Who can describe your greatness Saibaba? Even Poets and the thousand tounged Shesha Naga got exhausted too


I went to Saibaba temple, offered garlands to the Sai Baba statues and reached home. Then, I was depressed and slept soon. I don’t remember the dreams I got. Its very vague. I woke up and went to walking as now a days, I lack any physical work. Earlier, I used to walk minimum 7 Kms a day but now, it has reduced a lot.

In today’s Saibaba Aarti lyrics interpretation, we have the following stanza

Kakad Aarti

Bho Sainaatha Maharaaja bhava timiranaasaka ravee
Agnanee aamhee kitee tumhicha varnaava thoravee
Thee varnitaa bhaagale bahuvadani sesvidhi kavee

Sakripa howuni mahimaa tumachaa tumheecha vadavaava

O, Lord Sainath Maharaj, you are the sun that destroys the darkness of ignorance of this world. How ignorant we are! You alone can describe your greatness. Even the great poets and thousand tonged Seshnag (snake on which Lord Vishnu rests) are exhausted in their attempt to describe it. You alone can describe your greatness.

Saints are very sacred and none can easily understand them. Sai being the Guru of all Guru’s, is really impossible for people to understand easily. Saibaba’s nature is such that one can describe his characteristics day and night for years together and still they will have something good to express. Hence, Das Ganu sings, even great poets and thousand tounged Shesha Naga which is the divine snake of Lord Vishnu are exhausted by describing the greatness of Shirdi Saibaba.

Having thinking about Shesha Naga, I believe even these snakes likes to remember Saints and sing their glory.

Only Sai himself can describe his greatness because none of the other great poets can completely know him deeply to know his real divine nature.

Here’s a Sai photo contributed by Sampurna.

shirdi saibaba greatness
Shirdi Saibaba in beautiful Red kafni

Let us understand Sai is such a divine Saint and ever remember his greatness

Trust me. Sai will make your life good by making you good.

To be good, One has to go through difficulties and that’s what happens in your life.

Om Sai Ram


2 thoughts on “Who can describe your greatness Saibaba? Even Poets and the thousand tounged Shesha Naga got exhausted too”

  1. sairam

    Sairam is ALWAYS MERCIFUL and nobody can describe HIM – a true parabrahma swaroopi.


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