When Sai Baba says “Don’t”, Better avoid it to maximum

Sairam friends,

My Aunt – Dad’s Elder Sister Passed away and I was busy helping and going to Photo Shops to enlarge her Picture, get it framed and give it to them. I don’t know why I do this but friends, relatives every one asks my favor when it comes to any thing related to Photography and I had to do it.  Though I didn’t achieve anything in this Art, at least am making use of what I know.

When she passed away, I only felt satisfied because one must never suffer so much during their last times. She was shivering and struggled a lot continuously for 3 days. Couple of years back when she was admitted in PSG, I gave her my blood and even during that time, I was chanting Gods name and prayed for her peaceful end.

I observed something when I was at relatives home. One of her Son got converted to Christianity and it was odd that many people came and sung christian songs together. No body bothered them but I know in their mind, they would have felt something else.

During my Pilgrimage, I saw a Man in train going to Velankanni Church and I gave him some money to offer to Mother Mary. Surprisingly he said, That he is christian but visits Sai temple and also other Hindu temples with his relatives. I never hate other religion and wish to always spread Love. I respect every one but one must have staunch faith in one’s own religion and culture. We must live in harmony but always be good to our parents faith.

I believe in unity among people of various religion but one must follow their own religion and never get converted hurting parents sentiments. I wrote about it years back…

If you are born as a Hindu be a Hindu for life time

Some people easily marry someone in another religion and at times its easy to lead life but you will certainly feel that you have hurt feelings of your parents.

India has various problems – One side, parents don’t allow to marry in a different caste and other side people fall in love with someone in other religion and wish to get married. Some marriages work and some don’t. Basically, I believe if there’s true love, it works.

Many Sai devotees, especially girls write me about the problems in their relationship and ask me if they must go for it or why Saibaba is not helping them etc. Honestly, I am also a ordinary devotee. So all I have is humble prayers in mind. Please don’t stick to your desire and try to realize if there’s some thing good in your parents advice.

Some parents hurt their children which is not good. One must handle this situation very softly and I have seen families which handles such situation very softly manage to make their children listen to them. So be kind to your children and they will be good to you for life time.

Datta Maharaj:

When ever Sai devotees meet each other,they Say “Sairam” and I have seen in North Indian some people call Saints and Sadhus with respect as Maharaj. My Love for Dattatreya when I was in Mumbai made me create Dattatreya lotus

In 2009,  unintentionally I started speaking about greatness of Lord Dattatreya to all my friends in temple and also the priests. I started greeting priests by saying “Datta Maharaj”

Yesterday, My Parents asked me not to go temple as am not supposed to. I went out to get back the framed Photo and had no where to go. I decided not to enter the main hall and simply sit in Dwarakamai. So i was sitting calmly in Dwarakamai. I was too depressed and Sad as Saibaba is not showing me a way. One of the priest came did some signs standing far. I could not get him and he asked me to come near. He said “Why its not coming from you today”

I asked what?

and then realized to say

“Datta Maharaaajjjj…Naga Saaayeee”

He said, yes that’s what I asked for….

A aunty who comes to temple regularly too laughed at it and said “He likes your voice and the way you tell it with devotion on Baba”

I said, Yes I like to say with love that emerges from the deepest walls of my heart to say “Datta Maharaaaj, Nagaa Saayee”

I felt thirsty but didn’t want to go to main hall…I started home and did some work on my websites.

When Sai Baba says “Don’t”, Better avoid it to maximum

There are times when Saibaba through some hints guide me about what works for me and what doesn’t and Sai certainly does it to many of his devotees. Just that we don’t know how Sai actually guides us. Saibaba has blessed me with so many dreams and hints to guide me if any girl is not right for me to get married and I take it to heart and try to be very careful and obey Sai’s words.

There are various incidents where Sai has advised his devotees during his life time in Shirdi

1. There was a devotee who wanted to go for  a Labor job some 20-40 miles away from Shirdi. Sai saw him in Lendi garden and told him “Don’t go” . He din’t bother Sai’s words and moved ahead to go for work. During his stay at work place, he got severe fever. He can’t do anything to take care of himself and hence he had to be taken care by some relatives. Finally he was taken back to Shirdi. He asked for Sai’s Udi. Only after he was given saibaba’s udi, his fever abated. Thus he realize, that one must never ignore Saints guidance.

2. Many devotees who left Shirdi with out bothering Sai’s words has suffered a lot. Once a devotee asked baba’s permission to leave Shirdi. Sai said, Have food and go. They said, the train will come soon and they have to rush. They went and realized the trian is too late and they had to suffer a lot to feed the children. By Sai grace, they did got help from someone to feed the kids.

3. Saibaba used to give Tatya 4 Rupees everyday. Sai adviced him never give money to any one – ( not lend) and never invest in business. Tatya bought many acres of land for 1200 Rs and Sai was happy with it because it will  be there for ever.

Once Tatya wanted to plant Suger Cane in his land investing 300 Rs. Sai said “Don’t”

Tatya ignored Sai Baba’s words and invested money

There was no profit in his business and finally understood the power of Sai’s words

You see, Don’t believe in people who say they can speak to Saibaba, Don’t believe in Chits etc. What you can believe is your own instincts. You have to realize whats good or bad for you and go for the Good

Now am late for work friends

Hey I forgot to say…

This morning, I was blessed with a divine dream but when I tried to recollect, I can’t remember. Then i saw dream of someone who seems to be too harsh

Then I also saw dream of someone at office who’s daughter went through a surgery. She’s smiling and I tell her “Its good to see you back and smiling”

I prayed for this child and was wondering how she is. May be Sai assures by this dream that the Child will be fine. I won’t say this dream to anyone but I believe Sai is working on my prayers for others. If not for myself at least others are healed and happy. Hope what I saw in dream really happens.

Baba, Please make my parents also happy.

Sai blessings



2 thoughts on “When Sai Baba says “Don’t”, Better avoid it to maximum”


    BABA very blissful words, ( https://www.starsai.com/new-relationship-saibaba15.html )

    When ever you meet a new person or start a new relationship surrender that relationship under my feet. It might seem to bring you pains as i first allow your bad karma to pass away , eventually i will make you live in harmony with the one i have choosen for you.My devotees have no rights to choose their relationships unless i agree.

    All love and affection in this world lasts for the moment which nature has granted us.
    Learn that theres nothing in life more than the love you get and give to others.

    …………….. I trust u SAI, give me what u love…… OM SAIRAM. PRANAMS @ ur feet.

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