Saw an old women giving me Shirdi Saibaba Aarti book

Sairam friends,

Last night, I started from work at 11. As I was walking down to the parking, I saw my favourite Dog Snowy sleeping. I sat near him and played with him for 5 minutes. I went to the canteen to wash my hands when one of the security said people in other company working on night shift are complaining that the Dog is coming to bite them. I told him, this Dog simply goes behind people assuming they will feed him.

I felt bad that people can’t judge why a Dog is behind them?

I came home, had dinner and light lamp to Sai. I spoke to him few minutes and slept off.

First dream

I often tell my friends that they must come in car when they had to work late night as Two wheeler isn’t safe on Indian roads. One of my friend is going late night from work these days.

I had a strange dream.

It was as if I see an app that alerts me that my friend is stuck in a road and hasn’t moved from there for long period of time. I also see that his bike is skid as he applied break quickly looking at an accident ahead. I am getting panic and thinking if I should go to that purticular road to see if my friend is safe.

That’s the first dream. I don’t know what Sai means by this though. Usually, I won’t share dreams of my friends at work but I would tell this to him and ask him to drive carefully.

I usually get a hint that someone is not pure and I must not talk much to them. Today, I had such a message and hence I applied viboodhi and slept off again early in the morning.

I was imagining as if I live in a place where there are hundreds of saints and all of us are chanting “Sai Sai Sai”.

Second dream

I see that I am going into a hardware store. I am waiting there to purchase paint. Probably, something for white wash for my house. There’s another room behind the shop and an old lady who seem to be both mentally and physically weak comes out asking what I want.

She never bothers about what I need. She goes in, takes a black color Tooth brush along with a little book of Shirdi Saibaba Aarti and gives it to me saying it costs Rs.50.

I am wondering why this Women is giving me a strange Black color Tooth brush? Why she’s giving me Saibaba’s Aarti book? And why She wants Rs.50?

Infact, I feel pity for the old women and feel like, I keep those stuff in shop along with Rs.50 so that She can use it.

I bend down to see few Rs.10 currency notes scattered in the shop which means the old women is not bothered about money. She’s asking me Dakshina as a Guru to bless me and giving me Sai’s aarti.

I woke up and started writing this article.

I could understand Sai wants me to recite Aarti regularly. You can also atleast listen to Sai aarti regularly. You will be blessed.

Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti Madhyana aarti Dhoop aarti Shej Aarti

I am happy for this dream.

I just need 15 seconds of footage to complete my promo film. Today, the travel agent will confirm me U.S Visa interview date. Baba, please make it soon. I was told that my 40 days leave will be in loss of pay. I told them, that’s OK. There’s no price tag for the happiness my Sister’s Daughter would get meeting us.

Sai blessings


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