You Can Live – Ways to make yourself more confident when things don’t work as you desire

Sairam friends,

I have 15 minutes to write as am in Hurry to go to office. One of the reason you see lots of mistakes in spelling and grammatical errors in StarSai is because I write in hurry during the morning hours or when am too tired and sleepy at night. I try to make it better at times by editing but honestly, Am not a good writer too. Wish I marry someone who loves to write or at least read what I write so that I can push all the Editing work to her. he he….

You Can Live is a series I wanted to present to Sai devotees who are really fed up with life, who feel Saibaba is not helping them and who really face painful situation in life. There are times when I have seen Sai Devotees write me that am not praying Saibaba any more, Sai has crores of devotees. So he doesn’t bother me etc.

Mathematics of Karma:

You See, There’s a Mathematics in life. Every good or bad deeds you do in this birth and previous birth is taken in to account. Sometimes, no matter how much good you do in this birth, It only has been tallying the bad deeds you did in previous birth. This is the reason you must have heared some people telling ” We only do good but why such hardships comes to us”

Saibaba has blessed me with few incidents relating a person’s life with Mathematics.

In 2010, My Mom’s elder brother was hospitalized and I was with him for 3 days. He has never been too devoted to Sai and Dattatreya all his life. When I Learnt that he has cancer, I sent him a Book of Shirdi Sai baba. When I met him in hospital, he asked me to teach how to chant and I taught him. He kept chanting “Sai Dhigambara”

It must be early morning 4 when I got a dream like this..

I saw someone writing lots of equations and solving  a maths problem. After many steps done very quick, a result comes. As soon as the dream ended, my Aunt called me and asked me to help my uncle as he wanted to go Bathroom. When I helped him itself, he was too weak.

The same afternoon my uncle passed away. The fortunate thing about this is that though my Uncle never was devoted to Sai, he was truly remembering Sai and Datta Avatar the last 3 days in his life. I went to our Kula devtha temple and asked my aunt to give him thirtha. Only after drinking it, he passed away.

I realized that every life has a Maths associated with it.We all are formulated and equated based on our good and bad deeds. So don’t worry when you face failures. Stay the nice person you are and some day Sai will bring happiness in your life.

You Can Live – Ways to make yourself more confident when things don’t work as you desire:

Some times on How to make yourself confident.

I am just guessing OK and also am in hurry. So please add your points as comments

1. Don’t think about your problem:

All of us don’t actually see the good things about our life. We all want something that we don’t have and think about it alone. This isn’t right. Kindly try to focus on other good things in your life. If you have problems with your husband/wife or children, then think about your parents and how they bought you up. If you have health issues, I know its hard to ignore your pain, but see how Sai has blessed you with good people to take care of you.

2. Read Good Books:

I know none of you want to follow this request. Please try it once. You can read Sai Satcharitra but if that’s not making you happy, read Vishnu Sahasranama regularly.

If you need inspiration, happily read any books of your choice which can inspire and motivate you.

3. Listen to good Music:

When you are depressed, You only need solution to your problem but life isn’t a Instant coffee friends. So hang on there and simply listen to any instrumentals. Close your eyes and be at peace. Meditate on the music you listen to. Your life will be good

4. Do Naam Smaran – Chanting of Gods/Saints name

This is something I keep repeating for life time. You can remember Gods name in mind regularly and often. Keep doing naam smaran peacefully and your life will be good. Some day you are going to be happy friends. see – Shirdi Sai Chant

5. Divert your mind and see if there’s a bigger opportunity:

I have seen Sai devotees in relationship problem worrying so much and praying saibaba to bless them with this alone, that alone. See..Don’t be specific. You can’t drag people who hurt you or who don’t respect you. Simply move on and listen to the call of better opportunities.  You deserve someone better and something really better. So be in peace.

6.  Look at people below you:

See how many people are suffering worse than you. You are blessed with beautiful life and hence you can do little good deeds to people who needs your help. Do any thing you can afford. Keep doing good deeds and speak good. Your life will be good.

I already wrote a article to inspire people who are fed up and my writings and tips are repeating…anyway tried my best

Deep within each heart, there lies a magic spark – Realize the power of Dream

Below are the articles i wrote years back

Reasons for sufferings in life

Ways to solve problems in life

I forgot what i wrote in those articles but hope it makes sense.

Try to be confident and keep spreading the Art of being good and Doing good.

Give up your desire and make your life more meaningful. You deserve a better more beautiful happy life and sai will surely show you a way

Sai ki jai



6 thoughts on “You Can Live – Ways to make yourself more confident when things don’t work as you desire”

  1. Venkatraman I have Been reading your articles……your are lucky because sai is giving his message through you and we are blessed because sai showing his care on us by giving his message.

    And your point is nice ,though we are doing good now may be we are experiencing deeds of past karma and may be once we finish that one day we will have fruits of of our good deeds…

    Every time i have some problems ( even now i have )i feel “i don’t know whether sai showers his miracle/help on me but I feel better with the thought that there is someone who is listening to all my sorrows”this very thought used to give me encouragement and makes my life running peacefully.

    Every problem has end… sometimes in favor and some times against .If it is against then time heals that wound.

    Though I know sai from my childhood I became close to him in 2004 and one thing I tell you my life have been roller coaster since then and always feel sai came to me at right time if not I will be all alone during sad times not knowing what to do.

    Thankyou sai for coming to me…..and I know you will not leave any one once if you come to them.
    I have got many experiences with sai ,and i hope if sai wants them to write one day I will post them here.

  2. Sai never lets us down and that is a proven fact. But we are human beings with frail minds who find it difficult to wait for our turn even though we know Sai has an endless list of people asking him for help.
    I have had a very fulfilling two weeks of pilgrimage to Tamil Nadu temples.

    My husband and I visited about 30 temples in and around Kumbakonam, Madurai, Trichy, Tanjore and Rameswaram. Beautiful and ancient in their architecture these temples still maintain their aura of power and peace that emanates from the deity. Some of the temples are situated in the interiors within small villages where people take the trouble to explain the history and the strengths of the particular temple.

    The most blessed part is that every single day Baba was there with us, sometimes he was being taken in an auto (oorvalam) or he was being displayed in the photos in the small shops in the vicinity of the temples.

    Whether it was Vinayagar (Pillayarpatti, Ucchipillayar, Thiruvalanchuzhi),

    Perumal (Srirangam, Gunaseelam, Kumbakonam Chakrapani temple),

    Shiva (Brihadeeswarar, Thayumanavar, Vaidyanathar, Brahmapureeswarar) or

    Amman (Patteswaram, Samayapuram, Vekkaliamman, Thirumeeyachur, Thirukadiyur, Koothanur, Madurai),

    Murugan (Swamimalai, Pazhamudirchozhlai, Thiruparankunram), or

    Ramanathaswamy at Rameswaram,

    we never had to wait for long and we had undisturbed darshanam of the deities in all temples which is very difficult and that is why I say that Sai helps us even when we don’t ask him for certain things. It is these small things that we take for granted and start becoming impatient with Sai when there is a delay in other difficulties.

    What we all must remember is that ‘day must always follow the night however dark and long the night is’. One day when time permits, I will write about a few experiences that I have had in relation to this pilgrimage which are ‘once in a lifetime’ and which I consider a great blessing.

  3. Its really great to read your articles. I have also experienced few things in my life, especially when i visited shirdi for the first time (was wishing to visit shirdi since long time but the right time has to come ie Sai Baba’s willingness ). I wish to share it with you all.

    When i first visited shirdi, i had decided to attend the morning aarti. So i reached the temple at around 3 AM. As usual there was a big Q. I reached the main temple for baba’s darshan (there was a huge crowd so baba was not that visible to me), at the time of aarti ,i felt a slight guddiness . The security allowed me inside and made me sit right in front of Baba, where i was able to view the morning aarti.( the great darshan during my first visit which i never dreamt at all.) . I felt baba’s presence then only. ( before this, i have visited several times baba’s temple at bangalore) and from then on my faith on baba increased.

    So my personal view is that if you have faith and patience you will be a winner ( Baba is always there with you)

    Have a gr8 day

  4. hats of brother

    u are really doin an awesome work…

    baba will always be wid us where ever we go and how ever we are, provided

    we are patient and faith ful

    sai naath ki jay..

  5. thank you venkatarmana sir
    when i feel stressed and do get hurdles i search for answer from sai baba n his blessings.
    i feel very relaxed .i dont think i am the only one but you are helping us through sai .
    i wish to contribute to this in-order make some disciples continue to receive blessings and mental peace and answers from sai .please consider this as my humble request and send details of accout no.after all im returning sai wealth to him

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