Waking up Shirdi Saibaba singing in praise of Sri Panduranga

Sairam friends,

Yesterday was very hectic and by end of the day I had severe head ache and really upset about what’s happening with my life. I was depressed a lot too. In the morning, I had been to Perur Pateeswaran temple and I love the Murugan there. An old women gave prasad to me which made me happy.

I have lots of plans for Sai but nothing is happening. Probably, Sai wants me to be satisfied with what I have.

In today’s Shirdi Saibaba Aarti interpretation, I have taken the lots of stanza from Saibaba Kakad Aarti. This part of Aarti is composed by Janabai in praise of Sri Panduranga.

wake up shirdi saibaba
Sai, Wake up. We need you and we sing Aarti for you

Translation courtesy of Zarine.


Composed by :: Sant Janabai

Uttaa Paandurangaa aataa prabhaatasamayo paatalaa
Vaishnawaancha melaa garudapaaree daatalaa

Arise, O Panduranga (Vithal, Incarnation of Lord Vishnu at Pandharpur), it is now dawn. Vishnu’s devotees have gathered in large numbers at Garudpara (Eagle-shaped platform found in Vaishnava temples).

Garuda paaraapaasunee mahaadwaaraa payanta
Suravaraanchee maandee ubhee jodooniyaa haat

From the Garudpara (Eagle-shaped platform found in Vaishnava temples), right upto the main door, the assembly of the best of the deities stands with folded hands.

Suka anakaadika naarada tumbara bhaktanchyaa kotee
Trisool damaroo ghewooni wubhaa girijechaa patee

In the midst of large gathering are Shuka-Sanaka, Narada-Tumbar; and even Girija’s consort (Shankar) is standing there with trident and damru (sort of tabor shaped like an hour-glass).

Kaleeyugeechaa bhakta Namaa ubhaa keertanee
Paatteemaage wubhee dolaa laavuniyaa Janee

In these times of Kaliyug (The dark and troublesome Age of the present) Namdev is performing the kirtan (Praising the Lord with music and singing) and behind him stands Jani (Servant at Namdev’s house. She was dedicated to Pandurang) meditating on you with intensity.

Vittal of Pandharpur is the favorite deity of Marati people. Saints like Navdev and Janabai served Panduranga by their beautiful poems.

In the above lyrics, they are waking up Sri Panduranga saying that its the time for sun rise and that Vishn’s devotees have gathered near the Garudapura which remains in front of Vishnu temples. To have darshan of the great Vittal, all the best devotees are found waiting there. They are waiting politely with folded hands( This has to be noted as I have seen many people in Saibaba temple and other temples showing off too much while in temple. When you are waiting to have darshan of God, Saints, learn to be polite.Also, don’t argue with devotees in the name of seva. Better shut up your mouth as you have no rights to speak harsh to devotees.)

Saint Shuka, Sanaka, the celestial poet Narada, Tumbar and even Lord Shiva ( Parvathi’s consort) are waiting patiently to have darshan of Panduranga.

I have always requested Sai devotees to chant holy name of Gods they love or Sai’s holy name. In the last stanza, it is mentioned that in the times of Kaliyug, Saint Namdev is performing Kirtan. Thus, it is understood, it is really hard to sing, chant and remember Gods and Saints. We have so much of distraction in our day to day life. Irrespective of all this, if we try to remember Lord Panduranga and Sai our life will be good.

Janabai being the lyricist of the above divine Aarti now tells that she stands behind saint Namdev and waiting for Sri Panduranga’s darshan.

How beautiful and humble is it to listen to these words?

When you sing Aarti or listen to others singing Aarti, remember Sai with very polite and humble expression. Ask to Sai very politely for he is the King of all saints but lived like a poor fakir in Shirdi.

My writings are very simple and sometimes,I don’t know what worth is it but I know Sai likes it. This morning, before I woke up, I had a dream in this I saw a website called “UP”. I was searching for these words and din’t understand what Sai meant. Later, I began to work on today’s Aarti interpretation and found Sai wants me to write about how people make Sri Panduranga “Wake Up” and bless them.

How beautiful is Sai’s work. I alone know him and he alone knows me.

Its between his servant and him.

You too can try to know him and he will show you what he is.



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