but when i enter into the exam hall i forget all please help me

  9. Awesome sai sayings, after read the article, feel silence inside to me. Jai sai ram without him there is no life, every where and everything is sai only. He only rules us. Jai sai ram

  10. baba please help in get rid of my anger and ego .I cant tolerate even for a small difference please provide me peace of mind what so ever might be the situation please reduce anger and ego please these are the 2 bad qualities which is responsible for disturbing my mind .please help in get rid of these qualities help me in reforming to a good person by not hurting others and listen to what others say .Make me always think of you .Baba this is the dakshina given by me to you please accept my dakshina and turn me towards you …

    I always loves you but when ever I am getting anger I am out of control … please baba always be with me and reduce this in me … I am good at people but when i find difference in a ba dway i am reacting immediately which is really not good it is hurting others very badly please make me to think of you all the time

  11. Sai baba please take care of my daughter, make her happy. Always be with her. Thank you saibaba. Jai Sai RAM. Jai Sai RAM.

  12. Sairam kindly help me to get rid of smoking and help my kids in their studies and their wellbeing.

  13. Dear Readers, first i would like to say anantha koti bramhanda nayaka samartha sadguru sacchidahanda sai raj maharaj ki Jaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
    Sai mera swar, mera pran he, he pura ka pura dharthi ka krishna he, ram he, parameshwar he. he bhgavan kripa karo muje. always i remember sai sai sai.
    karunaki sagar he mera paramathma, paduranga sai ram, he is my breath, my heart everything. sai ram.
    he is saving me always, i was feel it and now also feeling much more better. sai ram sai ram. hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare – hare ram hare ram rama rama hare hare. om sai ram. om sai am.

  14. BABA,

  15. Baba plz help me..I need u d most..plz plz be with me this time..and fulfill my last wish..I swear I never do this again..plz listen me last time

  16. If we earnestly pray, Sai Baba surely shows us a way, though he tests our patience every time, but he jumps in to save his devotee before he falls into any crisis. This is my personal experience on Sai. He manifests himself in some form and saves us from falling into deep troubles. Sai is the most loving god in this Kaliyuga who lives up to his promises as mentioned in his life history as described in Satcharitra, no other saint/god is equivalent to him on this, this is my humble opinion. Just keep chanting his name.

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