Sai, I desire to have refuge at your feet

shirdi saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

In today’s Saibaba’s Aarti message, we have this beautiful lyrics from Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti

Akhandeeta asaave aise vaatate paayee
Sandoonee sankoch ttaava todaasaa deyee.

Since I desire to be at your feet always, give me shelter, leaving aside all reservations.

The translation by Zarine is so beautiful that Its easy for me to write few words about it. Devotees who knows Marathi might be able to interpret it better.

Not all people can be under Sai Baba’s holy feet. Sai looks at each devotees love and pure devotion on Gods and Saints. If you pass in Sai’s test, then surely you can be in his holy feet. Most of the time, our devotion isn’t strong enough and hence even when Sai gives us his holy feet as shelter, we run away from him due to our desires. One has to understand how sacred is it to be a devotee of Saint like Sai Baba. We judge Sai based on what we get in our day to day life without realizing Sai has kept us very close to him.

At times, We have other issues. Some people feel shy to express their devotion on Saibaba. “Sankoch” is a kind of shy feeling. Here, it means we must give up all such reservations and embarrassment and be¬†happy to be under Sai’s feet.

I have seen many devotees do not want to express their love for Sai because they feel what others might think of them. In some families, only one person will be devoted to Sai Baba. Its little hard in such situations but remember, you can express your love for Sai internally and Sai will always care for you.

In today’s Sai’s nature collection, we have beautiful Sai blessing you with all smiles..

shirdi saibaba

Blessed is a devotee to take refuge in holy feet of Saibaba

Keep remembering SAI SAI SAI in mind and surely you will feel his presence in your life.

Love you Sai,


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