Sai, Save us from illusions by granting us your darshan

Sairam friends,

The weekend was too hectic for me as I was doing some work. In the evening, I went to temple. My Dad was not well but last evening, We went to the Sai Baba mandir which assured me that Sai will heal him. I created an imaginary character called “Chottu and Tottu”. They are twin girl kids who going around the world happily. He he….

The following lyrics in Saibaba Aarti is beautiful

Gelee tumha soduniyaa bhava tama rajanee vilayaa
Pareehi agnaanaasee tumachee bhulavi yogamaayaa
Sakthi na amhaa yatkinchitahee tijalaa saaraya
Tumheecha teete saaruni daavaa mukha jana taaraayaa

Dark worldly night has finished and left you. You are beyond all illusions. Yet the ignorant are deceived by these illusions (‘Yogmaya’). We do not have even the slightest of powers to ward off these illusions. You alone can grant salvation to the people by giving darshan (divine vision) of your divine face.

saibaba powerful darshan
Sai’s darshan is powerful enough to ward off all illusions

Maya as we call is also the play of God. We believe in things which are temporary or which doesn’t really take us in the path of Sai. These illusions runs the world but a true devotee of Sai must seek his grace to free us from these illusions and bless us to realize the truth.

So the writer describes that though the night is gone and the day breaks in, our mind is still in darkness and we don’t have ability to ward off these illusions. We get attracted to things which will ruin our life and later will have to face its consequences. So we request Saibaba to help us by showing his radiant and divine face. Here, we must understand the greatness of having Sai darshan. When You look at Saibaba’s photo or statue with pure divine feelings, even this darshan wards of all your illusions and you lead a peaceful life.

Sai Saves you and shows you what is true and the right way to continue your journey of life.

Om Sai Ram


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  1. sairam

    This reminds me of the face of SAI when He goes out on Chavadi oorvalam. Sat charitra describes how His face was radiant and glowing and how He was worshiped by Kaka Saheb Dikshit.

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