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Sai Speaks to you...

Show affection on your siblings,parents , children and dear friends like the waves in ocean.
You are a affectionate person who surrounds everyone around him/her like a ocean curls into oneself.

But naturally people like you suffer in relationships.

When ever you meet a new person or start a new relationship surrender that relationship under my feet. It might seem to bring you pains as i first allow your bad karma to pass away , eventually i will make you live in harmony with the one i have choose for you.My devotees have no rights to choose their relationships unless i agree.

All love and affection in this world lasts for the moment which nature has granted us.
Learn that there's nothing in life more than the love you get and give to others.

If this message doesn't answer your problem then here's my words "work hard from today.You will be cured from disabilities. you will get excellent result in what you are doing "

Offer a small gift to your parents or dear ones and make them happy.I will take care of your life.

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Om Sai Ram