Shirdi Saibaba blessed me with a dream of Shiv Ling

Sairam friends,

Last night, I was really worried. Hence, I lit lamp, kept looking at it and slept off. I woke up at 3.45 A.M and lit lamps to Shirdi Saibaba. I prayed Sai to guide me.

I slept off again and Saibaba blessed me with the following dream.

Before that, here’s a beautiful Shirdi Saibaba photo from Sampurna. She did divine pooja for┬áSai and took these pictures which I liked.

Shirdi Saibaba blessings
Shirdi Saibaba blessings

Do you like this Pink dressed Sai Baba?

Now listen to the dream I had…

I see my parents and myself have gone to a very sacred holy place of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Its a small hill temple and we are in the foot hills. We are planning for a pooja the next day. We get into the Lodge (Hotel) for staying that night. I thought, It will be expensive. But fortunately, the Lodge owner gives a big discount in the already affordable rooms. He asks for less than 200 Rs for each of my Parent and then says its “Free” for me…he he.

So I get ready to pay. There are little boys in the lodge. They look at me keenly in excitement. One boy calculates the total to be 498 Rs.

I pay that and come into the room. I find that its not a private room but there are many rooms connected to our room.

Then, my Appa says he’s having stomach ache and lays down in the wooden cart and my Amma sleeps down.

Suddenly a grownup girl comes there and pours water near my Ma. She wakes up and runs to take away the pot of water. She dips her palm but it was such a hot water. So I shout at my Ma and ask her to be careful. My Ma says she’s OK.

Then, when I was about to shout at the girl, we all realize that the girl is not mentally good. So we remain calm. Her parents comes, apologizes to us and take her to their room.

Then, I come out of room with the little boys working in the lodge.

They show me all the little temples in the foot hills.

I see a big Shiv Ling and sit near that.

I had bought a very small Shiv Ling in Rameshwaram. So I take it out, keep over the big Shiv Ling and start to do Abishekam – Holy bath.

I pour Water, Sacred ashes, offer rice and also milk to the Shiv Ling.

I feel blessed when I did this very divine and sacred abishekam to my Shiv Ling. The boys asks me why I do this? I tell them, Its auspicious to do abishekam to Shiva with water, sacred ash (Viboothi) and Milk.

I woke up hearing my Father coming into my room and calling me.

I opened the Sai Satcharitra book near me. It came to the page where Sai cures Radhakrishnamai’s fever. I felt Sai has healed my Father and also inspired me to worship Shiv Ling through this dream.

Om Naham Shivaya

Sai ki jai


Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

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  1. sairam

    Ur dream also reminds me of the tour program of shree shama to gaya, kasi and other places and how he was treated by the choutry keeper.


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