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Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

****** Shirdi Sai baba speaks ******

This work is dedicated to my Parents and Sai devotee friends in StarSai Family who inspired and encouraged me to work for saibaba. Before you look for Shirdi Saibaba's Answers through StarSai my humble request is keep in mind the following 3.

1. Do Naam Samaran - How to chant Sai Sai Sai when you are busy with work and family life

2. Light lamps in a Safe place - Sai Pooja

3. Sai leelas are beyond human interpretations. How can i limit Sai's ways for you and your family with few words? Have shradha and Saburi - Read this article - Reasons for Sufferings in Life

Copy right protected as it took years of devotion , understanding sai's ways to work on this . Don't print or copy to other websites. You are most welcome to share the link to your close friends.. As of now Sai din't approve to create this work as a Book but if sai guides me i shall by Goddess Saraswathi's grace. Shirdi Sai baba speaks from dwarakamai by C.Venkatraman

Worship shirdi saibaba deeply in your heart and select a number by sai grace ...

You can also chant any small mantra remembering God you like or chant with pure devotion Sai...Sai ...Sai few times and choose a number in mind and click on below numbers. Below all these numbers , i wrote a article about how saibaba can help you ,how much to relay on such answers and the greatness of speaking good words . Scroll down and read the article when you get time.

Shirdi Saibaba's words will fill your heart like nectar :

Pray that all the pains,disease,difficulties in relationship , studies, career and financial problems in your life gets solved by saibaba's blessings. As Saibaba's child i request you to light lamps regularly , keep chanting sai sai sai in mind and help people in need. Sai Baba will be pleased when you think, speak and do good. Now listen what Shirdi Sai speaks for you. After you select number , read it , come back to this page, scroll down and read below article "Sai Unlimited ".

1 One       2 Two       3 Three    4 Four       5 Five   6 Six      7 Seven      8 Eight    9 Nine      10 Ten    

11 eleven      12 Tweleve      13 Thirteen      14 Fourteen       15 Fifteen    16 sixteen      17 Seventeen      18 Eighteen    

 19 Nineteen      20 Twenty    21 Twenty One      22 Twenty two      23 Twenty three      24 Twenty four      25 Twenty five 

26 Twenty six        27 Twenty seven      28 Twenty eight       29 Twenty Nine       30 Thirty 

31 Thirty One      32 Thirty two      33 Thirty three      34 Thirty four      35 Thirty five    36 Thirty six        37 Thirty seven      

38 Thirty eight       39 Thirty Nine       40 Fourty    41 Fourty One      42 Fourty two      43 Fourty three      44 Fourty four  

45 Fourty five    46 Fourty six        47 Fourty seven      48 Fourty eight       49 Fourty Nine       50 Fifty    

51 Fifty One      52 Fifty two      53 Fifty three      54 Fifty four      55 Fifty five   56 Fifty six       

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Power of Shirdi Saibaba's Words :

Sairam friends, Do not depend on Shirdi Sai baba speaks from dwarakamai as the only source of saibaba's guidance to your present situation. Use it as saibaba's assurance to Boost your faith rather than answer book and later worry that saibaba din't fulfill your desires.

The answers you receieve is just to encourage you to have more faith on sai but the negative part is sai children gets worried that their answers are not answered. "Sai speaks from dwarakamai" is written to make you more closer to sai and not to get worried. So kindly see this as another way of increasing your love on saibaba and not at all as "everything". To be honest, DO NOT TRUST THESE WORDS AS LIFE. You can scroll down the entire page to read find the link to article - Shirdi Saibaba answer book problem.

I humbly request not to depend on such answer books of any kind and Sai speaks from Dwarakamai also.. There are many other ways to worship Saibaba friends. Kindly don't make it a habit to often see answers from any Sai answer book or also. Sai's ways are beyond human interpretation. The good side to such answers is that devotees feel satisfied when they are worried a lot. Its just like giving hands to someone going to fall down the well. Once you are rescued that doesn't mean your life will be glorious. My duty as a sai servant is simply to pull you out of worries and depression with healing words and drop you in holy feet of shirdi saibaba. Rest is based on your karma and Sai Devotion....I am after all as ordinary as you.

Sai Unlimited :

Use Saibaba answers to make yourself feel exited when ur depressed etc.. dont totally relay on it...its simply a way of remembering sai thats it...

Shirdi sai baba answer book problem - This article helps you realize truth why i say sai is beyond our answer books.

We all have habit of saying ..Sai baba you say something but not doing much when we are frustrated...this happens when expectation is created but we never know we have to wait long for one has such patience these days.

I use saibabas answers helps me gain faith but sai is beyond the 56 numbers i wrote or other versions of saibaba answers agree...ha ha
We are small compared to the big datta avatar who takes care of millions of universe. The ways sai uses to help his children cant be thats 'Sai Unlimited "

sai ki jai


How shirdi saibaba helps you ?

The greatness of shirdi sai baba is his ability to make you think the number according to your situation but when we frequently get in to habit of using it, we get more desires and expectations and when its not fulfilled , we get upset with sai.

I kindly request you to take Shirdi Sai baba speaks from dwarakamai as 1 % guide because 99 % is still with in you. When i am really in a problem or pain,i somehow force myself to show devotion on saibaba lighting lamps,reading a chapter in holy Sai Satcharitra - life of shirdi saibaba , listening to aarti, doing seva in temple and also doing any good deeds and the most important chanting sai sai sai. Thus no matter what answers or hints you get , remember your true devotion to shirdi saibaba is going to work 99 % for you and my effort to write sai speaks just 1 %. when the real great saint Saibaba resides in your own heart, these answer books etc are just dust in his holy feets. By saibaba's grace i am publishing this work after a wait of 3-4 years and serving sacred dhuni of saibaba temple in our hometown.

If the answer matches your present situation and also later if your desires are fulfilled please increase your faith and devotion on shirdi saibaba, If the numbers you choose have misguided you, let all your disappointments be burnt in the holy fire of saibaba - the sacred dhuni.

Every Good word you Speak is a blessing :

Lets try to utter Good words all our life and spread the message to our friends that Every Good word you speak adds to create a pure universe. Words uttered in Anger and hatred can be avoided if you try. If you had spoken bad words to someone please apologize to them. I speak words in anger when others hurt me.We all can't have maturity to realize that Others words cannot do anything to us when we are devoted to saibaba.Sai himself likes when we remain calm or move away from the place when others hurt us.

Words of Saibaba :

Words of Saints are powerful and his grace to you is based on your mental status. Lets say you believe that Saibaba has assured you of good health, a good job and prosperity and after few days or month lacking patience you say to yourself or saibaba that he is not helping you, this reduces the power of saibaba's words of assurance for you.

I personally pray Sai Baba for something and when it doesn't happen ,i get restless and ask saibaba, do you really care for me Sai ? This happens to millions of saibaba devotees. By writing Shirdi sai baba speaks from dwarakamai, i don't want to create expectation in you and then worry later that what saibaba assured din't happen. Just because of this factor , i avoided publishing shirdi saibaba speaks from dwarakamai in for over 3 years.

Later i realized something beautiful.Though i write Sai leelas and sweet incidents that happens in my life by saibaba's blessings, i myself needed some kind of Boost once in a while. Lets say my fate is that i won't get a job for over 14 month and have to suffer financially , as a human being i wont be sitting idle and i am not ready to accept that only after a year i will get job . Being a staunch sai devotee i can't leave my love for saibaba also though nothing works for me. So what do i need in these 14 month. All i need is some kind of assurances from shirdi saibaba. My saint, My guru and my God is there for me . I need this encouragement from saibaba

"Venkat, what do you want ? Sit calmly near me. Serve me , have patience and i will fulfill your desires"

Now for those practical minded people who can argue its my mistake that i am not trying hard for job etc trust me the same discussion about "Destiny and Need of a Guru" appears in sai satcharitra. No matter how hard i try for a job sai alone knows my destiny and when i have surrendered heart and soul in the holy feet of saibaba, my life is in his hands.A pure Saint like shirdi saibaba can change my destiny for Good.

Take shirdi saibaba speaks from dwarakamai as a simple guidance . Don't completely stick to assurances and guidance i wrote by sai grace. The most important factor to remember is take sai speaks for you as a guidance of 1 % and your devotion to sai and hardwork with honestly as 99 % for your success.

Spiritual Secrets of every word uttered by you :

Words are powerful. Words have Life. Every good word you speak adds to the collective blessing of entire universe. Every bad word due to lust,anger and bad habit spoken pollutes the universe. Millions of people around the world speaking in different languages doesn't know the power of thoughts and words. We can't control thoughts and words if we are used to utter words of hatred and frustration . It must be a gradual process of registering in your mind every morning with a simple prayer .

"Sai, I will think good, speak good and do good in every possible way"

Thoughts can't be controlled. Yes it can't be because thoughts are influenced by your past karma and also external factors. Spiritually every minute the mind changes more than a crore times. Thus this moment you think good and next moment due to sensory desires you think bad. Thats why chanting Gods name or Gurus name in mind can help you. Keep chanting Sai Sai Sai with love on shirdi saibaba always in mind

Millions of Shirdi Saibaba devotees are developing expectations based on

1. Dreams from saibaba. - Sai shows in dream both whats going to happen and also whats Not going to happen. So you can't find saibaba's ways at all.

2.Opening sai satcharitra book after a prayer and deciding thats what saibaba has assured you. It works but at times it might not.

3. Selecting a number from saibaba answer book and believing only whats given is going to happen. It may or may not friends.

Birth of Shirdi sai baba speaks from Dwarakamai :

I had the habit of asking hints from baba for every little thing i do in life. From baba' s dress colour when i go to temple to having a glance at Lord Murugan or baba picture when i am travelling, i literally got addicted to childishly looking for hints and deciding what i should and shouldn't do in life.

At times i had faced worst pains in life because of taking such hints very seriously as if it is said by saibaba himself. Though i was suffering , i trust baba will surely answer me for the visions and hints he gave me.

Birth of "shirdi sai speaks from dwarakamai"

I wanted to gift something worthy for sai devotees on my birthday ( november 4th 2006 ).
I used to ask for sai's answers from one of my sai devotee friend Renukaji through her book. Since i found everyone are benefited by such a book , i decided to see if i can pray baba sincerely and help me to create a small spiritual work like this.

I started reciting " aum sai sri sai jai jai sai " contineously for 2 days and suddenly sat in front of my p.c and started typing saibabas answers for numbers. My words will be childish. It wont be matured but i humbly prayed sai baba that he himself must write these words to help his devotees who are going to use this during their worst phase in life.

With in 2 hours, i wrote the first 30 answers.As you can read in sai satcharithra , when saibaba was in shirdi, he wont give direct answers, Sai talks in parables.Even devotees very close to saibaba were not able to understand i felt someway or other these answers surely be of help to sai devotees in pain.

How to use Shirdi Sai baba speaks :

1. Make a prayer to shirdi saibaba, Chant Sai Sai Sai whole heartedly few times and think of a number between 1 to 56

2.Then browse this section and click on the thread which has the number you thought.

example : if you have selected 33, then scroll the page down, you can see in pages 1,2,3 that click "2" .
It will take you to second page.....In the second page, click on the thread which says " 33 thirty three"...Read saibabas answers. Similarly browse and read for any number you have choosen .

3.Pease forgive me if the answer for number you have choosen are irrelavant. I know the way i have written this seems to be childish but i did it whole heartedly praying baba. To me shirdi sai babajust used me as an instrument to heal and guide his devotess this way.

Few weeks after the site was launched i feel few guests just come here , see " sai speaks" and go away...There is no instant remedy toyour pains in life.Saibaba's ways are unique.What i have done through shirdi saibaba speaks is just one of small way to know what sai baba wants to tell you.At times by sai grace it suits you but even then please do not relay on this alone completely. Your devotion to lord dattatreya , any god you love and all the avatars of datta

Shree paadha shree vallabha

Narasimha saraswati

Swami samartha and Shirdi saibaba will surely make your life good .

Shirdi Saibaba speaks is only to improve u r faith and make u feel more confident :

I am just a servant of Sai baba...Who am i to write on behalf of a saint who knows to command the 5 elements of nature and to know the saint ,how he actually works on u r life, please be patient, do good things, always say " sai ram sai ram" and try to do all you can for people in need, like when someone asks for help, you can donate food, clothes etc in your neighbourhood...all this good activities will bring success in life .

In october 2007 , by grace of sai i have created a simple pooja for shirdi sai devotees to gain blessings of saibaba..

Starsai Shradha saburi pooja

please dont do any pooja,rituals only with expectations and desires. Poojas and rituals to saibaba are ways to divert your mind towards saint Saibaba and God your like..when your mind is purified you get peace and feel good.

The path towards shirdi saibaba's light is simple but you have to surrender your own desires and sensory needs to saibaba. Hope you listen to shirdi saibaba aarti, do holy bath to shirdi saibaba statue in your house or offer flowers to saibaba photo in your house regularly lighting lamps. Your life will be filled with sai leela

Your in Sai devotion,


14 :03 :2010