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Om Sai Ram Friends,

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Om Sainathaya Namaha

Contribute little you could for maintaining StarSai and other work for Sai which I do.

Please mail me if you wish to donate for supporting StarSai.

You can also fill the form in the Contact Page mentioning your interest to donate to StarSai.

Thankfully, I have a job now which makes me feel light at heart. My Job is Sai's gift to me because only when we could meet our expenses for our family, we will feel relaxed to think about doing some good deeds.

By Sai grace, my Job gives me relaxed feeling to work for Saibaba and my Sister and few close Sai friends support me to maintain StarSai and few good deeds I try to do once in a while when I am free. In the evening, I visit Saibaba temple and feel happy thinking about writing new blogs or making new Videos for Sai.

I have a policy not to get any big sum as I have nothing big to do at present. Your contribution also helps me to work independently and also occasionally to buy what I require.

Few years from now, I have plans to do something really wonderful for Sai children especially in terms of Education and also wish to build a place for Shirdi Saibaba devotees which must be like a pilgrimage to Sai devotees around the world, a place where people get Motivated, Inspired and a spark to become better human being. Atleast one step ahead of where they are at present.. I only wonder when my desire will be approved by Sainath.

I have to earn a living to survive in this world and hence accepting a job which takes most of my time and that makes me tired and even to reply Sai children regularly only Sainath is giving me strength in late night.

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Sairam friends,

StarSai is a little effort to help Sai devotees learn the path of Shirdi Saibaba towards a better living through Devotion on Guru. For more than 15 years, I have been maintaining the websites on my own earnings, my sister and fathers help. Some close Sai friends also contributed for the effort. I never wanted to request financial help from guests to this site as I felt there will be difference of opinion and in the long run my goal to serve Sai children must be pure as its origin.

At times, it was very difficult as I had to maintain StarSai Network and meet other expenses with much hardships and some Sai friends suggested that by asking people to contribute, you are only giving a opportunity to Sai children to share what you do. After a long wait of few years with approval of Sai and Lord Sri Dattatrey, I made this donation page on a Holy Dattatreya Jayanthi day.

If you like to donate to StarSai you can email me at

Please write about yourself and your family as I wish to know people who help me personally. You could notice that I mentioned about having a job which helps me serve Sai several times in this page. This is true because when I had struggles in my Career, though I served Saibaba, I did not had relaxed mind as I have old parents to take care of and responsibilities as a Son.

Om saintahaya namaha


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