Break my worldly shackles with your own hands Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I was really depressed last night. I don’t know what to do about it accept remembering Sai to show me a way.

Here’s a beautiful lyrics from Kakad Aarti of Saibaba

Tukaahmane Devaa maajzee vedeevaakudee
Naame bhavapaasaa haathee aapulyaa thondi

Tuka says: In whatever haphazard and worthless way I call you O God, by your name, break my worldly shackles with your own hands.

Saibaba has a very high respect on Saint Tukaram. When ever people speak about Gods, Sai doesn’t show interest in it but when people speak or sing in praise of ancient holy saint’s Sai becomes exited and happy. This shows the greatness of Saints and how they can help us humans.

Usually, we are supposed to sing the mantra of Gods and Saints with some organized composition. If the mantra or the way we recite Saints holy mantra is not in order, then we might not get the fruit of reciting the mantra or sloka. Sai is a saint who doesn’t bother about the rules and regulations a devotee follows during a ritual, pooja or even in the way they chant his holy name.

So Tukaram tells to the Lord, I am ignorant and not well learned. So do not mind the way I compose your holy names and break my worldly shackles with your own hands.

call you saibaba
I believe that you will accept my innocent call and come to me Saibaba

There are devotees who knows to sing bhajan beautifully. Some knows to recite Sai Aarti. Some like me, simply serve Sai but have never tried remembering the holy words of Aarti. For people like us who are ignorant, even remembering Sai Sai Sai in mind will bring Sai close to us.

Worldly Shackles are very hard to break. We get too much attached to our desires and needs. At times, we plead for love which we never get. Sai being our Guru when remembered will help us divert our mind towards constructive deeds and free us from all worries. Sai will break unwanted desires with his own hands and take us in his divine path of love.

How beautiful is the Aarti of Saibaba?

It has words from holy saints like Tukaram

Sant Tukaram has contributed to the bhakti movement in early 16th century. His poetic nature and life is worth reading.

Many Sai devotees write me asking about doing Pooja or ritual for Shirdi Saibaba. I tell them, this is a saint who doesn’t bother about rules you follow. What matters is pure thoughts and reciting his holy name SAI SAI SAI in your mind.

Sai will break all the shackles of worldly life.

Aum Sai Ram



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